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Paula and her Multi-coloured Hair (Kindle Edition, 2014) Ages 4-8 3/23/2014
catacric said: And you, what color is your hair today? Paula and her multi-coloured hair. A story to teach and identify her emotions. Emotions are part of our everyday lives, but unfortunately sometimes we do not give them the importance they deserve. We think in the importance of children learning colors, numbers or seasons, without thinking that emotional education is one of the most important and valuable subjects in the personal growth of a child for their present and their future. Ideally, what we all seek is to keep a fluid and open communication with children, in order that they tell us what they worry about and how we can help them. But sometimes express their emotions and frustrations is very complicated, that is why it is born the story Paula and her multi-coloured hair. This story is thought-out so that while the child is having fun with the story of Paula, also learns to recognize the most basic emotions, accepts them and can express and channel them positively and healthy. It is a story written in simple language and is recommended for children from two to three years. Why the story of Paula her multicolored hair will help them to know their emotions? · Through the character of Paula, a girl of her own age, children identify and reflect their own emotions and behaviors. · A part of the story, parents and educators have a wide collection of resources and free activities that can be found by following its Facebook page. · They learn to channel negative their emotions like Paula does in the story. It provides them with alternative solutions for each emotion. · A dialogue of communication is opened with the little child being that the stories always foster an intimate moment to talk about how we feel today, what things make us happy, sad or angry and what we do when this happens. · Reading is always a pleasure and instil it to your children is the best, but if this reading also teaches them a series of educational values, what else can you ask?
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