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1. Two books to deal with life issues

91437-love-broken-love_1366409443164_llonely_tree_by_adamcroh-d5wj9lp_1366410813441_l_1366411793208_lLife has so many unpredictable relationship issues and so many broken-hearted stories that the victims of these events are often too traumatized and confused about how they should deal with it, or what they should have done to foresee or prevent their relationship from crashing in the first place.

And even though good relationships dies everyday, and people becomes emotionally wrecked everyday; repeated counseling suggestions only seems to work for less than ten percent of reported cases.

Additionally, most couples would prefer to deal with their relationship problems privately and within the sanctity of their homes.

Thus, because of their yearning for privacy and self-counseling, I have always felt that a more practical reference book was needed to serve as a first aid kit if a couple should notice any signs of a faltering relationship.

I have actually just started my Law Degree, and was hoping to pause my writing for the next four years after concluding a pending novel in June (Ten Letters to Obama) and two children’s books in May, to focus on my legal career.
But the apparent absence of adequate books and other literary materials to deal with troubled relationships, compounded by my own personal life experiences and the combined experiences of thousands of other people; made me felt it necessary to write two impressive solution-solving books to help people to deal with the social challenges of broken relationships, and the psychological dilemma of loneliness.

For years, I had always tried to understand these two relationship issues and have even deliberately spent a few years analyzing them, while enduring my own doses of relationship traumas in the process.
But after interacting with over two hundred victims of broken relationships and loneliness in the past six months alone, compounded by almost four months of social research; I told my Publisher that I was ripe and ready to write two relationship counseling masterpieces.

And after two days of exchanges and my publisher’s endorsement of my ideas, I am now writing two books; – (1) Broken Relationships – when to fight & when to let go; and (2) How to survive Separation & Loneliness.

Based upon agreed calculations, both books should be release by the end of August 2013; and would offer my readers several workable self-counseling methods, and a long list of realistic solutions to dozens of the most common relationship issues.

And I know that the lessons in both of these books would help to quickly mend millions of broken relationships, and would similarly help thousands of others to emerge from the pains of loneliness.

But before that grand finale, I want to encourage my fans to write to me at: [email protected], and share your failed and successful relationship challenges with me.
And if I am convinced (lol) I would use short anonymous extracts of your story (with your permission) amongst my dozens of example situations in either books.

So get into your mailbox and let me hear from as many of you as possible, and let’s help each other to make our relationships more happier than it we want it to be.

I am busy writing now and would post another update on this until the end of May.

Be good to yourself my fans.

Bye for now.

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2. My next anticipated book

I had always wondered whether Governments do connect with the ordinary citizens of this world, who pens them millions of letters annually to express their views and share their advises on hundreds of issues that affects us everyday.

But above all, I was more curious about whether the busiest and most powerful President on planet earth, ever personally looks at the many letters that the White House recieves from the ordinary man. And whether he ever take any of the advises of these ordinary people whenever he is making policy decisions.

So when President Barack Obama’s point man for White House correspondence, Mr. Mike Kelleher explains what actually goes on behind the scenes to the New York Times, I immediately pounced at the opportunity to investigate the possible contents of these letters and how they have impacted our lives.

According to Kelleher, of the more than 20,000 correspondences that are sent to the White House every day, only ten of those randomly selected letters would actually reach the president.

Slipped into a White House purple folder, these ten letters are usually delivered to the desk of the President each morning, and he would personally read them; and then reply (in most cases) by hand, using a black ink pen on Azure paper.

According to the White House; this ritual offers Mr. Obama an opportunity to connect with the ordinary man daily, and to have a sampling of what the world is thinking, in addition to how the average person wants him to handle U.S policy at home and abroad.

Members of Obama’s inner circle has confirmed that the President often circulate these letters amongst staff members whenever they are debating policy issues; – which ranges from healthcare to the war on terrorism, political conflicts, human rights, jobs, debts, Iran, China, etc., and the list goes on and on.

Hence, we are sure that for almost every U.S policy decisions that President Obama makes, a letter from an ordinary man or woman from some corner of the globe, would have already made an acceptable case to the President, and which would have contributed greatly to his final resolutions.

Thus it is in that spirit that this book takes a comprehensive and fictional look at ten of the most crucial letters to U.S President Barack Obama; and how ten ordinary persons (maybe you) would have influenced ten of the most crucial foreign and domestic policy decisions of the United States of a America.

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3. My mystery novel is launched

Well. After several weeks of sinking my imagination into a criminal mystery story, and after almost four months of writing; my latest novel; an Anatomy of a Serial Rapist was completed and finally released globally over the weekend (9th March).

This book; tells a thrilling, breath-taking, and twisted crime story of a London aggravated sex-crimes detective who would discover his worst fears, in his quest to track down and capture a violent serial rapist, who repeatedly gives a single provoking clue, prior to abducting and after raping his victims.

Set in modern-day London, the serial rapists always took the time out to surgically remove the clitoris of each victim, after drugging them with anesthetics, and tattooing a clue on their cleavage.

But just when British detectives were keeping their eyes focused on the trail of the rapist, and on their hopes on catching the elusive perpetrator, something much bigger and more sinister was about to happen.

While I cannot tell you the whole story, or even give away the plot of it, I can safely say that this novel would keep your mind twisted and unsettled, as even the smartest of readers would initially find it difficult to decipher the complicated doings of the serial rapist.

So if you think that you have the guts to face-up with the eerie and psychopathic nature of this book, then you can go over to Amazon for the softcover and Kindle ebook version or at Lulu or any other bookstore for the hard cover.

Hope you can sleep or walk alone after reading an Anatomy of a Serial Rapist. Lol.

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4. Another book is launched – 25th Feb.

Over the weekend, my latest novel; Till Death Do us Part, was officially launched worldwide.

As I had explained in an earlier post, putting together this almost 200 page book was not an easy task, as I struggled to differentiate between fact and fiction, in the absence of the individual upon whom the book is based.

This book, basically chronicles an Irish female student struggles to find her true sexual identity and later indulging in a sort of committed but forbidden lesbian relationship between herself and a recently graduated female Jamaican lawyer.

Set almost entirely in Jamaica where homosexuality is taboo; and is a very risky social behavior for anyone who publicly practices it; the book offers a more intimate insight into the life of Elizabeth Leisac, as she struggles to resonate with her unexpected allegiance to Lesbianism

This book is available at most major leading bookstores in Europe and North America, or via the Amazon store @ THIS LINK.

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5. My first Poetic Anthology is published

I am not a die-hard fan of poetry neither I am an ardent follower of this literary art form.

However, throughout my life, I had always had an interest in Shakespearean and dramatic poetry, as they sat well with my taste and love for the far-reaching stages of English Literature.

Apart from that, I had always been an artistic composer of songs and ballads that were laced with the foundation of poetry in almost every stanza of the musical piece.

So when I received the first request for some poetic pieces, I did not found it to be a task that would constrain me in any way, as poetry was already an embedded element in my literary capabilities.

At the end of September 2012, I commenced the compilation of a several poems that are more concentrated on Caribbean reasoning and emotional interpretation.

After three months of careful writing, the twelve best poems were selected from a list of twenty five and published as my first poetic anthology on the 16th January 2013.

Unlike most other poets, I went at great lengths to pen an explanation for each piece of poem thus aiding readers in their interpretation and analysis of what I have presented before them.

The book, which adapted its name from the first poem that I have written, and is entitled ‘Sea of Sorrows”, certainly  offers poetry lovers a great degree of classical satisfaction..

In essence, I would choose not to brag and boast about the quality of this literary masterpiece, but would certainly assure you that the poems enlisted in this anthology would surely bind you to every bit of drama and emotional elements that they were composed with.

Click Here to check it out on Amazon.com.  VUTS9B6SMN2P

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6. Just released: on the 10th January, 2013

This book, A Guide to Better Sex; is my first non-fiction novel that focuses entirely on sexuality and relationships.

It was a serious challenge to write because its contents had to be factual in an area of the social sciences for which I am not adept.

But thanks to the support of Dr. Ruth Schneider of the University College of London Hospital, and her team of sexual therapists,  in addition to over a dozen other experts and consultants in the fields of human sexuality, marriage counseling, and behavioural sciences, I was able to put together a hundred and sixty six pages of valuable information and illustrations, intending to offer some guidance on improving one’s sexual performance.

For most of us, sex has always been an avid and interesting topic, as we continued to be regaled by its ability to offer us a level of pleasure that is often too difficult for us to explain.

On the other hand, it offers an equal degree of emotional pain and frustration for others who finds it difficult to capture and enjoy the unexplained level of gratification that sex often offers humanity.

And for those who are frustrated by this elusive pleasure, this book offers some answers and coaching that would certainly bring about some positive changes in your sex life.

This is probably one of my best books, and one of the best compilation of advises that I can share with my fans.

It is currently available in Paperback at most major bookstores in North America and Europe, in addition to a Kindle Edition. Otherwise, you can get it on Amazon, via THIS LINK.

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7. Dennis Adonis – My four upcoming novels

#1 – Till Death Do Us Part

No offense to any guilty reader, but I would tell you off hand that I am neither gay and do not indulge myself in any practice along that line.

However, when a beautiful young woman invites you to chronicle her sexual escapades with other women, and you can actually witness the pleasures and pains of lesbianism before your very eyes, it’s an offer that any true writer would never refuse.

So, in penning this book I can practically say that it is more of a collection of true stories rather than a piece of fictional writing that some storyteller shares with you from around the corner.

But to put this book in its simplest form; – its storyline is centred around a clique of young women from the moment they hooks up with a newbie girl to the stage where they wraps one another tongues down their throats, rubbing away gracefully on each other’s privates, and finger f**king until warm cum squirts from between their legs.

This book focuses heavily on four inter-related woman to woman relationships, and some of the deepest details on how they satisfies themselves both sexually and emotionally, and leaving no space for an encounter with a man, except in rare cases where they would occasional feel the need to ride a real man’s c**k like a live dildo.

I promise that this book would leave your p**sy wet and prompts your man to jerk his c**k off if you is to read it aloud.
My advice will be to read it while you are alone in the washroom, and remember to keep some cleaning tissues in the drawers of your office desk if you are going to read it during your lunch break. lol

Till Death Do Us Part goes on sale from Feb 25th 2013 on Amazon. It will hurt your emotions not to get a copy.


#2 – Anatomy of a Serial Rapist

It usually has to take a seriously authored and intriguing script (story line) to make me look at a criminal mystery, drama or thriller movie beyond the first 15 minutes.

From my recollection, there have been a few good movies of that type, but there are many others where the entire plot just gets too boring, thus sending you off to bed sooner than a droopy 9 hour speech in the 1940’s from Stalin that you were forced into listening.

So when I first though about writing this book in early 2011, I actually had to spend almost nine months envisioning and mentally re-enacting the plot more than a hundred times before deciding to write the first line.

It took me that long to start writing because I knew I would have had to pen a thriller or drama novel that would be so intense, mind boggling, and electrifying that the reader must become fearful but unable to let go of the story as it progresses throughout the pages of the book.

Today that book, “Anatomy of a Serial Rapist”, has been penned almost to completion, and would offer nothing more than pages and pages of twisting suspense, shudder and goose bumps to the reader.

So for your curiosity, …….. here is a chronology of what the book is all about.

The Anatomy of a Serial Rapist is a novel that tells the agony that a frustrated and disillusioned London sex -crimes investigator had went through to trap an outright clever serial rapist who would always surgically remove the clitoris from the vagina of each of his many victims. Thus satisfying his psychopathic desire for the women to become psychologically reclusive and not being able to become sexually involved with anyone else again.

After all, a vagina without a clitoris (as small as it is) cannot become sexually stimulated, and cannot be urged into sex since the nerve within that element of a woman’s organ must establish communication with her brain so that she can be aroused in addition to having a sense of enjoyment and the unexplainable pleasures that sex brings.

Hence, I guess you can imagine that a series of women being drugged, raped, and then left with a missing clitoris every week in central London would be lifetime nightmare for would-be victims, and an unimaginable scale of headache for detectives running down an elusive serial rapist who leaves a trail that quickly goes cold.

Unlike your regular expected occurrence in a novel of this nature, I can assure you that this book would give you more thrill and psychological frustration than you can bargain for, ……. even to the last page.

This paperback novel goes on sale from the end of March 2013 on Amazon, and throughout all Barnes and Noble Bookstores worldwide.


#3 – Errors of Justice

I have always had a candid interest in law, but had actually quit my law studies at University during the late 90’s, and choose to study Computer Science instead, because in those days, it was, and still is a field that generates big money and perks easily (which of course would mean that you must have a major degree in the more advance aspects of computer science and software engineering, as in my case).

But after all those years, and maybe after enduring a silent state of resentment for not completing my law degree, I am heading to London in March 2013 to read for that coveted gradation that would certainly convert me into a learned attorney.

And while my prospective law degree may have served as a contributing factor here, my real inspiration for this book is based mostly upon my own experiences and dozens of judicial observations I have made in numerous cases where the legal system (primarily within the commonwealth), is sometimes riled with serious administrative flaws, and practices that is seemingly inconsistent with the framework of natural justice.

In this book, I sought to review several major cases in the British West Indies that were either flawed in their rulings or were unreliable from the inception as a result of errors propelled by administrative oversight, judicial prejudice, corruption or errors made by the police as a result of public misdirection or pressure from the media or other external forces.

In each instance I sought to establish several accepted legal precedents to support my observations, and would leave it to those that are (currently) more legally informed to analyze the wisdom of my arguments.

In putting the book together, I cautiously sought and obtain the advice of several prominent legal luminaries within the British legal system, in addition to a few within the rest of the commonwealth so as to ensure that the contents of my book would be beyond reproach.

Their names, endorsements, and respective contributions are therefore highlighted in all of the chapters of my book, notably in areas where they had guided my legal arguments.

Hence, I know that it would only be a matter of time before this piece of legal chronicle finds it way on to the research shelf of almost every criminal lawyer in the English speaking commonwealth, since it offers guidance on many administrative errors in the judicial process that can be successfully challenged.

This book is currently schedule for release in February 2014, since my publisher has shift its original August 2013 launch date so as to allow for another review of its content by a panel of accredited legal educators, after which it will go to print, depending on any need to make corrections or omissions.

I would keep potential users of this book posted as its release draws closer.


#4 – South of the Border

This book is really a chronicle of a several women who would have been tricked into prostitution after being trafficked by presumably genuine friends to sex shops in Europe and the Balkans.

If you can extract a similar scene from the movie “Taken”, then you would have an idea where this book may be going. But of course with a completely different twist that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

The book is still midway, and my team does not wish for me to reveal anything more than this at the moment.

However, prior to its projected release in August 2013, I would update this posts to tell you some more, and as my publisher sees fit.


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8. Moving forward with blogging

Today,  I officially revitalize the need for me to blog.
I would therefore make it my duty to keep my fans posted at least thrice weekly from here.
Keep reading.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out these links below that supports my blog.


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9. 2013 – New Year Resolutions

Hello my few fans. lol.

Thanks for always being willing to hear me out, and for your advises, even though they are ridiculous sometimes. lol.

Anyway, life is filled with so many uncertainties that sometimes even you struggles to actually identify who you are.

Well, I am not necessarily in that position, but sometimes I feel that I am actually heading there. Hence I have to take control soonest.

Anyway, 2013 is almost here, and I had spent the last week adjusting my new year resolutions. And for me, these are the things that I am definitely doing (or want to do); -

1 - Complete my Law Degree (There is no doubt about this. this is definite)

2 - Get married (I really wants to but don’t be surprise if I repeats this for 1014 and 2015. lol)

3 - Deal with some lingering business issues. I still have a decision to make on whether to restructure a business that went under or simply accept my losses, satisfied those who were dissatisfied, and simply move on.

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