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The Changeling (Changeling Saga) (Paperback, 2005)
    By K.D. Lathar
Young Adults 4/10/2008
KDL said: In the form of a fantasy thriller, in a place set out between conflicting races, the value and wisdom of simplicity against the decorations and trappings of material life, comes my hero, a different type of soul. Peter Badger and his friends Michelle Hawk, and Paul Otter have been called upon to help solve a problem they did not create, cope with abilities they had not possessed, find themselves turning into their namesake animals, which they did not want. They were simply looking to find out why their parents vanished. After all, what child would not want to discover the reason why one, or both of their parents suddenly disappeared? Perhaps their silent grandfather, whom they can all hear, should never have given them the book? Perhaps, out in the wild they should never have discovered their animal nature? Perhaps we are all fighting with this? There is no destiny, no prophesy, no legend. They weren’t expecting acceptance when they find themselves turning into their animals. They weren’t expecting it from a bunch primitive tribal people, some of whom resemble their parents. They were expecting help from people who looked more like themselves; they weren’t expecting these people, some of whom resemble their relatives, to be baying for their blood. They certainly weren’t expecting to meet one of the Eternals, a Raqsesh, a demon, who caused part of the mess we’re in today.
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