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Sometimes, my fingers peck the keys or hold the pen and weird thoughts pour out... Like this... I am 22, but I view the world like a child sometimes... And as an adult when you least expect... But all the same it's wonderful to view the world, because it's proof that we are still alive... -A Journal of A Young Author
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1. Goodbye Post!

Hello friends and Readers! 
This is a goodbye post in this blog. A week back, I decided to move to Wordpress to blog. And even my website may get a shift due to technical problems such as the wonderful speed of the internet connection!
So, you see, where to look for me? - Check it on the tab titled "Sana's New Blog". Okay?

So that's where I will be blogging. I already have two posts there, but again, sorry for the late notification, but it's not that much a problem! :D
Those who would like to continue the walk with me, join me there. It's something different from this blog, I admit. Or rather say, I promise. :) And I am talking about planned things and of course, thinking new and more. :)

So here you go!

I hope to see you all there! :)

Love Always...

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2. Convalescence... And +ve Thinking!

...Yeah, isn't it? I could say I am convalescing if I had been sick. But writer's block hasn't been grouped under any diseases or disorders so far. But, this is something I am saying to convince myself that I will get back to writing soon. But this has been pretty bad. Let me put it out frankly. I haven't been writing the novels at all. Today, I wrote a paragraph of the new novel I had begun. But, how huge a thing is that? Not really much work. But it took some effort. Because may be, convalescence is tougher than the illness. 

Anyway, I have been promising myself to be good to myself and yesterday, just out of the blue, I took out a new plan. Positive Thinking Days. Starting from yesterday, I would update my status with a positive thought about myself, my life or situation or whatever that comes to my mind (That's what they want anyway).

So yesterday, I wrote:

Positive Thinking : Day 1:
I Love Being A Writer. And A Promising One At That. :)

And today, I updated:

Positive Thinking : Day 2:
I Pray For Those Who Left Me To Have A Great Life That Was Worth Leaving Me. 
Because, A Great Life Is What My Freedom Gave Me. ;) :) 

So that was for today. I

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3. Eons Ago...

So, eons ago, there used to be a poetess who loved to talk so many things that didn't call for much sense but it was her way of saying hi to you people. And in between that, she did throw in some thoughts, dreams and worries. And pictures, too. And I don't know why it took such a long time for her to come back and say hi again after October 8th.

God! It seems so long ago that I was here, on this page, in my blog. One more week, and it would be two months since I visited my blog and wrote something. And it has been long since I wrote anything, too. It's yesterday that I wrote a poem after a long time. And I wrote some sentences of the novel today. At least I am trying before it's too late. But this was not under my plan. In the past one month, I had been feeling estranged from writing. That's strange and not desired from me, I know. But it wasn't like I had a choice.

Anyway, this is just a hi. To let you know I am up and running again. ell, slowly to restart, but I am, and that is what matters. The heart has been having something heavy wedged between its strings... And I still have no idea how to take it out without hurting, or just keep it there without infecting my heart. Either way, it hurts.
So, while I was working on it, my mind was off writing and so many other priorities. But may be I will swing back to the calm and just face it.

One thing is for sure. Each of our heart is incomplete. And it continues to be so until it meets the missing pieces that complete it in time and space and existence. An incomplete heart in another physique, another dimension, another space occupied, another person to pinpoint the explanation. And the truth is that, you may never meet the person, you may never see him/her, you may never touch them. But the bond will exist and persist, no matter where life takes you. No one would ever know... And that person is your soul mate.

Goodnight everyone...

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4. Happiness and 'Love Beyond Words'...

Hola, Buddies! 
I don't have any idea why I am constantly on the lookout for a story. Not to read, but to write. And I want to write many of them. And see them in your hands... This takes me back to my yesterday's quote:

"Happiness is just a dream away..."

There sure is no doubt about that, is there? Everything is just a dream away. And what the dream comprises is what makes each thing different, easy to achieve or difficult, possible or impossible, depending on the person. But the simple fact is that, every person is capable of realizing his dreams. Whether they do it or not is upto them. 

There's this invisible relation between the capability of a person and his range of thinking. Dreams referred to here are not and never the subconscious visions we see during the sleep, but the ones we are able to form when we are conscious and in control of our thoughts.

So, I said this quote (Happiness is just a dream away...) in my FB status and in my page, too. 
And a friend asked, "What's happiness? I felt happiness through satisfaction. If happiness stays as a dream, what's life?"

So, remember what I just said about dreams? And so, I answered him this way:

"A dream is NOT meant to be kept as a dream. It is meant to be fulfilled, achieved and made come true... So, you dream of what makes you happy, seek it, follow the dream and work on it and work FOR it and make it come true! And in the end, satisfaction comes and you are happy. That is what makes 'Happiness is JUST a dream aw

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5. Enjoying the Sun and Fun of Dreams Endless and Rose 'n' Lavender Skies...

I always want to write something so beautifully that it knocks the breath out of you, but I kind of ruin the beginning, I think. But then, today, I have this beautiful feeling inside me. I don't know if it's the poet and artist inside me that's saying this. But I have this wonderful inexplicable feeling this evening. It's something derived from my dreams.
And the dreams are about tiny things that might sound silly, but are truly romantic and truly something that would matter in the long run, when we get old.
And may be the feeling of desire is because I know that these will forever remain as dreams, and forever remain inside me, for, not many think the way I do.
And may be also because I know that my stories will have these dreams as reality.
My dreams will have these dreams as reality - it's oddly comforting to know that, though it sounds far-fetched to myself.

Let me tell you how inspired I am feeling this sunny evening. There's a pleasant air around and all are trying to have fun, playing badminton and watching movies in the stinking mess hall at this hostel. I, on the other hand, am sitting here talking to you - just to be in the moment.
To enjoy the magic of this moment.

I am reading this sweetly written book by Luanne Rice - yeah, you got it, Beach Girls. And I love the sea, the beach, the summer, the moonstones, the clams, the sea glass, the sky, the breeze, the love, the friendship and the people she describes with so much passion. I love the way she writes about what she knows, what she sees everyday, what she feels and where she lives.
And I wonder at myself - for a moment I think, have I ever written about what I go through? I would rather not. I would rather travel through my writing, writing of beaches I have never been to, of houses I have never seen, of places I have never visited. The people will be the only ones I know in my own writing. But, there is a sense of freedom to my imagination, when I do that.

Like the sea being able to meet the sky at the horizon, 
even when they don't really touch...&

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6. A Weekend Note, A Beautiful Mind, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset...

So, hello, what are y'all upto this weekend? :) I am smiling, you know. 
I do, most of the time, in my mind. 
So last post began with this Musical basin. It still sings. And I admit that we are coming to hate its noise.
Other than that, all's well. 

A rose with raindrops from mother's garden. Today's Hello.

So I was just thinking what to write - I knew I had these movies to write about. Yeah, you know, I am a bit taken to watching a few movies these days, just to observe the story telling, the settings, just to know how things are moving when a story unfolds before our eyes. And I got to watch three awesome movies this week. :) Awesome? Well, yeah, a lot better than many.

A Beautiful Mind, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.
Day before yesterday, I watched A Beautiful Mind. It's based on a true story. May be some slight variations for the sake of making it a great movie. It was about the struggle of a Schizophrenic patient. The thing is, he was the '94 Nobel Prize Winning Mathematician - Dr. John Nash. And the movie was so well portrayed that when we realize that he is Schizophrenic, we are totally aghast! Some debates and controversies have been heard about some things being wrong in the movie. But after all, movie isn't entirely the real life, even if we tried our best to adapt it.
The movie was well shot, to be short. And the actors were just great!

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are sequels and let me describe it in three words. It's a "Cute Love Story". It has no end. It focuses on the just two people - An American guy Jesse Wallace and a French Girl Celine. And what's interesting in this movie apart from the fact that they both form a cute couple is their conversation. They cover a wide array of topics when they just walk around and spend a night together... A lot of brilliant thoughts. And fun, too.
And so on, I can't describe the film, you gotta watch it.
Before Sunset - its sequel, I watched today. It's set 9 years later, when Author Jesse Wallace is on a bo

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7. The Musical Basin and Other Stories

Hello there!
Did you just think I am going to review some Short story collection? I bet you did! :D
And so, here we go - have you heard of Musical fountains? Of course, we all have heard of Musical fountains in theme parks and someplace else. 

But I bet you haven't heard of Musical basins. 
I haven't heard of Musical basins in all these years I have lived - okay, 23 only. But I saw one - now, I see it everyday, and hear it, too.

You are wondering where it possibly is. In some theme park - no. Nor is it in any famous place. It's in the ground floor bathrooms of the Ladies Hostel of GHMC, Calicut - my college hostel, that is. :D
We people were kinda puzzled when we began to hear some weird whistling sound. I thought it sounded like a kettle on the burner. Only that there was no kettle or burner here at this dingy place. (All right, it's not absolutely a Ghetto place, but it is not the most beautiful place in the world!)

I would have shared a photo of it here, but since it might offend you and insult my sanity and question the sanitation and cleanliness of the place where we have our daily baths, I am avoiding that impulse. I really wanted to take a snap of the place, but I would rather not contaminate my camera. LOL!

So there, I guess there is some glitch in the pipe lines. May be some air. No, I wouldn't use the word 'flatulent' but something is wrong. The whistling goes on and on constantly, until someone hits it. I don't know why I even care about it, let alone tell you people about, but then, it's something we are talking about here often. 

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8. Am I Just Another Broken Glass???

A glassware breaks... you pick up the shards of glass... and glue them together... but it is a broken one and the cracks are so visible... and to hide them, you paint it with beautiful colours and place it somewhere safe and use it for something else that it was not meant to be used for...

There are moments when I wonder, isn't that what I am? Isn't this a short write on my life? Isn't the writer the glassware painted and kept elsewhere and used for something else like... discarding what's not needed...? Or things that we might need one day... Someday...? 

This is a weak moment, I confess. And more often than not, Sana Rose is the person I become when I run away from my life. When love is not very fair... When life seems so... blunt... When it's so blank even when it could be filled with so many precious things that matter... When I am not heard... 
When my heart is a hearth where my very average and sensitive dreams and hopes are burnt... God hears me and keeps me going even when I am denied the lesser things that I need most, unlike other girls of my age...

But it can make me cry, if you offered me some love that's unstained, some tenderness... I would crumble down to nothingness moistened by tears if you gave me a hug - I am so fragile... 
My heart quivers as I write this, for opening myself to the numerous eyes out here is not the coolest thing...
I grew up wanting time and words of love and care, instead of food, clothes and a house from my mother. 
The void is so great that, I constantly tried to fill it, but nothing substituted it, not for a long time. And now, I thought, someone has. But I again and again find, that void is still empty... And every time I try to fill it, it just stays that way. Everyone passes me over that void, no one looks into it. And those who try, can't see into it.
Even after all these years...

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9. Love and Sense

Hello everyone!

It's actually surprising sometimes what we find to talk about, just out of the blue. :)
And today, what I thought might be something to think of is the quote I shared yesterday.
Yes, you already know it - about Love and Sense. :)

"Who says Love has no sense? Love has the greatest sense in the world. It's a divine matter. The truth is, when love comes, nothing else makes sense. And then people say Love has no sense, it's blind and mute..." 

A friend happened to tell me something like love has no sense - that it is blind, and the closer we get to a person, we understand them less, and the lesser we see their faults. Is that so? I simply disagree. :)

Yet some others think it's an extension of some inherent insanity within us. I feel it's far-fetched since for Love, I can find only one definition.
Love is An Extension of Divinity Through Us.

And I definitely don't think that Love has many faces. Love has many forms, but faces? And the faces people claim happen to be - that it starts with a smile, care and trust and ends with tears and betrayal. How wrong, how simply wrong is that assumption, for True Love never Ends. Does it?

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10. Unexpected Gifts

Hi, Everybody!

I'm not very sure what I'm going to talk about today. But I guess I should be writing now and then out here. Well, let's talk about unexpected gifts, shall we? :) Because I just got one a day ago. From my fiance, of course. So where were we? 
And when we talk about Unexpected gifts, we always tend to end up talking about the material things, don't we? Even I was doing the same above. 
But what should we be thinking of, actually? Isn't it the blessings that we often forget to count that deserve our thought first?
That returns us to God, for sure. 

The most beautiful thing is that even these material things that we care to count are received through God's plan. :)

So, what did I do this week?
I resumed writing Amidst Sandcastles after brooding for a long time. It was like waking up again... Waking up to my dream. A friend who reads it as I write thinks it's going pretty good. She is actually very much in love with Noah Sehnor. And so am I. Sometimes, it's like I'm writing it just to make Noah happy. Since right now he is in hospital, (Oh, yes, I know it sounds pretty silly), I'm writing it to get him out of there. But I am writing it anyway...

So here I am writing the dreaded part. I was pretty nervous about it, that I didn't know how to start it. But even after I did, I got stuck. I am talking about the flashback, set in 1997.
Now it's all coming smoothly, now that I am getting the needed feedback.
Check out

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11. Some Things from Here 'n' There...

Hello and hello and hello dear ones! 

Three hellos for this is the third time I am logging in to write a blog post. The other times, I got carried away with something or got interrupted with our always wonderful Internet connection! So here I am today, to share some tidbits and some snapz. :) Nothing you haven't already heard from me, as I keep updating "What's on my mind?" every now and then. :)

So what is up and running around you? Don't answer me with "Cats and Dogs". For Cats aren't necessarily running around always.
Let's see what the Feline Hero of the GHMC Ladies' Hostel was upto last weekend. ;)

He is two feet long - tall, saying humanwise. And walks royally around, when he visits His Ladies. He's the daddy cat starring in my poem When the Kitten Meets His Dad.

Want me to share it here? Will try. But here's the King Felis non-domestica. Non-domestica, for we don't entertain his presence at our hostel. What doesn't make him adorable is that he doesn't keep his coat clean. But he isn't shy into settle himself in our beds conducting the materials on his coat to our sheets, in case we forgot to close a window, or left the door ajar. 
His progeny and their mothers aren't different, they are more often the ones who do this.

So here he is:

King Felis non-domestica

This time, he has found a stashed pillow just outside our room. It was dark and I shot the pic with flash to get him in it. Seems like he didn't lik

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12. Amidst Sandcastles

Hello there, anybody home...??? :)
Gee.. I am in a state o Euphoria... LOL! So how have you all been?
I have a few news to share!

I have plans to republish my debut book The Torrent from My Soul with an Indian Publisher. I have sent book proposal to the publisher with some editing in my first manuscript. Hope it will click. I will let you know whether they accept it or not. Keeping my fingers crossed.

This is a short entry, I have got viva and practical exam tomorrow. 
So let me just inform you that I have a new project. I am publishing the novel I am writing at Wikinut.
It is titled Amidst Sandcastles

It will be posted chapter by chapter. And I look forward to sincere feedbacks from readers. Please let your friends who like a contemporary relationship fiction to read. Really would love to know what you all think of my story writing before I make the final draft of it. It is an ongoing project, mind you.
So, look out for the novel at my Nut Page here.
I have submitted a page introducing the book, make sure you read that first. I have also submitted the first chapter.
It will be published after moderation.
So wait! :)

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13. After A Break ---> :'( ---> :-[ ---> :-| ---> :) ---> :)))

Hello my dear friends! :)
It's been a long break, I guess. I was having theory exams of the second year. It's over now and we are waiting for the Viva Voce and Practicals. But even then, when I came home, I was having an aversion to the computer screen and working on the computer. So I was putting off this.
Meanwhile, life has been hectic. :)
One news - I am engaged to my Love! :) It'll be kinda a long engagement since we are still working our way out of college.
If I am to talk about my writing, I had a bad time trying to write something. The novel is on pause till the exams are over. That will take the whole of August. Then I have been writing poems, not many though.
But I have a socially relevant one in my Muse Diary now. Regarding the current issue of Rapes and Trafficking that went very high on the graph in the newspapers in the past few weeks. 
Check out The Muse Diary for the poem or my website's home page where the link is given in the Latest Writings Column.

Let me conclude this post with my latest quote:
"The first time is the best time to do something. Because, if you get it right, you will get the credit. If you get it wrong, well, it was just the first time..." ;) :)

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14. Living One's Dreams - Baring My Heart a Bit

Hello, dear people!
I guess it's been a long time? Oh, well, I don't know how things actually are going, but I have a vague feeling that sometimes it's so... well, you know... like, I don't know what's going on.
Now, that was crazy... LOL.! :)
Well, I will tell you what has been happening.
The exams were planned to happen, but they haven't been.
Writing was meant to happen, and I began the flashback in the book - Part 2 - but that isn't happening either. well, I wrote three sheets. But that was it.
Studies were about to happen, but the right mood didn't - well, never did - happen.

Sorry, that was a list of what all were meant to happen, but didn't.
This isn't the kind of writer you expect or blog post you wanna read. But how about if I say I am a bit depressed these days? Someone told me it was a heavy word and not to use it - ever. Wait! Who said that to me? I - I can't remember! :-/ oh, hang on!!! 

Okay, I got a beautiful message from my best friend at school and following that we had a long chat and it was wonderful to go back. You will never know, you know... 
So, there she was telling me that I proved the message. Something like living the life we dream...etc etc... Okay, she thought of me first when she received that message.
I thought of it in a different way...

Here's a writer, a poet, opening to you, her heart. Bare. 
A basket-case of insecure feelings and thoughts. I am not even sure what I am intending to tell you. I am not sure if I should be telling you this. Right now, I don't want t

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15. A Small Gap-Filling - A Note on My Mind...

Hi there, everybody!
I began writing a post yesterday but got stuck - didn't know what to tell. The exams take a bad toll on my creativity and aesthetic sense. :( 
My internal exams are over and I came home for a few days' break on Wednesday. And I am returning to college tomorrow. I had plans to start studying for the main university exams though the time-table hasn't been published. But that didn't work. And did I write something? Neither that. 
Exams make a major brain block, clogging the neurons of creativity with irritable substances like bacteria, viruses and parasites, resulting in zero amount of writing. 
How I long to pen down a poem!!! :(

This morning, I just found that flipkart.com, the main Indian Online Store had my book in stock and would deliver to the customer in 4-5 days. Till now, I had to wait 3 weeks to get it from them, since it had to be imported. Seems like they are keeping it in stock since it is being ordered after all! ;)

What now, I just had to come here, and say hi to all just to make sure this blog is alive. Otherwise I am very much expressing myself always, thanks to Facebook and my pages over there. :) And the supporters, too!

During the exams, I have been going crazy and did a lot of meaningfully crazy things. Instead of trying to study something, I was obsessed with finding e-books. -
And BAM! There!
I found a new app that fit my cute stupid mobile! The file would be in .jar format and the download took just a few moments! And the application worked as such, as an e-book and now I have a folder named Library in my Nokia 3110 Classic phone! 
Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts, Dennis Lehane, The Soulscreamers Series, Kristin Hannah's latest Night Road (I'm so sorry, Kristin, I am your fan but the book is not available in India and costs me a lot :(.. and I couldn't resist it! ), The Time Traveller's Wife, Nicholas Spark's

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16. Test post

I'm juz testing bolt

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17. The Two Dream Moments!!!

Hi there,
As promised, here I am, with the photos! :) With the earliest snaps I could gather! Now, that's way too fast, huh?
I got them from my friend's phone unexpectedly! Thanks to Aneesh Mohan, my friend and classmate, for these clicks. :)

Seems like the lower half of the photo is clearer than the upper.
But that's okay, my stye (yes, a new one) can't be seen!
This is the moment of the book release!

From Left to Right:
From Left to Right: Sri. U.A. Khader (National Academy Award Winning Writer), Me, Sri: Venkitachalam (Critic and Translator), Dr. Anila Kumari (Principal, GHMC Calicut)

The Moment I dreaded most... but one that became one of those unforgettable moments in my life...
The first time I spoke as an author... :)

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18. Out-of-This-World Moments... Well - Totally...

Hey there! Here I am, as promised! :)
So where do we really start, huh?
This week passed brimming me with anticipation and really out-of-this-world moments... :)
And like I said, it's the Autopsy posting which was unworldly - because it's about death. 

But I will begin the account today with the happy moments. :)
May 27th, 2011 is one of the most memorable days I ever had in my life... 
As planned, we all gathered for the Inaugural function of our college's Academic and Cultural Wing. 
A Body to promote Art and Cultural activities.
It has been a long-time wish of the student body there. 
And thus, 'Felicia 2011... Out-of-this-world Moments!' was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Guest, Sri: U.A. Khader, the Academy Award Winner. 
I'm so lucky to have had my book released by him. :)

The book releasing ceremony was actually so so heavenly...

Sri: U.A. Khader released the book and it was received by the brilliant critic/translator Sri. Venkitachalam, who read and reviewed my book for the first time.
Later the speeches came, and the critic introduced the book to the audience that included students and teachers. I sat on the stage with the guests and was in a trance... as if I was sitting in a dream. The only thing at that time that made sure it was all real was the message that came constantly from a friend to my cell phone.
So, there I sat in a daze and watched the crowd in front of me, digesting the fact that some minutes later, I will be facing them. Speaking to them on the Mic, as a poet, the author of the book that was just released... It was a moment filled with anticipation... 
The moment came which I had expected to be diffic

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19. What Do You Think Life Is???

Hello there,
Let me begin with some nice sharing. 
I was lazing around blogs and checking out new blogs next to mine and found some really nice ones indeed. But the plain thing is, these writers write for the love of writing. It is clear in their writings. 
Two blogs caught my heart today, which is not easy.
One is titled "Serenity...!!!!" and another one is "The Amazing Adventures of Wonderspools". 

While Serenity speaks about the effect music has on our mind, in the author's view whose escape was always Music, Wonderspools expressed an altogether new thought that got me thinking. :)

Which story is sewed to your heart? 
Which story you read or heard when you were young has always remained as a part of you?
Lindsey believes that for every one of us, there would be a story that played a role in making us the persons we are now. 
There could be, as a matter of fact. To her it is Robin Hood. 
Come to think of it - a story - a fairytale or fable or whatever that influences your life. There would be a lot now, when you are old enough to perceive many things. What I had to share with her was:

 "As for my story... I read a damn too lot... and still think that the books that influenced me, that bonded me to reading and writing in English forever is the most basic one. 
20. True Poetry Sells - At Least from Heart to Heart!

Welcome, friends and poets, to a new group 
I started in Facebook for the sake of Poetry!

This isn't just a group, but also a cause.

Now let's face it.   
say publishers when we submit our poetry books, 
to share what we know, what we feel...
But sadly, the first form of literature that was ever there is now facing extinction because:
*True poetry is not recognized and promoted.

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21. Working on Some Changes

Hello friends,

There's no need for an apology, but I am making one anyway for a late post. One to myself, may be. It doesn't matter though I accept that it wasn't my fault. In lesser bragging words, the internet connection had been lousy. And the power had been playing. :-/ I almost tied the Internet to a tortoise, because truly, it moved faster than my connection. Today, I got back to college. Intentions are not meant to be shared publicly. Sorry.

Anyway, I am using my best friend's mini-lap and working on some changes. 
It might as well be a change to myself. I am talking about what I am doing to my website. 
Yay! I am rebuilding it into something more professional! :) It's time to keep the distinction between a blog, a blog redirected to a personal domain and a professional-looking website. Thanks to my big brother o'er there! :)

So what I have been up to these past three days will be revealed to you at www.sanarose.com.
Okay, I stopped boasting, but I guess I am in love with what I am doing. :)

By the way, let me update you with what I have been doing other than rebuilding the website and going mad when the power went off frequently interrupting and hence stopping me from completing the work.
I have been carrying around the next book to read. Kristin Hannah's The Things We Do For Love. 
Seems like it's a poignant story and what, I love her! :)
But I haven't read much these days. The matter with me is, if I plan on doing something and it doesn't work out, I end up doing nothing. I don't even try to do something else to compensate the time and work load. 
And this part of me, just like my website, definitely need some changes!

How much of my time, my lifetime, my work time will I waste like this, if I don't try to change? 
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22. Belief and Knowledge

Hello, friends, and dear ones!

I do not want to start this or any post by telling what a bad week I had, but when the week was mostly about having fights with your loved one, and being frequently disappointed, feeling left out and uncared and trying to patch up and forgive and forget, I would rather not lie to you. 
I would rather begin by saying "The past week was kinda horrendous".
Pardon me, buddies, if I have been kind of lazy and not really looking at you, I have been too preoccupied, trying to calm myself for the sake of my heart.
And when everything started to get right, I got a swollen eye. It doesn't feel great to feel that our eye is something unwanted on our faces - Yes, that's right, it's sticking out and standing out. :-/

Last week was alloted for medical camps and surveys at a town some half an hour away from our college. The camp is an annual program by the NSS (National Service Scheme) and a week-long.
I couldn't participate most of it due to errands to do, but I managed one day. And that day, on return, we stopped by the famous Kappad Beach. The place where Vasco Da Gama's Ship anchored... The first Step of the Western World to India.
The beach is beautiful, the sand a kind of yellow, a very impressive bright colour. 
The sea and the rocks had their own stories to tell and the sky was bright.
We went on a nice afternoon.
So here, I have some snaps. I have posted them on Facebook in my album. I didn't take my camera, so I had to be satisfied with my small phone's camera. But I guess, the lens was clear enough. Check them out, I will post a few here, and the rest can be seen in my photo gallery in my official website.

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23. Just an Update

Hello friends :)

Couldn't write last week due to enough work on the website itself. Where to start or what to talk about, I don't know. So this will be quite a random post. May be I'll share a few photos. :)
Last Saturday, I got rid of the first stye - it drained and I felt so relieved and I also succeeded in suppressing an emerging one. And the week till then was totally a hellish one due to MANY reasons.

This Monday, I and some of my old friends from high school decided to meet for a drink and catch up. I was so looking forward to that one moment. And yes, I met four of my best friends ever - two girls and two boys. :) Laughing our heads out and teasing each other was one thing, but the happiness we felt were beyond any expression available. One of them is a mommy now and it was so lovely to see them all!

Being with our old friends makes us realize how much we have changed over the years. And I think I heard that I had changed for good. :D

But then again, this week seems to be becoming bad now, though I am determined to hold it together with my will. Another stye on the way and my eye is inflamed. Why the left eye again and again?!! I went to the eye clinic this evening and got the doc look at my eye. And had to crack a few bucks there. :(

Now, I have decided to relieve you people from Stye - stories. No more of it. But let me also tell you it's very notorious! :-/

So here's a clump of roses that bloomed in our garden at home. It was lovely to see them together and I captured it in my cam as soon as I went home.

Here' it fr

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24. Through the Latest Plans and Events

Hello, there! :)

How have you guys been? It's past Mid-May already and is very hot here. 
And drives me crazy sometimes.
And yes, I am writing, and writing on a plan. :)
Poetry burst out sometimes - rarely but I try to stick to rhymes so that it is really poetry. 
And here's a new one I wrote a couple of days back : The Girl and The Butterfly.

I have exams coming in the first week of June and that means it's time for a little pause.
So I decided to finish the Part One in the Novel. I was running frantically through the Chapter 13 because it was a little difficult one, but I did it. 
And yesterday, my pen was on fire. I wrote the Chapter 14 at one go last night and it has turned out to be okay, too. Now I am writing Chapter 15 with some patience. The Part one should end smoothly that it shouldn't make the Part 2 look like another book. 

I am a bit nervous about writing the Part 2 - the flashback. But I guess when I am free, I will do it. The research and my buddy helping me with the setting are in good mode. It's me, the writer who gets delayed at times. But I hope to finish the book's first draft by the end of this year. I don't know how I am going to finish making the type-written draft. The whole thing would take months! Oh MY!!!

I don't know what I should be talking here - there's been a lot happening personally. I have got rid of the styes now and is feeling well. :) 
On 27th, there's an event coming up at college - the Cultural Wing Inauguration. I titled the event as:
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25. Post-Mortem Posting V/s The Book Release Event

Hi Friends and Readers,

This is a post before I had planned actually. May be by the end of the week I may be too tired to say a Hi. So what's going on out there? :) I got my friend's laptop last night, so I am here, writing you a Hi. :)
This week is going to be hectic - it's always hectic when it's about me, isn't it? LOL. 
I am one girl who doesn't know how to relax and I am sure it's going to take a toll on me sooner or later, I am afraid.
Okay, I will try to keep up my looks. I am not doing great in that department right now. Am glad photos are fixed and they don't change when we do. ;)

I had forgotten to mention that last Sunday, I watched the Sandra Bullock Movie 'The Proposal' and what, I Loved it! :) Sandra is a good sport in that movie, and please don't laugh at me when I say, there are some quite, touching parts in the movie. Yeah, I almost was in tears in some shots though there was a considerable amount laughs I had. :) If you like perfect romantic comedies (I do!), this one is a good bet. :) I also liked the cute grandma in it. :) LOL. And Ryan Reynolds (Andrew Paxton in the movie) is absolutely cool! :) xoxoxo

Look at me, it's not like I talk about movies a lot here - is it? Sometimes I gotta do that, too. :)

So what I am up to this week:

On Thursday, a group of us, the first batch including me, will be taken to the Medical College for the Post-Mortem posting included in our Forensic Medicine and Toxicology subject. And a whole day of Autopsies. Poisoning cases can be damn stinking!
Eww... it's going to be friggin' awesome, isn't it? 
I hope none of throws up. 

Man is such a slight and helpless creature - all the arrogance can dissolve at the sight of an autopsy. All your grandeur and high-heads lasts only till your last breath... When the forensic pathologists a

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