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Fashion Show (A Paper Doll Fold-out Play Set) (Hardcover, 2009)
    By Heather Zschock
Ages 4-8 1/14/2018
angelababy said: Medium long curly hair is perfect facial appearance, still can foil girl's mature and elegant temperament. If you add staining, it's even more impressive. So, what color is mid - length wavy hair color good-looking? Let's see this Brazilian hair color store! 1. Elegant brown Elegant and brown is a versatile color. It reveals a low-key luxuriant feeling, can not be too noisy and outstanding, also skimmed off black dry, looks elegant and generous. 2. Wine red Wine red is a popular hair color in recent years, it is also a more versatile color. Whether it is a fair complexion of a woman, or a dark-skinned woman, the color of the hair can appear white and tender, instantly returning to the age of 20. 3. Golden brown Golden brown is a very fashionable hair color, dyed this hair color of curly-haired woman will appear fashionable feeling very much. And gold brown also has the effect that makes skin color more fair. 4. Dark brown Dark brown hair color can foil white skin. It has a very good aging effect, and people who choose this hair color will look younger.
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