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The ponderings and pontifications of Pemberthy Bear, a bear who has learnt to come down from the shelf and show the world his true talents.
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1. Pemberthy's Bear of the Week: The Berenstain Bears

Time for this week's bear of the week - except this week it's not one bear, but a whole family of bears - the Berenstain Bears.

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Sister Bear and Brother Bear live in a cool tree house and have lots of funny adventures - usually involving Papa Bear learning something which he is, in fact, trying to teach (Papa Bear is not too bright, methinks).

The Berenstain bears began as book characters but, like so many famous bears, have made their way on to television screens (hmm, makes me wonder why nobody has made a tv show about moi, Pemberthy Bear). You can learn more about the Berenstain Bears,a nd play games, on their website.

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2. Pemberthy's Cute Site of the Week: Orsinal

This week's cute site is just the cutest of the cute.

Orsinal is filled with cute characters in cute games. It is so lovely for me to find a site filled with games which don't involve shooting or hunting or violence. Primula loves it too.

My favourite game is bungee bear (click on the bear graphic about half way down) but Sunny Day Sky (first graphic on the page) is lots of fun, involving using an umbrella as a parachute and feeding acorns to duck in the pond (click on the duck in the third row) is lots of fun.

Orsinal is going to be one of my favourites for a long time.

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3. Pemberthy's Cute Site of the Week

Are you ready for this week's cute site? More animal photos - there just seem to be so many cute shots posted all over the net.

This week's site is called Cute Overload. Lots and lots of cute stuff here, including a cute background. And if you look at the category menu on the right, you might even find some cute bear shots - though not even a little picture of moi! When I said this to Primula she growled. 'It's not all about you, Pemberthy,' she admonished. And was right, as always.

Sigh. Well, enjoy the cute site anyway.

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4. Pemberthy's Bear of the Week: Fozzie Bear

This week's bear of the week is a TV star. WOW! I'm in awe. AND he can play the piano - and I know, from experience, just how hard it is to control a keyboard when you are blessed with paws instead of human fingers.

So,w ho is this bear? Fozzie Bear, of course, of Muppet fame.Fozzie not only plays the piano, he also dances (not so well, but hey, who am I to criticize another bear's dancing skills) and he tells jokes. All the time, which sometimes lands him in trouble.

You can learn more about Fozzie Bear here.

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5. Pemberthy's Word of the Day: Tetchy

Today’s word of the day is TETCHY.

Tetchy (adjective) – irritable, touchy or sensitive.

It has been so cold of late that I have become a bit tetchy. It is spring here in the southern hemisphere and, by rights, the weather should be warming up. But it still seems cold as cold here in the toyroom, and I am heartily sick of it.

Primula told me that I was a bit tetchy.
‘Am not!’ I told her.
Primula smiled patiently. ‘Yes you are, Pemberthy darling. You’ve growled at everyone this morning. You grunted at me when I said good morning, you told the monkeys to be quiet when they sang you a song, and just now I saw you turn your back on the toy soldiers when they tried to involve you in their game of hopscotch.’
I sighed. Primula was right – as always. I was being tetchy. And more than a tad rude.
Primula took me to the toyroom window and pointed at the view outside. The sun was breaking through the clouds, just a little, and I could see two yellow daffodils blooming in Sally’s garden. Other bulbs are flowering, and there are birds nesting in the tree outside the window.
I smiled. Spring IS here, just not as warmly as I’d like. Soon it will be summer, my favourite time of year. What have I got to be tetchy about?
‘Oh Primula, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be such a grump. How about a sing along?’
Of course Primula agreed and soon the toyroom was ringing with the sounds of singing. From now on I shall try not to be such a tetchy bear.

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6. Pemberthy's Cute Site of the Week

Time for another cute site. More cute animals this time - at the Cute Cat Blog. My favourite is the Invisible Guitar Hero photo - my friend Sally's kids (the Murphlets) love Guitar Hero, but I've never seen a cat playing it!

Anyway, enjoy the site.

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7. Pemberthy's Bear of the Week: Winnie the Pooh

Bears bears bars! I do so love bears, being one myself.

This week's bear of the week has been filling the hearts of kids (and other bears) since 1926, when A. A. Milne's book, called Winnie the Pooh was published. Other books followed and much further down the track he became a Disney character. I personally prefer the 'old style' pooh to the Disney version, but the Disney one is cute too.

You can learn more about Winnie the Pooh here. this website also has games, wallpapers, links and more.


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8. Pemberthy's Bear of the Week: Paddington

Another famous bear for you to learn about - and this one, just like me, is the star of a book. Actually, this week's bear, Paddington has been the star of many books - for fifty years! That's even older than Sally.

Still Paddington might be cute, but I'm not sure he can sing like I can. He hasn't got a friend like Primula to teach him!

Check out Paddington's site.

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9. Pemberthy's Cute Site of the Week

Time for Pemberthy's cute site of the week. this week it's a site called Snuzzy - subtitled Where Cute and Fuzzy Collide. It's a collection of cute and funny animal pics and videos from around the net.

My favourite is of two cats with their tails crossed as they walks side by side. Awww. Primula likes the ice skating monkeys.

Anyway, plenty of cuteness on display so check it out.

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10. Word of the Day: Tenebrous

Today’s word is tenebrous. According to dictionary.com, this word means dark and gloomy, as in ‘a tenebrous cave’

I wonder if it could be used to describe me before I met Primula. You see, I used to be a tenebrous bear, until I met Primula. When I fell off the shelf and accidentally found myself joining her for a sing along, my whole life changed – instead of being tenebrous, I was suddenly light and bright, like Primula. I realised life was GOOD.

And it is, still. So don’t be tenebrous.
Be happy!

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11. Word of the Day: Objurgate

A new word for you (and me): objurgate.

According to dictionary.com, this refers to the act of scolding or rebuking sharply.

I didn’t know that I was objurgating, but recently two of the toy soldiers were having a disagreement near my shelf. Their arguing woke me up and, I must confess, I got very snarly.

“Go away!” I snapped. “I don’t want to see you here.”

Later, when I’d woken properly, I felt quite bad. Those soldiers were obviously in need of a sympathetic ear. It may have been that I could help with their problem by being a rational third party. So I sought them out and apologised for my brusque words. They accepted my apology and also agreed to settle their differences.

Next time I’m woken, though, I’ll try not to objurgate. Instead, I’ll attempt to figure out what is needed from me, and to act more calmly.

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12. Pemberthy's Bear of the Week: Humphrey

It might surprise you to hear that I'm not the only famous bear on the planet.

So, to liven my blog up a little, and to share the love, I thought I might introduce my readers to other famous bears.

First up (drumroll please, Primula), this week's bear of the week is -

HUMPHREY. (Sorry for shouting but I'm excited, because Humphrey is a bit of a legend. He's been entertaining kids all over Australia for years and years. My friend Sally says he was even around when she was a kid - and that's a long time ago.

If you visit Humphrey's site you can see what he looks like and play games of all kinds.

Yay Humphrey.

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13. Word of the Day: Beneficence

Today’s word of the day at Dictionary.com is beneficence – the practice of doing good, or an act of charity. So, I figured having learnt a new word, I’d try putting that word into action. So, to show some beneficence. Hmm. I looked around the toyroom. Toys were playing, toys were snoozing, toys were chatting. Who could benefit from my beneficence?

Then I saw Primula, the most giving and caring of all the toys. Giving and caring and sharing are what she’s all about – so perhaps it was her turn to be on the receiving end. I raced over to a group of stuffies (stuffed animals for those of you not in the know) and whispered my suggestion. Then we crept across the toyroom to where Primula was busy tidying a shelf.

‘Ahem, Primula,’ I said. ‘We have something for you.’
“For me?” Primula was surprised.
‘Yes. You are always so busy helping us that we want to do something for you.’ I turned to the other toys. ‘Now one, two three.’

And what do you think we did? We launched into a song. One of Primula’s favourites – Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Soon, Primula was joining in, which was lovely, but still, I think she most enjoyed hearing all of us sing for her, and she certainly ahs had an extra spring in her step ever since.

Beneficence. When was the last time you tried it?

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14. Pemberthy's Cute Site of the Week

While I like to think of myself of handsome, clever and sensible, my friend Primula often tells me I’m cute – and, let’s face it, being cute is a pretty good thing to be.
So I’ve decided to scour the great wide web and share with you some of the other cute things that are online.
First up, here’s a blog page featuring  58 Wonderfully Cute Illustrated Monster Characters. My favourite is the fourth one down with the rainbow and rabbits and tress and stuff. But I like the funky chickens as well. Further down there’s a cute green octopussy  thing that Primula thinks is a bit like the octopus who lives here in the toyroom.
Anyway, enjoy the site. It’s high on cute factor.

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15. More Words

Primula says that as it is Sunday and a very cold, wet, miserable Sunday at that, it is okay for me to have a little play on Word Sandwich. I'm so glad, because I played just twice and got the fourth highest score of the day so far. My little old name is in the top scores list! Yay! Not bad for someone who has to type with their paws.

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16. Words, words, words

It's no secret that I love words. I like to write and create, and I also love learning new words.
So, I was very excited when I found an online word game called Word Sandwich. This is an apparently simple game, but harder than it looks. You need to guess a randomly chosen five letter word, by entering words of your own. The game will tell you if your word is higher or lower alphabetically than the answer. You need to then refine your guess until you get the answer.

My best score so far is 6539, but I'm hoping to better that - if Primula lets me. She says word games are a good learning tool, but that I mustn't play them for too long or I'll have sore paws and sore eyes and no friends. She's a wise doll, Primula. I try to listen to her - but I do so like Word Sandwich. Maybe just one more game wouldn't hurt?

See ya.

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17. French Fun

I have been having fun with a Blog Thing - a clever little game for bloggers, or blog visitors. I found a name generator which generates a French name. It looks like this:

My French Name is:

Prewitt St. Joseph

So, as you can see, my French name is, apparently, Prewitt. An interesting name, and fun, but I think I'll stick with Pemberthy for now. You can click the link and generate a French name for yourself.

Au revoir.

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18. It's Raining, It's Pouring

It’s cold and rainy outside at the moment. My friend Sally tells me this is good, because it makes the farmers happy to have enough rain to make their crops grow. I know Sally is happy, too, because her garden is getting plenty of water and her bulbs are starting to poke their heads up, and the pansies she planted are just starting to flower.

But, much as I know the rain is good, staring at rain falling outside, and shivering away in the toyroom, I can’t help but feel a little grumpy and gruff. Just as well I have Primula here. She caught me frowning and suggested a song to cheer me up. So we’ve been singing Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head – obviously a very apt song for the occasion – and now I don’t feel too bad. I googled and managed to find a cute ecard version of the song, so if you are feeling blue, have a listen (and a look) at this.

Hope it makes you smile.

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19. Edmund Bear

Zzzzzzzzz. Wha? Who? Where?

Dearie me, I must have slept through January. It’s February already and here I am writing my first blog post for the year. I hope you haven’t missed me too much while I had a little post-Christmas hibernation.

I was woken by a little nudge by a bear called Edmund who dropped by to visit me and left a message here. I had to wake up enough to go and visit his blog. Wow! Edmund is off to the Arctic – for a picnic! How cool! (Terrible pun, that, but I am a punny guy). I am seriously impressed by Edmund’s plans. I wonder if Sally would let me go off travelling? And if Primula and the others could cope without me?

Anyway, I will enjoy reading more about Edmund’s travels through his blog. You can read it here.

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20. An Alphabet Story

I asked my friend Sally to give me a writing prompt to get my pen moving again, as I haven’t written much lately.

She challenged me to write a story of 26 words, with each word starting with the next letter of the alphabet. This is my attempt:

A beautiful cougar deftly explores forests grumpily. Hovering, it jumps knight-like moving nimbly over puddles. Quickly running, staying to unlit walkways. Xavier yells ‘Zikes!’

Primula liked it, but had to ask who Xavier was. ‘That’s easy, Prim dear,’ I explained. ‘Xavier is the wood cutter, out to start work in the early morning when he comes across the cougar. Wouldn’t you yell ‘zikes’ if you came across something as scary as a cougar?’
Primula smiled. ‘You have such an imagination, Pemberthy dear,’ she said.
I think she meant it as a compliment.

What have you written lately? Perhaps consider putting your skills to the test and try writing an alphabet story.

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21. Pemberthy's Word of the Day: Foible

Time for a new word of the day (perhaps, though, as I’ve said before I should call it word-of-the-random-timeperiod since it has never been a daily offering in my blog). Anyway, today’s word is: FOIBLE
Foible (noun) a failing or weakness of character.

So a foible is a failing one has, but I’ve noticed that the term is often used in an almost endearing way – as in ‘he has his little foibles’ rather than ‘his foibles really annoy the heck out of me.’

The word has got me thinking. "What are my foibles?" I asked Primula, but she wouldn’t have a bar of this sort of soul-searching. “I’m not going to list your faults, Pemberthy dear,” she admonished. “I love you warts and all. I don’t want to hurt you.” Warts? I have warts? Lucky my fur keeps them covered. Anyway, Primula suggested if I wanted to know about my foibles, it was better to do some quiet reflecting on them for myself. So, I started a list, and here it is, for public consumption.

Pemberthy’s Foibles:

1. I have very poor balance. This is what led to me falling from the shelf which, ultimately, was a good thing because that’s how I met Primula.

2. I tend to be a bit gruff. However, since I met Primula, I am much happier and much nicer to be around.

3. I am sometimes a little conceited. Yes, I know as one is cute and fluffy as well as being a great singer and a good writer, that I have a lot to be proud about, but at times I forget to be modest. I’m working on it, though.

4. I have warts. Apparently. Though I didn’t know this till Primula told me so today. I’m not sure if this is a foible or not – after all, warts are just a skin condition, really. – not a personality trait.

So, there you have it – a list of my foibles. Can you still love me after knowing my faults and failings? (That sounds like the title of a book – faults, failings and foibles.) I do hope so. I try hard to be loveable.

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22. Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you – or should that be Top of the Mornin’? Primula and I have decorated the toy room in green in honour of the special day. It looks like a troupe of leprechauns have paid us a call.

You might have guessed by my name that I am NOT really Irish, but my friend (and biographer) Sally does have an Irish surname and some Irish ancestry, so I guess that makes me Irish by association. Sally says that anyone who has ever had even a tiny connection to Ireland claims to be Irish on Saint Pat’s day. So, just for today, I’m celebrating.

Actually, if the truth be known, I like to celebrate every day – celebrate Saint Pat’s day, celebrate Friendship Day, celebrate Easter (nearly here) or just celebrate being alive.

So, for today, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. And for tomorrow – Happy Day!

Happy happy happy.

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23. Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter! Hoppy Easter! Two celebrations in one week. Lucky us!
I have to confess that I like chocolate almost as much (or maybe even more) as honey – which is saying a lot, given that I’m a bear. We had an egg hunt all around the nursery, then shared what we’d found so no one missed out. Sharing is an important part of any celebration. When you share, the joy multiplies. And, when the chocolate was all gone, we shared other stuff – games, jokes, stories, hugs. What a wonderful day!

Hope there was lots of chocolate at your house this morning, and lots of sharing all day long.

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24. I'm at Dromkeen

Whoo hoo, yippety woo!

My biographer, Sally, has just returned from a trip to Melbourne. While she was there she went to Dromkeen, a wonderful house that hosts a collection of children’s literature and illustrations. Exciting enough, but what is REALLY exciting, is that while she was there, Sally spotted ME on the wall. Only a small image of me, but I was there, nonetheless, as part of a poster promoting Dromkeen with illustrations form a range of wonderful illustrators, including Jacqui, my official portrait painter.

Here’s Sally, pointing happily at ME on the wall. I’m famous! I’m at Dromkeen. How exciting.


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25. Wear a Bear Day

Primula told me this morning that May 30 is Wear a Bear Day.
'But Primula, darling," I said, quite horrified. "Why would people want to wear a bear? And will they be skinning us to wear us?'
Primula giggled as she gave me a lovely warm hug. "You're a funny bear, Pemberthy. There's no need to panic. On Wear a Bear day people pay $2 for a tiny clip on bear which they wear to show support for Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth's special children's hospital.'

Then, as I sighed with relief, Primula took me over to the computer to show me the website. Little Stitches the Bear is quite cute - though of course, not as cute as moi. So, if you're in WA and have $2 to spare, why not buy and wear a bear to show your support for sick kids.

My biographer, Sally, has had cause to take two of her children for treatment at PMH in the past and in fact her lovely niece is in there at the moment, following surgery. So, for kids like these, I think $2 is well worth it.
Go on, wear a bear!

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