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An author, attempting to place four book manuscripts on the market. 1. A novel, 255,000 words, on 'numbering' the global community -- the human race. 2. A story of the author's encountering the Sasquatch/Bigfoot creature at Princeton, British Columbia, in 1974 & 1985. Also his investigations of the 'entire phenomenon.' 3. A kids' picture book -- selling on Amazon's (Kindle) program -- approximately forty pages. 4. A project done on Montana's rental fire towers, and the human experience stories from over a hundred visitors, that have left short stories in the log books.
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1. This Will Be My Last Post Concerning Things Of The World...

There is no hope for change. Things don't get better. This is my last post.

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2. Just An Exceptional Human Being...

There are I'm sure, many gifted individuals out on the world, that make a difference in the human experience. With my own eyes -- I watched such a person for years, this man caring for another. This would be his spouse -- his wife.

There are many such cases, a soul mate looking after their other half. It happens every second of every day. This relationship between a man and woman was somewhat different, as I'll explain:

First of all, this individual was a Mormon fellow that we played ball with for years. We have an Evangelical background. Let me tell you, that only once really, did he invite us into the Latter Day Saints fold. There was never a push in all those years. And we didn't engulf him in our beliefs. We will believe in the Gospel until the end. I don't like to use the word religion -- it seems like a dirty word these days. Things made up of terrorists, christian goody-goodies, and secular churches. Nuff said about smoke-and-mirrors religion. Some of the Devil's strongholds.

This man's wife, a nurse, would come down with the debilitating disease MS -- Multiple Sclerosis. It wouldn't be long along this channel, his girl stuck to a wheelchair, and her every need catered to. The man in her life would continue to play ball. He would continue on tournament runs with us. The Mormon fellow would come for food and drink (non-alcoholic/non-soft drink) refreshments. Now here's the kicker. When coming to the restaurants and odd bars we frequented, this caring individual would piggy-back his wife into the establishments and make sure she was extremely comfortable. (She was one of the gang). The woman, a sweetheart, would come to almost all his games and our outings, no matter the weather here in Alberta. I specifically remember her at the campfires the ball team had on out-of-town ventures. There she sat, in her metal chair that supported the woman's life, this special man watching over her with the utmost faith.  I even remember the swirling snow around her as she braved the cold. This guy was never embarrassed by her condition, as even others were. Not even carrying her every time into the eating joints -- very awkward for him. We even witnessed him, carrying her in, as a new husband would carry his bride across the threshold. Does it end there -- no. This couple went one step further for us.

In all my years of employment with The City Of Calgary (32)...the first seven were seasonal years. You expected lay-offs every Fall. It was in those years that my Mother's health was not a hundred percent, that health flailing over time, making the woman extremely fragile. We as a family, my German girl of 33 years (present), and what would be our three boys, would visit Grandma's numerous times, us traveling from Calgary to Princeton, BC -- even in the dead of night. This would become more difficult, as the family was growing over the years, the pint-sized Honda going south you could say. It wasn't holding up under its side of the deal. Nuff said about that.

So -- one day, a little shy about the possibility, my wife and I would meet up at the Mormon fellow's place, and ask of a friend. The fellow, his wife, and five children, one of them also (slightly) challenged in life, had a small/tiny motor home to their name. Let me tell you -- without no struggle at all -- this kind family would allow us to use their (pride and joy) on two separate occasions. Not only to visit my Mother -- but also to connect with the surroundings along the way, a mini-vacation thrown in. During those times, this special friend would take nothing for that use of his home-away-from-home. Oh...and I didn't mention -- their residence needed special considerations over the years because of his wife's situation -- special building projects because of her condition. That kind woman is no longer with us, that disease ending her life.

And what about the family of this man and woman. They would grow up over time -- proper in their approach in life, real role models in a society that has been devastated by silliness.

What else will I say? Only to thank each of them. It has been a privilege to know the family and all the help they have offered. Also, how they treated their mother/wife, and how a man sacrificed a huge part of his life to make sure that his piece-of-gold was taken care of. There was no whoring around by the man of this household, and all those other things that make the reality soap-opera go around.

The family has drifted away to new endeavors, moving north of town a few years ago. And as life moves on incredibly fast (yes, it seems faster as you get older) a person seems to sometimes see a friend less and less. This is a grivious evil for sure.

Thanks to a friend, and all he's done. And helping my eyes digest all they've seen over the years. And a heart that has witnessed such faithful things.

Thanks, Man...


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3. Some People Never Get To Go Home...

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of sharing and peace on earth, evil maybe being toned down at least a notch. But for some, pain and heartache only begins. So it was the way in one of the latest shootings in North America. This time, it was firefighters lured to their deaths -- dying for being some of the first responders on the scene. This was the case in the Rochester, New York, area. Two firefighters perished, two others survived. All this happening on what was the coming of Christmas Eve.

Shame on the people that let these killers walk free after reduced sentencing. Each one of these responders that were gunned down -- the scenario would never of happened, if justice would have been served 32 years ago. It was here, that this latest shooter had already been convicted of a heinous crime -- bludgeoning to death, his grandmother, with a hammer (he served 17 years -- maybe a year for each blow?) If this devil would have received the life-sentence that his grandmother got, the firefighter shooting would never of occurred. The world would have been a touch safer, snuffing out the miserable existence of a human demon -- something the authorities and bleeding-heart libertarians don't understand -- and what the works of them fail to address. Maybe this breed of lawyer, judge, parole individual, and the rest of that brand -- they should be prosecuted for letting such slime go? They sit at home today, on Christmas, drinking spiked eggnog, feasting merrily -- while others have suffered at the hands of a lunatic, the system's organized bleeding hearts helping killers escape the noose that should be in place in society. We hope you're happy. (Really, you're a disgrace.) And there are others like you.

The victims' numbers will continue to be thrown on the heap that this in-justice system compiles. There's a lot of money to be made off of society just yet, at the expense of the innocent. You didn't hear it from me -- maybe the line of fire should be directed elsewhere...if you know what I'm sayin'? Maybe then, they'll wake up?

Some eat without a familiar face around them today. We're sorry you have to go through that. Things aren't fair in this life for some.

Merry Christmas, our hearts are with you.

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4. Let's Just Say...

Let's just say, that the Scripture from the Holy Bible is true, word for word, the NIV used in this case. The following verses I'm going to apply to the killer, Adam Lanza.

Luke 16 19-29 The Rich Man and Lazarus
There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man's table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores.
The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham's side. The rich man also died and was buried. In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. So he called to him, 'Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.'
But Abraham replied, 'Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.'
He answered, 'Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.'
Abraham replied, 'They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.'

Beyond psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, judges, and no justice system -- Adam Lanza is in the region that is Hades. And as the rich man went there for mainly money and greed, Lanza is tossed there for murder -- killing innocent children and those that taught them.

Now in his eternity of suffering, in a land that is commanded by darkness, Adam will always be able to see over to the other side. He will see the ones he has slain. The innocent victims will never see him. A murderer can never cross over the void they have created. The sad thing of it all, is that innocent children, and those that tried to protect them, never have the opportunity to breathe again on this earth. Adam Lanza has made his bed, and now he will sleep in the thorns and refuse that await him. A mental disturbed child? No. This is a cold-blooded killer that will now pay for his crimes against humanity. The world can't help him, like defense-lawyers and judges usually do -- also those that get the killer to put square pegs in round holes.
Have a splendid time in gloomy and damp surroundings. An eternity...will be one long time. The sad thing of it all, is the suffering of innocent people, and those they leave behind to wonder about things all their lives.
God bless them all. (That is other than the killer.) He has been sentenced. There will be others...

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5. GSB Photography Page Up...

For those of you that are using Facebook, I have approximately 37 albums of photos on my new (photography) page...for viewing. Link...below.


And on the Net, the photography page has been updated as well. (Learning process.)

Glen Boulier Photography


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6. Devil's System -- Running On All Gears And Cylinders

This post is going to be plain and simple like the last.

I was going to talk about, the Western World without an actual justice system. I was also going to talk about, the corruption in government and business -- the sheer idolatry of Hollywood thrown in. After that, I was going to speak about gay men and women in the pulpit, and also gay marriage. I was going to highlight that with an article from another writer that spoke along this line. Governments won't force Churches to do same-sex marriages -- but lawyers will force those issues on regular pastorships in the near future. With the 'lawyer' word coming up, I was also going to write about the suit-and-tie defense lawyer who allows murdering fools to escape with a slap on the hand or a much reduced sentence. In with that, these lawyers also allow the drunk driver...murdering idiot to post bail, or escape with lighter jail time. I was also going to mention that every single government can not be trusted -- man's final step to stardom -- receiving his or her own personal 'mark' on his person in the years to come. I was going to write about what I found, and the direction the human disgrace (race) is headed. I was also going to talk about the sinister countries that will start the beginning of the end. I was also going to mention our direction of technology, this not saving man, but only heightening a disguise being put in place. I was also going to type-up, racism, discrimination -- and peace quickly being taken from the world. I was also going to address the Queen's new hat, while Rome burns -- our priorities and sincere caring going right out the Royal window. I was also going to write about capitalizing those words -- just to make the pageantry feel good. In hope, I was also planning to write about this generation, and their (many) heads being emptied out for the one to come in the name of religion. I was also going to add, that the word religion is a nasty word these days -- it really the Gospel. I was really going to write about the words between those pages (the Holy Book) -- being changed, manipulated, misunderstood, changed in context -- and twisted and turned even by those of Christianity. I was also going to write about (not getting me started) on the foolishness that is replacing the true Gospel. I was also going to mention, that God's hand is gradually being raised, allowing an unseen enemy through. And in the whole of everything -- I was going to write about man turning to 'self.' As for, banks, oil companies, business, and government pigs at a financial trough -- I was going to let that slide in penmanship -- mostly everyone knows the truth about them. I was also going to write about man turning a blind eye to almost all of it these days.

'Glen' -- stay and be quiet, you sinner! Look in the mirror first -- like little Michael said. I was also going to write about that.

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7. Let Quebec Leave Canada -- Wish Them Well

Let's make this one short and sweet.

There's an endless amount of talk over the years, about Quebec threatening to leave Canada. We say, go ahead. But there is repercussions. And I think, Canada with any jewels, would make sure that their decision is upheld. This would include, no province payments from Ottawa, including handouts of any kind...(Canada, can you do that?) Quebec must find their own police enforcement agencies. Create your own military. Many other things, lawyers love to have a field-day with. But my special favorite, is getting French labeling off of Canadian products, either in-house, or coming from foreign lands. We've been held prisoners long enough. Getting rid of them would then allow a larger amount of products to hit Canadian shores. I've seen their stranglehold with my own eyes -- French-labeling.

Downside to such a thing -- Quebec defection. Them blocking the Saint Lawrence Seaway for starters (this would be Canada's version of the Straight of Hormuz -- the French and Iranians with the same mentality) -- I'm just sayin'.The poor francophones that want to go this crazy world with us. The Aboriginal/Indigenous groups that want to keep Canuck-ville whole.

So remember Canada -- no perks if the east-central Blue and White fly the coop. Be firm on this. Not something like our pathetic "injustice system."

Bottom line -- the United States or France would scoop them up. That way, they could fall right in with the rest of the countries going bankrupt.

I said that this was going to be short and sweet.

Some things never change. Maybe they will?

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8. The Devil's Worldly System...Working Just Fine

This was never to be written, as things mainly fall on deaf ears in this day and age. Little is ever done about anything, when it comes to world justice. There is always a lot of talk, and much investigation in things like murder cases. But seldom, is there justice handed out. And I'm not talking about things like seven consecutive life sentences, or the silliness played out in the world's kangaroo courtrooms. This I will only personally get off my chest, as things will never ultimately change. Defense lawyers and nose-in-the-air judges run many of these countries we call home. This article will focus mainly on Canada and the United States, although there is also a heartfelt mention of a distant land. Where does a person start, in something so sinister -- a lost world, where suits-and-ties think they can get their evil clients a better sentence -- those murderers receiving three meals a day, warmth, possible wages, use of computers, and other things that a corrupt system wishes to supply them with.

Let's get started. I will be blunt. The victims of these human animals are covered with cold dirt, and have no voice to speak for them. They are the ones that have received life sentences. Families and friends are the ones on a mental death-row, never forgetting what occurred to them or their loved ones. From a worldly standpoint, prim-and-proper law makers, polished-shoe lawyers, and candy-land judges, know little of the unbelievable and excruciating pain that victims suffer. The legal suits care little, as all they think about, is if their (paid-by-the-public) clients are sleeping and eating properly, or maybe getting the help they deserve -- mental instability issues always coming to the surface these days. Of course every one of them is a nut-bar. But I've always said -- that the most dangerous person in the world, is the smart lunatic. And believe me, they know how to play the authorities and the revolving door system. As I stated earlier, I will be blunt. Many will not understand the truth, what is needed to rid ourselves of much of the human scum that infests society. They need to be made extreme examples of to make others sit up and take notice -- what would happen to them. I'm talking about the killer and murderer receiving pain and suffering. I'm talking about a rope over a tree type prosecution, with the chair kicked out from under them, the public applauding. Well...not the tree-hugger of the human disgrace. But seriously -- these animalistic killers need to perish. The pain and suffering they produce for others is on a scale I can't comprehend. Man outside that crazed perimeter, knows little of what evil, victims have gone through.

And what about the fallacies of a failing society? Let's briefly enter that realm, this author picking out only a tinge of what is actually occurring to our fellow man. These stories have burdened our hearts. Sadly, there never will be real justice.

Starting with the subject of mass murders, we enter the state of insanity with what is known as the Tuscon, Arizona, shooter, of January, 2011. Among the 6 dead, and 13 injured, a lady politician was gunned down as well, shot in the head, surviving that ordeal. But what I want to say, is, that once you start to listen to the follow-up of such a gruesome crime, a person with a sound mind wants to throw-up. The defense lawyers begin to spin their webs, the spiders they are, bringing up a thing like the shooter's mental conditions, and that they may be stressed by the trial that is ensuing. The killer must also be put on suicide watch. Do the right thing -- give the human devil the rope he needs to hang himself. Done quick enough, this could save the U.S. Government hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs, vulturous lawyers, prison costs, and what is the dreaded payroll hearings, where other kangaroo court antics sit in wait for the future. What this system actually does, is secure jobs for themselves. I have seen them release murderers before, rewarding them with day passes. The victim gets nothing but human suffering, if they survive at all. They get a life of tears. Also on this ridiculous case, it is over a year from the time of the massacre, that a plea is seriously entered in the courtroom. How long does silliness take? Obviously not long enough. I asked an Alberta politician years ago, why we are not killing the killer. The answer this time around, was, that government may not find the person that would pull the switch, or give the lethal injection. (They meant this sarcastically.) Very well. I told him, that they hadn't looked far enough. The sickening crimes against humanity in this country (Canada) continues.

A story that seriously touched my heart being a member of a working unit for over 32 years, was the G4S killings in Edmonton, Alberta, 2012, leaving three armored truck guards dead, another clinging to life. A fellow employee, would shoot each of them in the head, and run with the root of all evil. Although I'm trying to think rationally -- couldn't an evil fool just put sedatives in their coffees, and just walk away with the loot? No -- he has to execute them. Another sad thing to this story, is the fact, that ultimately, his fellow workers died for absolutely nothing. The idiot would be caught at the Canadian/U.S. Border with over $300,000 -- his mother's license plate on his vehicle, including not having a passport on him. A person that stupid, deserves to die right off the bat. But our defense lawyers will make sure the animal receives a fair trial. And with Canada having no-where near a death penalty, the Edmonton shooter should have a rather secure life in prison. He will also have a voice in the future -- wanting to get out with good behavior. He also may have to put square blocks in square holes -- these types of things securing his freedom? His victims however, never see the light of another day. They have paid the price for society's stupidity. The killer gets to share with his family. I think he deserves a bullet by a firing squad, made up of armed jurors. And I don't want to hear the sniveling argument of people trying to keep such a devil alive. They haven't stared down the barrel of a crazed gunman lusting for money.

Among other insane stories of mass murder of innocent people, we come to the Aurora, Colorado, shooter, of 2012, this year the world supposedly ending? (Yea...whatever.) Right out of the starting gate, vulturous defense lawyers would push their wares -- their client showing signs of mental illness (in their eyes.) Supposedly, the (what would be the shooter) -- he was already seeing a university psychiatrist before the massacre which took 12 lives, and injured another 58, some seriously. Because of the atrocity, the authorities tag him with 24 counts of first-degree murder, doubling up the 12. People -- forget the numbers, your game-playing, and circus show that will be the court case. Place the defense lawyers in custody long enough, so that justice can be served -- the human devil put to sleep. I personally, would like to see him suffer, but who am I. I only think about the 70 victims of the theater. The real justice would come, when he falls into the hands of the true Judge -- the one that puts them away for an eternity. They will also see those same western world defense lawyers that failed to uphold the real laws that should be in place -- an eye for an eye. The killer needs to die for his crimes. Someone please put that rope over the tree limb. The world could be saved a lot of trouble and money, just eliminating the scum that feeds off the innocent.

Concerning the Colorado incident, a judge had ordered a gag law, stating, that key people at the university couldn't respond to public records requests concerning the shooter. Remember -- he was maybe seeing a shrink before his onslaught. (Poor baby.) I enjoyed hearing about his lawyers -- their poor client mentally ill and unstable. This is the same shooter that planned out every avenue of his attack on people of all ages. He also set up wired traps at his apartment for coming first responders. Explosives, incendiary devices, and chemicals, laid in wait. Remember -- a smart lunatic? Doesn't matter! Take the mass murderer around back of the theater, look him in the eye, and pull the trigger -- justice served. But no, society will play with this for months or years. Because that's what defense lawyers do. The revolving-door...injustice system continues.

For this next ridiculous story, we move off-shore. It involves the next human maniac -- the Norway shooter. This piece of work would kill 77, and injure 319, in 2011. He would act like an ass in court, and literally, tease and ridicule the process. Sadly -- he's right. This inhuman animal should have been executed on the island where he murdered many innocent youngsters. He also set a bomb off in Oslo, killing and maiming civilians. I would like to seriously know why his case is taking so long. He murdered and killed in July of 2011. His main trial began in April of 2012. The system around him likes to act tough, and show who's boss -- also defense lawyers trying to prove that he's a kook -- mentally psychotic. Of course he is. Once again -- doesn't matter. He should have been put down by a police sharp-shooter's bullet months ago. Sadly, the officer could be charged for murder. (Go figure.)

This fool in Norway, admitted to the attacks, but denies being guilty. He also planned every detail out -- the killer using hollow-point shells in some cases. He would also come back for some of the injured playing dead, trying to hide. He also had fake police badges and uniform. He also purchased what was needed for a major explosive device. People -- what is there to figure out here? The justice system doesn't have a clue. Why do they have to wait -- find out if it's 76, or maybe 77 lives he took. Publicly execute him off just one or two lives. Send him to the Maker. There is no defense lawyers where he'd go. But man doesn't do this. He cannot serve true justice in what is an evil world, with devils at the helm. They won't believe or admit it -- but it's blatantly true. Kill the killer. Execute the murderer. The authorities even wondered what to ultimately charge him with. Word is, they decided on terrorism charges. Again -- it doesn't matter. He should have been put down like a wild animal, months ago. But man won't do this -- because that would be inhuman and barbaric. Is it time to put the defense lawyers in the jails? They defraud the public of justice every day. It's sickening really!

Ending this here, because there are so many cases of this -- yes, more coming -- I wish to mention the following. It occurred right in our region, a peace officer killed, checking on an animal complaint. And the point I want to get across here, is that this officer was practically beaten to near death a number of miles from the city. Would would be the killer -- he would drive the dying peace officer into the city in the officer's SUV -- dumping the whole ball-of-wax off at a police station in Calgary. The officer would die soon after, beaten to a pulp. What I want people to think about, and really digest, is, can you imagine what that officer went through in the elapsed time it took from the time of being beaten and then escorted into town by the attacker. The agony of your life ending. Can defense lawyers even comprehend such things? They can never know the fear and pain. Your attacker right beside you, dropping you off amongst others. I watched footage of this killer being escorted back and forth concerning the murder a day earlier. He was mouthy and a real prick! Now -- if we had any politicians, lawyers, judges, law-makers, with any balls or a set of tits -- this individual would be quickly processed, then publicly executed, like a rabid dog. Just find out for sure, if these animals are guilty -- then put a gun to their temple...and simply pull the trigger. Problem is solved, and immediately dealt with. Ohh...but right -- we can't do such ghastly things in the 21st century. I'm just very sorry for the many more victims that are coming. I have to laugh at the likes of a President, who wonders why all these things are going on, and what can be done about them. The answer is simple, but they will never understand it. You must put the animal down. And not to pick on just one leader, but this is becoming universal in the world today -- allowing the killers to escape. Politicians turn an eye and ear. Defense lawyers and judges become rich off of nothing more than a charade. Justice and  the likes can never be served. It is seldom eye for an eye.

Good-night everyone...

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9. Canada...A Crying Shame. (The G4S Story The Example:)

There are many things these days, that get under a person's skin. I'll get right to this -- my bamboo shoots under the fingernails irritation.

 This all involves the latest armored truck robbery situation in Edmonton, Alberta -- four fellow G4S guards gunned down by one of their own -- three shot to death, a fourth clinging to life. I find this absolutely sickening -- your own co-worker untrustworthy, a person a walking demon. With what looks like all four victims wearing bulletproof vests, each of them were shot in the head. And what makes this whole story even more sickening, is that there was no way in hell, that the killer was going to get across the American border. The idiot had no passport it seems, including using his own blue truck, and then trying to sneak across over 300 grand in cash. Those lives were literally lost for nothing. How sinister can something get! A fool like this, doesn't even think of loved ones -- children included. Also a newly married woman part of the target that day. Not one of them deserved to die like that.

 Now wishful thinking on my part, a person somewhat stable, the thing to do, was put sedatives in the coffees of the co-workers, and take the money and run, leaving them alive to live another day. Right -- this isn't about being rational, a madman born that early morning. I have already heard about the killer's mental instability issue coming to the surface, maybe trouble in his life. You know what folks -- I don't give a rat's ass about his feelings or anything else. Those are the things of dreamer defense-lawyers and sleepy-hollow judges. Ohh...the, "My client isn't sleeping properly, or my client isn't eating. Or can we bargain the sentence?" And I don't buy the mentally unsound status. A complete lunatic wouldn't have selected head-shots, filling the poor souls full of rounds instead. But he does have to be stupid -- no passport at the Line. Those poor poor souls died for nothing. And I did get a chance to read a 12 year old's letter to her Papa -- one of the guards that was gunned down, her Dad. It chokes a person up so bad, this killer should be publicly executed...and made an example of. A little too harsh for the bleeding heart, or human rights activist? I say, "Step aside." Canada has, for too long, been out of touch with the truth. Why is it, that we can put down an aggressive canine, that bites -- yet, we can't 'put to sleep' a heartless person that takes 'a bite out of society.' The killer gave up 'all' human rights when he stepped outside the boundary of sanity. He doesn't deserve to see the light of another day. A 'real' judge awaits on the other side, giving him a dark eternity of suffering. Then he will know 'crazy.'

 I will not say much about Canada's 'unjust system.' It will not change. Lawyers control this country. They would laugh. But that's fine -- there is a special place for them. I will focus on the victims. There will be many many more. They are the ones that have received 'a death sentence.' The authorities should be ashamed of themselves. Problem is -- they can no longer see past the financial troughs that they feed from. They have lost touch with reality, her still knocking at the door. Canada, as other countries, have become a disgrace to the public. When things are 'cut-and-dried' in a case, we need the 'death penalty' to send a maniac home. Sound inhuman? I think what is evil -- is the drunk driver killers escaping. And those that murder any avenue of society, young or old, male or female -- those killers are in the same boat of evil human beings. Shall I go on. Did you know, that working for the City Of Calgary, I have seen, on three separate occasions, motorists die on the street. One was beheaded, one was tossed out like a licorice, and one was embedded on the steering wheel. I feel no remorse, as I watched the 'guilty' parties die, each of them caught in their drinking/driving endeavors. Thank God, I have not seen the innocent die. And as they breathed their last -- I knew they would never hurt another

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10. Photography Site Updated...

The site has been updated, completed -- and a blog page added...that includes a comment area. (Enjoy the photos!)

*Thanks for stopping by...


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11. New Photography site up and running at the following...http://glenboulier.weebly.com/

Getting back into photography, I've started my new site with two pages...enjoy.


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12. The Kids' Picture Book Almost Done...

 Concerning this project, there were a number of pages added, including reviewing others. It will be presented as an e-book, and is being formatted by an assisting author, that specializes in the technical end of things. It now exceeds fifty pages in length, and combines my art with computer work added. Three manuscript projects being completed, a forth waiting in the wings...it will be a time for a rest once these are on the go.

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13. LOVE...Too Easily Said -- But What Does It Really Mean?

I don't know how many times, I have seen it said, displayed, and then abused -- the word of love. It is too easily said, and in time, means nothing. (It wasn't love -- but only feelings. Only social contact.)

Love is truly a gift. I have lived under its banner for over 32 years. And although individuals (couples) have disagreements the odd time. There is always a simple (right) way to do things. The generic example of true love, is taking a bullet for the other person. When life is on the line -- you give yours for the one or ones you love. Many times in family, it is all about show, or blood, or sucking-up -- being pressured or threatened. How would you like to be told, that if you don't comply, "Your out of the Will."

I forget how many times I have seen man-made love in action. People say it after a weekend fling. Then they walk in opposite directions. I have seen it produced in couples over the years. They are divorced or separated. Was it love? Maybe for one person -- the other, no. Otherwise, they'd still be entwined together -- inseparable in what is universal love. Does everyone understand -- real love cannot be washed over or denied. It will root itself, forever. Experiences of falsehood shows itself every second of every day -- this man-made love falling away. Vows taken in marriage mean nothing, when actual love is not involved. It is just going through the motions -- individuals getting married again and again. The same goes for soul mate. How many soul mates, does one person have to run into in a lifetime? None of this phenomena is actually true love. The problem in these last few eras, is that the word love, is too easily said. It comes out over a person's lips simply. The heart is not behind it. It can be separated relatively easy. (How can you fall in love over and over again?) This again, is a earthly type of love. Overall, it will have no meaning at all. It wasn't love.

If a person has any biblical faith, the following will mean something. And not like these Christian goody-goodies, false teachers, wreckless theoligians, social & secular congregational pew visitors, and all others that don't get it. A person can't hide behind things -- what true love really is and means. I continue:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

That said for those that believe in a Gospel -- better live it? Because, many times, that's not what I see. I have seen so-called Christian couples, including what are supposed to be present day prophets -- separating. Also a prophet one minute, a drunk on the weekend. (But let's stick on love shall we!) They are all gone like a mist in the wind. And where is true love between them? With all these things...the word love too easily said.

Okay -- so you don't belive in religion? I'm fine with that. We're talking about true love here. Onto the world we go. We hear the word love everywhere. It means little (shit actually) -- when individuals abuse the word. People -- or individuals fail to realize, that when you are truly in love...truly now. The connection of what is true love, cannot be separated. You will love that person forever. Your love for them will grow more and more each day. You cannot get enough of that person -- you want to be together. And we had better share that art truthfully, because one day, one of us are going to be in the cold cold ground. We must live that love f

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14. A Changing World...A Very Changing World...

 There are many things on a person's mind. A few of these things, a person can no longer openly speak about...never mind putting them to print. (That includes things in plain English.) One of those things -- homosexuality! Nuff said!

 Writing, researching, and investigating things for my book projects (The Sasquatch -- and also Numbering The Human Race) -- I found some very interesting things, not relating so much to the writing itself. But because of my research, I would find information that is threatening our freedom of speech, as well, what we can write about, and also our actions monitored. And in my travels of investigation, there was even a lawyer that confessed -- that even if he didn't win cases like these in Canada's Courts...he could tie up an individual or group for so long, that things could be dragged out for years. (Exhausting your credibility as well your finances.) Concerning these sorts of things, I have already been contacted by more than one writer/speaker on this issue -- they are going thru the process at the moment. (I (we) were warned.)

 Proving this one step further, while pursuing my novel, which is over 307,000 words at the moment -- I would be told by both Publishers & Writers...that I had better take a serious look at reviewing the entire project. This due to others out on the world, that might consider the work offensive, racist, unpatriotic, among other things. (Folks -- it isn't about the truth anymore!) We (you) are limited to what you can say or do. Concerning my novel manuscript, I have just completed reviewing it from cover to cover...for the eighth time. When you now speak out, there are those watching. That fact again, was proven to me in writing, purely by accident, when one of my co-workers was reprimanded for his off-duty behavior. (All I can say, is that it was minor, really.) But through work, the paperwork was supplied by inside sources -- a copy put in my hands. It would seem, that our employer is in control of our lives 24-7? So much so -- I had to alter bits-and-pieces of the novel material, to keep the hounds from the door. (Just a precaution.) And folks -- I'm not kidding or exaggerating one bit. We are in some very uncertain times. I know for a fact, that if the novel makes the market, I will be placed on a special list. Up to this point, I do appreciate everyone that has educated me on these issues. Either purposely or by accident.

 Words of warning: If you want to seriously voice your true opinion on a subject...like homosexuality-against it? (And not possibly end up in court, or before some commission.) Write anonymously in print to your target selection, and also send it from another populated center.

 On these things I am dead serious!!


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15. The Monster Of British Columbia Gone...

 Clifford Robert Olson, the infamous killer of children and teens in British Columbia...has finally died. Although the victims' families will never forget -- our justice system, as well as all its cronies -- forgot about 'Justice' long ago. CRO should have been put to death the same year he did his inhuman acts. He knew the system very well -- playing it for years. But now dead from cancer, the cancerous monster he was -- he now knows who the real Judge is -- God. (The sentence will now be swift -- an 'eternity' of pain and suffering.) There will be no lawyers, or cross-examinations.

 These things said, the reason I would 'blog' this, was because of the sickening information that came to mind, also a little extra insanity thrown in. I would read (and knew) of Olson negotiating with Canada's RCMP...in the monster's effort to secure funding for his family -- something his wife should have waved in the bat of an eye. -That said, this becomes even crazier, when these things unfolded -- the killer willing to show the locations of the victims, at $10,000 for each one he would lead them to. And the following is why I 'blogged' this. That sick p___k cooperated with Law Enforcement -- giving them a 'freebie'...11 bodies for the price of 10. Shame, shame, on those (anyone) that would cater to this lunatic. There was too much time and resources wasted on this evil example of a human being. (I could barely say it.)

  I'll say it again: The MONSTER is dead...and Justice is 'now' being served. He now has the 'darkness' to deal with, and what roams around in that darkness. It isn't about money anymore...

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16. Something For Everyone...

 The coming barrage on man will not be good. The SYSTEM that I've spoken of, will continue to structure itself, many puzzle pieces of the complex Trojan Horse already on the table. May I say, that no-one is exempt from the crises in the future. Even though avenues of society says it isn't so.
 The Christians know the enemy as the deceptive spiritual forces. The Atheists know the enemy as government, that want to own and control you -- watch and record everything that you do. All others will be monitored under the disguise of this beast as well.
 One way or the other -- I will try and get this project onto the world scene. It is for anyone that can and will  have insight into what is actually going on. I have not targeted any particular human aspect. The SYSTEM will appear -- gathering the human element under it's covering. It is relentless, and will devour everyone -- anyone in that time frame. Hopefully it won't be in our time -- or our children's. (But it will be in someones.)
 The writing is on the wall. (And not this one's.)...

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17. The Coming Of This Book, Is Like The Coming Of 'The System'-- (They Both Take Time.)

 Reviewing this book project for the sixth time, the 293,000 word novel is now in its finishing stages on my end. It will be critiqued and reviewed by a good friend of ours, a retired English school teacher. Then the business end of it begins, something that I am never really fond of. If a person could only get these things to the reader, instead of trying to slip it by a business editor of a publishing firm. (You're thinking about the message being delivered. They're thinking about the numbers -- how much can be made financially.) I guess you can't blame them. A regular (mainstream) publisher, takes the risks, and the blunt of the financial duties up front.
 The project itself, I feel must be presented to the world collectively. The biggest Trojan Horse is being constructed (The System)...that will ultimately mark & number the human race. It is so deceptively being crafted, that even the technical countries on this planet, have no idea that they are putting it together. Not of branding man's soul anyway. Any means of blockading such a coming monster, will be met by world critics, that will tell you that you are old-schooled, weak under religion, a conspiratist, unpatriotic, etc. The facts remain -- the Complex Horse will come to society.
 Hopefully, this novel will come into the hands of the earthly reader? I have an attitude towards this -- a driven goal in my heart. (If even one can be saved -- recognizing the truth for what it is. Those escaping the clutches of a supposed friend. The world that brought you up.)
 I've done up a possible cover. I have no idea if it will be accepted. In hope:

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18. Somedays -- Things Can Be So Sad...

 Every once in a while, there are things that touch a person's heart more than others. A Sunday afternoon, in our Calgary S.E. neighborhood, was one of those days.
 With not a cloud in the sky, and a slight breeze in the air, an intoxicated fellow would stumble, trip, stagger, and fall, as he made his way along the residential street, falling against parked cars (ours included) -- really, a pitiful sight. This was one of the worst cases I've seen of drunkenness -- and I've seen many. (But this...wasn't the painful part.)
 In tow that day, was man's best friend. While a few residents watched, some dialing 911, this human individual, would tug, pull, push, and yell, at his dog on a leash -- one of the gentlest animals we have ever seen. This lasted longer than one's heart could bear. This large canine would do everything in it's power, to stay beside it's drunken master, taking the abuse it did. When this disgrace of mankind would lay out on the street, this dog would wait. When the dog was doing everything properly -- more than could be asked. This intoxicated fool blamed the dog for his drunken actions, the dog not following correctly, when it was the idiot on the other end of the leash. Only about six feet separated the two, as this abuse went on for what seemed like forever this afternoon. We could only wish, that the owner/master, could see -- and take a page out...on what a true friend really is. Hopefully this special, sweetheart of a dog, will see better days?
 Once the Police arrived, dealing with this fool laid out on the street -- the hound would show the officer friendship as well. It's too bad that man can't see the error of his ways. Because all of us watched this day, as a friend took abuse for another's actions. As happens so many times. Our hearts go out to all the victims of a failing society.
 What a sad day this was...

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19. With A Little Help From Your Friends...

 In this structuring of the kids' picture book, there has been some very helpful Organizations assisting me in the mix. I would like to thank them...
 Amazon, YouTube, Blabberize -- the main Orgs in making this work, function properly. One project is out to the world...

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20. Things Shuffling Back & Forth...

With the kids' picture book surfacing on Amazon, I am presently focusing on the Sasquatch book and the Novel, with the Montana Tourism book in the wings -- legal issues on the subject.

 The main two projects seem to be battling back and forth by luck, timing, and whatever else comes up. Both are relatively completed, with the Sasquatch manuscript in the hands of the publisher, and the novel in the stages of critiquing and editing, by a retired English school teacher that we know. The race is on -- I can't say who will finish first...


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21. Sasquatch Book In...Novel On Slight Hold...

 As of today, February 14th, the Sasquatch/Bigfoot book is coming into play -- the publisher asking for changes to be made -- the man and his staff the experts with these things. I would like to keep the publisher relatively anonymous at this time, until the final stages of the process. (Just to be sure, that we are through the door.) I feel pleased that there is the possibility, that information to the subject of Sasquatch, will be added to the list of things involving the mystery.

 While this all unfolds, the novel is in limbo...of being critiqued and edited by a friend. In the end, it will work out, as I see a plan finally unfolding with writing. The foot in the door, may be coming?

 Someone has given an average guy a chance.

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22. One Of An Author's Greatest Rewards...

 Waiting out the process of publishing a book is sometimes strenuous. Things must be done -- a manuscript critiqued, revised -- (long story, short.) So it is with my case as well -- the process.

 Now through everything, an author can get a reward of sorts. One that will never be forgotten. Something, that comes from the hearts of those that you have reached out there with your material. All the work -- late nights, early mornings -- time away from your own family so to speak. The window of life getting smaller.

 In late February, I received an envelope from the Edmonton Public Schools -- the very school (Oliver School,) where I sent my first copy of the kids' book, Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite. This envelope reaching me, it contained colored drawings from a number of young students -- in relation to pages of my project. The heartfelt, well thought out artistry work, will be cherished by this author for his lifetime. This caring, also includes Elementary teacher, Kim Pisio, who made this all possible.

 All I can say is -- there are only a limited amount of rewards in a person's life -- this including being an author. This response has been one of those greatest rewards...

 Thanks to each and every one of you.

Author- Glen Boulier

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23. Update On: One Of An Author's Greatest Rewards...

 During the last week in February, I received an envelope from Kim Pisio, an Elementary School Teacher in Edmonton, Alberta...(Oliver School.) She was the kind individual, that happened to purchase the very first copy of the kids' picture book -- Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite, on CD. This envelope...would include fifteen artwork drawings from students in her class, in response to the Clancy Project being shown there.

 With the care, time, and thought it took in producing these creations, I decided to do up a page on Clancy, blending my (author's) artwork in with the readers' sincere input. It is quite the thing, when a reader takes the time to respond to the author. These heartfelt thoughts and works will be sincerely taken, and are greatly appreciated. It is what makes an author's -- this author's day...

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