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You earn points on JacketFlap.com when you submit an update to a publisher's information and contact details and that update is subsequently approved by the site administrator. You can also earn points by adding a new publisher, or a new contact.

Finally, refer someone else to JacketFlap.com, and when they confirm their registration, you will earn points.

Current points awards are:
Adding a new Publisher5 points
Updating a Publisher5 points
Updating publisher Contact details5 points
Referring a new user to JacketFlap.com5 points

Accumulate points and earn rewards! The current reward levels are as follows:
100 points$10 Amazon or BookSense gift certificate
300 points$35 Amazon or BookSense gift certificate
1000 points$120 Amazon or BookSense gift certificate
2000 points$250 Amazon or BookSense gift certificate