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Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7) (Paperback, 2009)
    By j. k. rowling
Ages 9-12 10/26/2017
sophiaclar said: J.K. Rowling has been hailed as one of the best-selling authors thanks to The Harry Potter Series. She has a global audience with some of her best works receiving accolades from other renown authors like Stephen King who referred the series as “one for the ages”. Over 400 million copies of the Harry Potter series have been sold worldwide. This is no shocker, the series has had a wide audience from young children, around ages 8 to adults of all ages and from both sexes. The icing on the cake was the fact that each of the seven-part series has a film produced. Why has Harry Potter been a favorite among many people? Simply put, the series is captivating! I still remember the moment I held my first Harry Potter Book, I couldn’t stop reading it. Everywhere and anywhere I went I had the book with me, the magic was amazing. I have come across similar stories online of the effect the book had on most individuals, and still does. The weight of the impact the book on the reading generation is unimaginable. What is the series all about? The Harry Potter 7 part series focuses on a young boy, Harry, an orphan left to live with relatives who mistreat him. The plot reveals how the young wizard Harry comes to be of age defeating the forces of evil that threaten the planet’s survival. In his home, he feels like an outcast until he gets to a magical place, Hogwarts, that his life starts to take a turn for the better despite the many challenges he still has to face. Rowling delivers her story in a manner that takes you to that world. It’s imaginative and humorous for all ages! After almost a decade after the last Harry Potter novel: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in 2007, Harry Potter fans were treated to a play set in London by playwright Jack Thorne, based on the original story by Rowling “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. A continuation of the original series but all the characters are now all grown up, with Harry having a family, a son who feels the pressure of walking in his famous father’s footsteps. Although the play lacks in certain aspects, the magic created by Rowling still lives on. The Harry Potter series is a classic, a best-selling book thanks to J.K Rowling’s witty writing style. She has a rare insight into universal feelings and the skills to create a fantasy that captivates the reader. The momentum, humor and imagination with which the story is told leaves a mark on readers. All the 7 books are now available in a paperback box set for all the fans on platforms such as Amazon. The amazing paperback box set is the ultimate series collection for fans of all ages and sex. J.K. Rowling’s works on the Harry Potter series is what drove many people to start reading. This is no mean fete. Books are meant to create a sense of escapism from this weary world, and the Harry Potter Books do an excellent job of this. Only a handful of individuals in our society today have succeeded in keeping up with the reading culture. Most people find reading tedious. Just in case you fall in this category, try reading topics for rogerian essay , in particular, they tend to draw readers. The paperback box set can, therefore, be the perfect gift to give someone going through a tough time or on a birthday, among other occasions. The paperback box set design makes a great gift. The hype created by the series was well worth it. A child or adult today who hadn’t previously read the book, should they be given a chance to, will be as captivated as we were when the books first came out. It’s a classic, a must have and definitely worth every dime spent!
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