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Finding magic in every day life, most of the time
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1. It's been a a great ride....

but, alas Laurasmagicday has moved! Come and visit me at my new digs Laurasmagicday See you there:)

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2. Laurasmagicday has a new home!!!

Laurasmagicday has moved! Check me out at my new digs:)


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3. Interview: M. Leighton author of Madly and Wolfhardt

I am so excited to have M. Leighton's interview here at Laurasmagicday. She's just released the amazing MADLY AND WOLFHARDT.

Six of Michelle's novels can now be found on Amazon, as well as several other sites. She's currently working on sequels, though her mind continues to churn out new ideas, exciting plots and quirky characters. Pick one up and enjoy a wild ride through the twists and turns of her vivid imagination. Here's my interview with Michelle:

L.A.H.E. : What was the first book you fell in love with?

M.L. : A historical romance called The Wolf and the Dove. It was (and still is in my opinion) everything a true romance should be. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love and I ended up in a state of bliss that I carried around for a week. It was a wonderful, all-consuming rollercoaster that I’ve never forgotten.

L.A.H.E. : What’s your favorite scene from your book?

M. L. : Wow! That is a tough question. I’m always a sucker for a first kiss and I hate to be so cliché and use that as my favorite, but in this case, one of my favorite scenes just so happens to be the one where Jackson and Madly share their first kiss. The reason I like it so much is that Madly gets to see that the Jackson she once loved is not gone; he’s just hiding behind the tough exterior of Jackson the Sentinel. There’s such a teasing yet passionate chemistry between them at that moment, I melt simply thinking about it. *sigh*

L.A.H.E. : Who/what provided your greatest inspiration in writing your book?

M.L. : My husband. As always:) There are bits and pieces of him in all the heroic male leads of my books, but this one (Jackson) is a little more like him than most.

This time the season had a lot to do with my inspiration, too. Summer always makes me think of water, something I have a deep affinity for, and a mermaid tale seemed the perfect topic.

L.A.H.E. : Was there any struggle you had to overcome in writing this book?

M.L. : I wanted to put the first two parts of the book out for free, but Amazon determines what books they will offer for free, so I ended up putting it out at a couple of other sites for no-charge download. I wasn’t able to reach as wide an audience as I could’ve with Amazon’s help, so I had to change my plans and put parts one and two together as one book and then write the rest in a couple of separate stories. I fly by the seat of my pants almost exclusively and this was a great example of how “doing first and asking later” can get me into trouble:) But, all’s well that ends well, so… Here I am, promoting Madly and Wolfhardt!

L.A.H.E : What's the most awkward moment you had [and wouldn't mind sharing] in High School?

M.L. : Nearly falling off the stage my freshman year in a beauty contest. It was positively mortifying. One of the judges spoke to me about my dress. She was going on and on about how beautiful it was so, of course, I was watching her instead of where I was going. If any of you have that disease where you steer your car ever-so-gently in the direction you are looking, you can understand how this happened. I nearly toppled right off the stage and into her lap. I didn’t, but it was close enough to be embarrassingly memorable:D

L.A.H.E : Do you have any advice for new writers?

M.L. : When inspiration hits, run with it! Keep a notebook handy at all times (including the bathroom). Some of my very best ideas have come to me in the shower.

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4. Treasure Hunt

I went to my writing class on Thursday night. Our teacher Barbara was amazing, as usual. She sent us on a treasure hunt. There were six places to find treasure on the hunt. At each spot, we were told there would be a small dish of candy. I didn't know the other three writers in class. I'd been traveling and unable to attend like regular. There was one new writer and two of the writers had been attending together for a while. We all used the clues Barbara gave us to find the places where the treasure would be. We made our way around the small courtyard of the 19th century home in Pacific Grove. It was pretty fun. But there was one spot where the candy should have been and wasn't, a laundry area. Well all tried looking for it, but had trouble locating the laundry room. Two of us gave up. Two of us went hunting, unlocked an unwelcoming gate, peeked inside a sort of cramped dark space to find a stacked washer and dryer. But, there wasn't any candy where we expected it to be. One of us wanted to get an extra look inside to make double-sure we hadn't missed it. I was part of the pair that searched almost every inch for it. Afterwards, Barbara asked how we felt when we didn't find the candy. Curious, was mostly how I felt. Then she asked us if that's how we feel about our writing. She asked us to think about what our treasure is. And if we know what it is, she wanted us to think about how we stayed connected to it.

Happy Saturday!


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5. As It Turns Out, I've Had All My Babies In The Summer

I hadn't lived in LA for very long, only 5 months. And there I was being wheeled out of Cedars-Sinai Hospital just on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, getting the red-carpet, celebrity leaving-the-hospital treatment. Leaving with the coolest thing, evah! The cute little warm, amazing little gal I'd only just met twenty-five years ago. The ride back home to Echo Park was a sunny one. We made the requisite top at Tommy Burgers at Beverly and Rampart, what my hubby had lived on while I was at Cedars. We parked the car at the street. A huge delivery truck was parked outside our house at the bottom of the stairs too. There were two responses we got when we received deliveries at our house. One, they always called before coming up the one hundred stairs to our front door. And, two, laughter, OK lots of time it was just awe. I was thrilled. Joe brought a chair down from the house for me. My mom took Candy up the steps while I waited for the delivery men to finish delivering the baby furniture. It was one of those in-between moments. One of those beautiful sunny, watching-shadows-dance-on-the-asphalt moments. Watching-the-cars-go-by moments. I was a mother. I had a daughter. I'd stroll the streets of Echo Park with my sweet little girl. And, I'd need to climb 100 stairs, soon.

Luckily they were terraced every ten steps. Joe and I took them ten at a time, each time he'd move the chair up ten stairs higher. I had strict orders not to over-do as the C-section stitches were only removed the day before. But what did I know about overdoing as a young mom. It took two hours to reach the top. And you might think they were the most miserable hours. But, they really weren't. They were amazing. Joe hit the hammock for a two hour nap when we got to the top. Mom asked me what I'd like. I said a Moosehead. I really shouldn't have, but after that climb no one argued with me. Candy slept. Mom and I sat on the deck, seemingly miles away from the center of LA. Enjoying the Cypress blowing in the breeze.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Both of my girls have been such a big part of Winnemucca, which was born just last Friday. As it turns out, I have all my babies in the summer. I'll update next week.

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6. Wordless Wednesday


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7. Tuesday trip to Winnemucca and a fictional birthday

So I got curious last week. In between bouts of insomnia and non-stop...OOO! I got to write this downs. I can't really explain what happens when a book is released but there's this weird energy. All of sudden there are so many more things to do than just write. [Which is hard enough to find time to do anyway]. Now there are guest posts and keeping up with emails and requests for interviews, etc. It's all really great. But I guess that part of my brain had never been used before and it didn't really need a lot of sleep. I'm better now. Sleeping well and it's sort of like old times. Except I'm having less time to write.

Anyway, in this crazy frenzy of activity I got to wondering...when did I write the word Winnemucca down the very first time? When exactly did Ginny and her story first show up? I keep LOADS of journals. And with all the moving we've done over the past few years, I made sure to keep them with me and take them everywhere. Lug them everywhere. Joe has been a saint and doesn't say a word when we need to schlep a gazillion boxes of journals with us.

So I pulled out all my journals from 2005/2006 and started reading. And I found it. 10/4/05 was Ginny's and Winnemucca's birthday. I had just returned from Romania that September and had just started taking a writing class with the wonderful Val Hobbs and that's when Winnemucca and Ginny found me. I'm glad I know her birthday. I'm glad I have a record of it. It's the very first time I can turn to a page in one of my gazillion notebooks and point to the first day I had an idea and it turned into a novel.


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8. How To Buy/Read Ebooks Without A Kindle

A question my Kindle-less friends ask is: "If I don't have a Kindle, how can I read your ebook?" Here are the links that readers have shared with me that have enabled them to buy and read Winnemucca. When I found out one of my friends was reading my book on an android, I was like...what's an android? LOL! Now I know!

For the Mac
For the iPhone
For ipad
For google android

Happy reading!


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9. Drinking From A Cold Spring With Friends

Last Saturday night Joe and I went down to Nepenthe to celebrate the book release. At the end of the book, along with a host of other folks, I acknowledge Nepenthe, and a few other people and places in Big Sur. The people and places that helped me write to The End. Without them, there wouldn't have been a Winnemucca. And so, here's the view from the back patio of Nepenthe at sunset. Some nights, there is a fog river than travels down the Pacific. When I lived in the wine barrel I took a video of it. [I'm the world's shakiest videographer, but it does stabilize pretty quick]

In the background you can hear Tom Petty singing "The Waiting" It really is the hardest part. Especially when you are trying to write to The End. Do you have any "writing to The End" stories?

When we first arrived at Nepenthe there were two belly dancers on the packed front patio. Their tangerine and golden scarves even more vibrant against the twilight sky. Later a band would play. We said Hi to friends we hadn't seen since we moved to town. Erin was out front greeting guests. She is an amazing painter and writer. You might want to check out her book about the creative process called Drinking From A Cold Spring, a little book of hope. Anyway, she congratulated me on the book and said she had a story about Winnemucca. People who've been to Winnemucca usually tell some great stories. Do you have one?


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10. Squuuueee! Book Release Day:D

I'm so excited to share my book release day with you! Winnemucca hit Amazon.com. You guys have been so awesome over the years. I started this blog when I started writing the very first versions of Winnemucca. Almost six years ago. Do you remember the road trip we took there?

Come and join in the twitterparty #Winnemucca. There's fun facts about the story. And giveaways. Right now I'm getting road trip tweets. The most exotic has been a road trip to Malta! Wow. Tons of stories about that, huh? A random road trip tweet wins a free Winnemucca ebook + $15 Amazon gift certificate:) But tweet fast. This giveaway is up at high noon [PST]...with more giveaways all day:)

Thanks again for celebrating with me! Couldn't have done it without you! *hugs*


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11. Welcome To Our YA Indie Carnival

Welcome to our Friday posts about all things YA Indie for authors, readers and reviewers. We are a group of YA Indies that post on the same theme each Friday. Binge on all the cotton candy and popcorn you want and get set for a thrilling ride! At today's carnival we want to know who you are and share a little bit about ourselves.

This week we'll take a ride together on the Ferris Wheel. My favorite Ferris Wheel is in Paris. It is the stroke of the most magical time of night and you and I sit at the top of the wheel looking at the lights of the Eiffel Tower below and see for the very first time, in a way we could have never understood before, why Paris is The City of Lights.

I'm happy to be here with you. It's one of those moments where a person wishes they could freeze time. When they can point to where one life ends and another begins. In between times. At the top of the Ferris Wheel in Paris. The day I become a published author. The magic of the ride.

Ray Bradbury, Gabriel García Márquez, Sue Mond Kidd and Fannie Flagg are all seated in the large round gondola with us, hanging in mid-air. THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES was the very first book I fell in love with because it was the first story I could see in my mind. I thank Ray, Gabriel, Sue and Fannie for weaving stories in a way that makes me never want to come to "The End" and at the same time makes me feel like each one of them are only talking to me over coffee, or a glass of wine. I thank them for finding magic in the ordinary. I hope my stories will do the same.

We are all breathless every time we roll up to the top. We scramble for a better view of the city. Then, there's the jerk. The one that comes with a knowing that it's our last time around. We get off together sharing a memory that will, for me, last a lifetime. We chat about when we will see each other next, all the while with an eye toward the lights of the Ferris Wheel. I tell you it took only two weeks to write the first 80 pages of Winnemucca and the rest took five years. We laugh. Stories have their own sense of time. We walk the tiny pebbled path to the next ride.

Thank you for sharing WINNEMUCCA'S release day with me. To help celebrate, Abbi Glines, author of the wonderful YA novel BREATHE, is interviewing me today on her blog. Can you help to spread the word?

Next, take a ride with:

Danny Snell's Refracted Light Reviews
Patti Larsen
Courtney Cole
Wren Emerson
Nichole A. Williams
Fisher Amelie
M. Leighton
Amy Mauer Jones
Rachel Coles. Geek Mom. Book Reviewer
T. R. Graves

12. [Almost] Wordless Thursday & My First Review

Click here to check out my first review. Tomorrow is release day!


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13. It's Interview Wednesday!

But, wait a minute...what happened to Wordless Wednesday? Well, I'm breaking my Wordless Wednesday tradition [can you call a few weeks a tradition?] to bring you a Wednesday is FULL of words. No interview here today. I'm bringing you other people's interviews, because today is Interview Wednesday in the Kidlitosphere!

Check the comments to this post all throughout the day to see links to interviews with authors, illustrators, editors, agents or librarians. Who will show up? Who's been talking to whom? We'll have to wait and see. But I know it'll be worth it, because it's your chance to see what's going on in the world of Children's Literature.

And thanks to Tina Nichols Coury for being our host and coordinating the event.

Thanks for stopping in! And thanks for helping to spread the word about my debut YA novel, Winnemucca, which hits Kindle July 15. One digitally signed edition includes a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project in honor of my nephew, Cody.


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Let the interviews begin!

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14. Three days to Winnemucca: Fire and Teaser Tuesday

The Fire

So I'm at home just before a late dinner last night, typing away, when my hubby returns from working out and says, all out of breath, there's a fire very close to us. He called 911 when he reached the scene on his drive home and got out to knock on doors and warn people. I'm like "Do we need to pack up and get out of here?" He's like, IDK. We hop in the car and drive the windy road down from our house to see what's what and stop when firetrucks block our path. It's smokier now. And scarier. We can't see flames and we are so incredibly happy to see firetrucks. They were there late into the night and are here today traveling up and down the road, keeping watch. Where we live there are watchtowers for wildfires. I can see one now as I type pearched on the peaks of the Ventana Wilderness. We've lived through some horrible fires. Here are some photos. I even blogged a little bit for latimes.com for the Basin-Complex fire in Big Sur. It's amazing how smoke can bring it all back. We were very lucky last night because the typical on-shore winds we get here we not blowing. All was still. I shudder to think what would have happened if they weren't. So I guess it shouldn't surprise that Ginny gets caught up in a wildfire on her way to Winnemuccca.

The Teaser:

The prologue of Winnemucca:

PROLOGUE: The Ripening

The truth of how the music and I came into the world may never be known. Shaped in blood, and over vast journeys, conquerors passed the instrument to the conquered as easily as they all had a hand in fashioning its name. Sehtar. Citar. Kithara. Chitarra. Guiterne. Guiterre. Guittarre. Guitarra. Guitar. Named by the world, it can bubble up the world inside. A person’s fears and dreams. Alegría. And so it found me, one in an ancient line.

Some say the music took its name from the honored virgin, María H [mah-ree-ah AH-chay]. Others say it was named during the rule of the French Emperor of Mexico and comes from the French word for marriage. Scholars believe the music was named after the kind of wood used to make the platform where the performers danced to the music. From the very start, it was music to be danced.
Those closest to me say my road blood ripened in spite of what they thought was my nature. Others insist the ripening was some sort of tonic. But there was only one reason why the ripening visited me. And what surprised me most about the whole deal was how far I’d go.

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15. Four days to Winnemucca: Lydia Mendoza

Although Winnemucca is a contemporary young-adult paranormal novel, the history of the guitar and mariachi music flavors Winnemucca, and so does the spirit of Lydia Mendoza. Lydia was a Mexican-American music pioneer. The first Mexican-American woman to record her music in 1928 at the age of 14. She could be found playing with her family in, among other locations, bull fighting rings. Her family fled The Revolution in Mexico for south Texas. Lydia and her family followed the migrant trail, playing their music. Her beauty and talent quickly made her a star and she would record with The Blue Bird Record Company. Mal hombre [bad man] was her signature song. She was called La Alondra de la Frontera [The Lark of the Border]. She stood alone on stage with only her guitar for accompaniment. "Cuando yo canto esa canción, parece que yo vivo en ese momento." [When I sing, I live that song.] I brought Lydia's spirit into several characters in Winnemucca and was inspired by her story, so I thought I'd share it with you.

She was awarded The National Medal of Arts in 1999.


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16. Five Days to WINNEMUCCA: Writing for Warriors Giveaway

Most of my regular blog readers know that during the last part of the editing process of WINNEMUCCA, our nephew, a 21 yr. old Marine on his second tour, was seriously injured in Afghanistan. In addition to publishing a regular ebook edition, in his honor I am publishing an electronically signed edition of WINNEMUCCA with all additional proceeds from this edition being donated to The Wounded Warrior Project. Both versions will hit Kindle on July 15.

5 copies of this edition will be given away by me with 100% of the profits going to The Wounded Warrior Project. If you are interested in a copy just leave a comment here and I'll announce the five winners on Friday. You can post here until Thursday night 9 PST. Thanks for your support!

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17. Six Days To WINNEMUCCA: Cover Reveal

The story behind the cover:

My husband took the photo of Highway 33, just outside of Avenal State Prison. That's the prison in the distance on the right where you can just make out the razor wire, called Devil's Rope in the story. This is where WINNEMUCCA begins, set in Avenal, CA my hubby's hometown. We meet a seventeen-year-old girl named Ginny walking the godforsaken road.

The title is made in a whimsical font to reflect her enchanted road trip. There is a little bit of barbed wire underlining the title that's a metaphor for her journey.

I designed and created the cover. I hope you like it and wanted to share a little bit of the background on the image with you. If you would like to help spread the word about WINNEMUCCA you can like me on Facebook. I sure would appreciate it.

I'd love to hear the story behind your covers. The process you went through. Your journey finding the right one, the right artist. If you have an artist you'd like to recommend, please let me know and I'll pass his or her name along. Lots of writers I know are looking for cover artists.

There's a crow's next in some trees behind our property and they just drive Oso crazy! He woke up on a tear this morning trying to rid the world of crows!


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18. Thankful Thursday: Of Carnivals, New Friends and Warriors

Here's what I'm thankful for today:

1. YOU
I love reading your posts and listening to what inspires and challenges you. I love it when you make me laugh.

Starting July 15th me and some of my new friends, talented indie writers and reviewers and readers, are beginning a conversation about the YA indie world. Every Friday we will all post on a new topic about YA indie writing, reviewing and reading. Here's a list of folks who I hope you'll get to know much, much better:

Dani Snell- book reviewer open to indies

Courtney Cole- an indie author of paranormal fiction. Her titles include: EVERY LAST KISS [Book 1 of the Bloodstone Saga], FATED [Book 2 of the Bloodstone Saga], PRINCESS, and the title GUARDIAN.

Wren Emerson- an indie author of the paranormal fiction story I WISH.

Nicole Williams- an indie author of paranormal fiction. Her titles include: ETERNAL EDEN, and the upcoming FALLEN EDEN.

Fisher Amelie- an indie YA author of the paranormal fantasy series THE UNDERSTOREY

Michelle Leighton- an indie YA author of paranormal fiction. Her titles include: WICCAN, BLOOD LIKE POISON [BOOK 1 & 2], THE REAPING, CATERPILLAR

Amy Maurer Jones- an indie YA author of the fantasy series called THE SOUL QUEST TRILOGY

T. R. Graves- an indie YA author of paranormal fiction. Her series titles include: WARRIORS OF THE CROSS, GUARDIANS OF THE CROSS, ENEMIES OF THE CROSS

Rachel Coles- an indie YA author of paranormal fiction as well as a book reviewer open to indies. Her titles include DIARY OF A DUCT TAPE ZOMBIE, WHISTLES, BEERGARDEN, PLAGUES, BEES OF ST. JOHN, and MUSHROOMS

Patti Larsen- an indie author of YA and MG fiction. Her titles include: THE GHOST BOY OF MacKENZIE HOUSE, and THE DIAMOND CITY TRILOGY.

[if you are an YA indie author and want to be a CARNI with us, let me know!]

3. This little bat that was flying around in the tangerine sky at sunset last night. The way he darted and dropped and flew about the moon took my breath away.

4. The amazing attitude and courage of our wounded warriors and the wonderful community of people who raise them up every single day with good wishes and prayers.


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19. Sunday Funnies : The Soup Spy

Yesterday my daughter wasn't feeling well, so I stopped by our little country market to load up on "The Regime" what we affectionately call the food we need to eat when we are sick with the flu. "The Regime" is another story involving chicken, Provence, a train ride, and our charming French doctor [anytime I can use toute suite in a story, I do.]

Anyway, back to the story. So, I wheel up to the cashier with bananas, rice, ginger ale, honey, saltine crackers...etc...and he says to me immediately, like we've known each other for ever, "This guy keeps calling me every day asking what the soup of the day is and he never comes in to buy it." He was frustrated out of his mind about this. There's a little deli in the store where they make homemade soup.

I'm like, "How bizarre. Do you know the guy."

Turns out he does. Turns out caller ID tells him who's on the other end too. An it gets funnier, I know that's not a word, but it does. On Thursdays they have a chili special. So on Thursdays the guy calls up to find out what the chili special is. It's chili verde. That's apparently all it ever is. But every Thursday, the guy calls up to ask if it's chili verde, and again, he doesn't come in to buy it.

I'm glad I was there for the guy to vent, he was laughing about it too of course, but I could tell it was starting to get to him...We joked about him being some sort of soup spy.

That's my Sunday Funny.


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20. The Odyssey of being 22

Remember turning 22? If you're not there yet, you have lots to look forward to! Last night I got a txt from my daughter who turns 22 today asking if we all wanted to get together to celebrate her odyssey on Thursday in San Francisco when she flies back home. Well, yes, of course we do. And how wonderful to think of your life in that way. And it truly has been an odyssey.

There are many reasons for this, of course, but I only need to point out what she's been up to for the last six weeks and it will give a window into what life's been like. She landed a full time gig at 21 and so decided to finish up university online and work full time at a very demanding job. But, there was a catch. One class had to be completed in Manhattan. So here's the drill, take the red-eye Sunday night for class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then fly home Wednesday night and work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Repeat.

Odyssey indeed:)

Happy Birthday!!!!!


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21. Pedicures & Popsicles Contest!

Because Ginny is possibly the fictional character most in need of a pedicure [she thinks with her feet] and because popsicles play a part in WINNEMUCCA too, I'm giving away 2 PEDICURES and a handful of POPSICLE prizes!


Post a blurb here as a comment or here [if you want some privacy] about a time you HAD to think on your FEET! The contest is open until July 14th! Winners will be announced here and on my website July 15, the day WINNEMUCCA hits Kindle.


Include a link to this contest on your blog, twitter or website! Include the link with your blurb.


Name a character in young adult fiction that needs a pedicure worse than Ginny! Include the name of the character with your blurb.

GOOD LUCK! Winners will be determined by random number generation. And thanks for helping to celebrate Ginny's enchanted road trip to her true self!


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22. Wordless Wednesday


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23. Friday Five: Stanford and stuff

1. People keep asking me what our plans are for July 4th and, to be honest we were just happy to get through this week! We haven't even thought about the holiday weekend at all:)

2. I was working in Palo Alto all afternoon yesterday. And as I usually do when I'm on the road, I find shelter in anything besides a Starbucks, no offense to Starbucks. It's just too loud and dark in there for my writing juju. Anyway, if you are ever in Palo Alto, University Ave is the place to be. And I found this great little place called Loving Hut, organic vegan cuisine. They had a great vibe--bright and vegan-y and free internet, but I had to laugh when I looked at the special: Russian Borscht. Rlly? How is that Vegan? I mean Borscht is not a gateway sausage. Isn't it the most advanced sausage on the planet and isn't sausage like the most anti-vegan thing ever? Hmmm. Ok. The vibe was great but after three hours of pounding out prose and drinking tea and eating chocolate, I needed to move. So, where did I end up? Starbucks. And the funniest thing about the Starbucks, other than it was dark and loud? Every student sitting within earshot of me was talking like Jessie Eisenberg from the movie The Social Network. It was a crazy powerful vibe in there. Movers and shakers. I felt like they were all hatching the next big idea, and they prolly were. And then one guy turned to the other guy and said, what do you think about marriage? And his friend said. It's in my plan.

3. I read the The Stanford Daily and found out that Mexican President Calderon spoke at The Stanford University graduation ceremony. The paper featured his own compelling personal story of standing up for your beliefs in spite of the dangerous retribution that could come your way. In the article he quotes Constantine Cavafy's famous Ithaka. And ends with this, "Don't be afraid of sailing against the wind and avoiding the wave of mediocrity. Today your beautiful journey has begun. Enjoy it."

4. I hate spiders. I killed one the other day, a super black one, with one of those things you use to skewer olives for martinis.

5. I hope I see Kate & William on the beach this weekend:)

Happy Holiday Weekend!


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24. Happy Independence Day!

Hubby and I are heading to the beach in Santa Cruz to see the fireworks tonight. I haven't seen fireworks on the 4th in years! We lived so remotely for so long they were hard to get to. And, when we moved to town, there weren't any close by. So I'm really excited to see them tonight:) The last fireworks I saw was in Chicago, while I was in there for my mom's birthday with my daughter Mx. It was the Venetian Festival and the fireworks were over Lake Michigan. Just beautiful. My mom was with us when we had the most memorable fireworks in our family:) Remember Mom?

Have a great time celebrating today and this evening!!!! We'll be thinking of Cody tonight, especially.

If you are a reader, a writer, an artist or appreciate art you must see, Midnight in Paris. It was wonderful:

What I'm reading this holiday?

Wicccan, A Witchy Young Adult Paranormal Romance by Michelle Leighton


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25. Wordless Wednesday: A walk to the beach


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