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In America, Even a Cat Can Have A Dream: Schmaltzy: The Piano Virtuoso (...
    By Sharon Esther Lampert
Ages 9-12 11/9/2009
Schmaltzy said: This is a true story. Schmaltzy is a city cat living in the urban jungle of New York City. He is a devoted study buddy who wraps himself around the schoolbooks of students when they do their homework. Schmaltzy’s study tip is: “Always Look Before You Leap.” Schmaltzy discovers his own unique talent and decides to make his American dream come true. Schmaltzy’s musical talent does not go unrecognized. Everyone in the world wants to see, Schmaltzy, play his piano: Japan, United States, Canada, India, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Africa, Israel, Switzerland, and France. Schmaltzy’s piano concerts are featured on YouTube. Schmaltzy's children's book has "Triple Parenting Power" because it does more than get kids reading, it gets kids writing, and practicing their music lessons. Every chapter begins with color-coded new vocabulary words, an innovation that will soon be copied by other writers of children's books. Schmaltzy inspires children to put love into everything they do: There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Love. The book was published by Tree of Knowledge Press: We Educate Children One Child at a Time. They pioneered the new learning technology, "ACANDY Processing Tools." Borderline students become overnight success stories and earn A Grades on the next test. The book is called, "EVERY DAY, AN EASY A." Schmaltzy, the world famous piano playing cat has a new website and he is inviting friends and fans to submit photos of their pets (people and pet photos are welcome too). Discovery channel will be featuring Schmaltzy this month and this link will be made available on his website, Schmaltzy has already received a great deal of press. Animal Fair Magazine called him “A Feline Prodigy” and said “Schmaltzy May Just be the Most Famous Cat in the World." The New York Post said that, “He was a Celebrity in His Own Right.” and he won their “Most Eligible Pet Contest of 2008." He is always the stand-alone cat in a group of top dogs.
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