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1. FROZEN Coloring Contest!

I think it's high time for a coloring contest!

Here's a coloring page of Hans and Anna's wedding day.  And here are the instructions!

1) Print out page
2) Color.  The contest closes on Easter Sunday, April 20th.  So you have about a month!
3) Scan or take a picture, and send it to me at storyboarder@gmail.com (with "coloring page" as the title of the email)
4) Wait to see if you win the awesome prize.

And what is that awesome prize, m'friends?  I must've been pretty excited for the Art of Frozen to come out, so I pre-ordered it...three times.  I returned one, but decided to keep one as a prize for this contest.

This delicious book could be yours.

AGE is optional, mostly for if you're like 8 years old and are an amazing artist, that will definitely be taken into account.
YES, this is open to international colorers!

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2. Banana Conspiracy

Every. Time.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

POST SCRIPT:  What, another post about sentient fruit?  This blog is getting pretty pathetic.  Exciting stuff coming up, I promise!

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3. Chitty Triptych

Do you love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

I do.

Not long ago I went to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (the play) with a few friends.  It was just fanastic!!  I've been thinking about Truly Scrumptious ever since.

Edit:  Actually, it's Caratacus I've been thinking about ever since I saw the play.  That man is DREAMY. <3 <3

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4. Time for Limes

This dream was brought to you by stress, a slight cold, and the whipped cream that I'd accidentally left out of the fridge all day and then devoured like a baby bird.

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5. Train Probability


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6. Cold Weather Camping

 I work with a lot of guys, which means I get to hear some pretty good scout camp stories.

The best ones involve fire, infectious diseases, and cold-weather camping.

My director once told a story about how he went snow caving.

He got pretty good and sweaty digging the cave, so when he went to bed that night, he laid his pants out to dry.

Of course they froze stiff overnight...so not only did he have to wear wet pants, but they were freezing.

This was the exact moment he decided to become an artist.

On the other hand, I have a buddy (Joe) who loves cold-weather camping.  It's like his favorite thing.  He could survive a winter in the Yukon with only a plastic bag and a dead bee.  When he became a scout leader, he was really excited to show the little guys the ropes.

So, when it was time to take the little fellas on a cold-weather camping trip, they had a meeting where they briefed the boys on what to bring.  Joe, being the expert, wanted to make sure they brought all the right clothes.

The meeting was in February.  Most of the boys were wearing shorts and no jackets.  Joe decided this was a good time to have an object lesson.

 Out in the freezing cold of the parking lot, Joe launched into a giant lecture on how to dress warm...

And the scouts were like:

guh guh guh guh guh guh guh

And the other leader was like:

guh guh guh guh guh guh guh 

 ...And Joe was like, great!  I've hoped you've all learned you don't wanna be out in the cold without a coat!

Several days later, they were on their way!

Joe and the scouts stepped out into the blistering cold.  One of the leaders stepped out of his car...

...and promptly got back in his car, and left.

Aaaaaand...the rest of the weekend pretty much went like that.

Addendum to this story:  Joe's just entered a contest to run a bunch of sled dogs over the Arctic Circle. 

not this


The competition is sponsored by a Norwegian company, Fjallraven, which sells coats and stuff.  Every year they pick 2 people from each country around the world to compete.  They give them all the right equipment, they give them the dogs and the sleds, and then they set 'em all loose in the outer regions of the world.

This sounds like a nightmare.  (To me.)

Joe thinks it would be a blast.  So, I'm not gonna twist your arm or anything, but if you want to vote for Joe you can go here.  You can vote through facebook.  If it gets enough attention, the Fjallraven people will pick him!

Do it for the dogs.  (I hear Americans are pretty tasty.)

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7. I'm a Jerk (Trunk or Treat edition)

My neighborhood did a Trunk or Treat this year.

I have Views about Trunk or Treats.  But I like my neighbors.  What a quandary!

(I decided to go.)

This year I dressed up like raggy Cinderella.  This is because I'm--not to brag or anything--really good at cleaning toilets.  With that kind of work ethic, I figured it was only fair to make the Trunk-or-Treaters EARN their candy this year.

So when the first kid came to me and was like:

I was like:

And the kid was like:

The kids loved it!

Actually it ended probably closer to this:

I can't wait for next year!

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8. I'm a Jerk (episode 127)

Every Thursday I go to Orem to teach my cousins piano lessons.  My aunt has 9 kids (and one on the way!) and I usually get to stay long enough to have dinner and play with the kiddies.  This makes Thursdays are my favorite day of the week.  (And I really mean that, too.)

And holy mother of pearl, is it fun to mess with the minds of these kids.

Example:  last week my little cousin, Gina, said:

And I was like,

And Gina was like:



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9. Nazi Darkness / Radiant Light

A post for The Creative Think Machine.

It was a Halloween topic, but I think I might have gotten a little too dark with this one.  Hard to work on.

It's inspired by a book I'm reading right now, by Jacques Lusseyran.

Jacques was one of the leaders of the French resistance during WWII.  He was born in France, in 1921.

When Jacques was 8 years old, he was coming in from the schoolyard, all rowdy with his buddies, and accidentally knocked into the corner of the teacher's desk.


So hard, in fact, that the lenses on his glasses embedded themselves into his eyes, and rendered him blind.  He had to have his eyes removed.

But here is the strange thing: even though he was totally blind, Jacques could still see.

He saw, he said, a sort of radiance, or light.  He could see it "rising, spreading, resting on objects, giving them form, then leaving them."

He could feel this stream of light between the leaves of trees, or the auras of people, like in his parents.  He couldn't tell whether the light came from within himself, or from some unknown source, but it was there.  It coursed through him in a stream of radiance.

But this light was conditional; if he was angry, or afraid, the light withdrew, and darkness enveloped him.  If he was playing with friends and he "suddenly grew anxious to win, to be first at all costs, then all at once I could see nothing."  If he was jealous or unfriendly, the light left.

But, if he focused on being calm, and serene withing, and "approached people with confidence and thought well of them, I was rewarded with light."

When Jacques tried to tell people about this light, they didn't believe him.  So, he kept quiet.

In 1938, Jacques heard the first Nazi broadcast on Radio Vienna, and was horrified.  He could immediately see the "outer darkness" of the words that emanated from the radio.

As the months progressed and the Nazis drew nearer, Jacques realized that there were two sides in this battle, "with love on one side and hate on the other; fear one way and joy another."  So, Jacques got to work to fight the darkness he saw.

He studied the German language for two hours every day, for the next five years.

And, after the Germans invaded France, 17-year-old Jacques--who was not terribly religious, or was raised by religious parents--adopted an ascetic way of life, and began each day at 4:30 am with a soldier's prayer, praying for the strength to fight this monster of darkness.

Jacques became good enough at recognizing light that, after he formed the Volunteers of Liberty (the resistance group), he was in charge of recruitment.  It was a risky job--any member might let  slip to a Nazi soldier, and destroy the resistance overnight.  The members of the resistance would tentatively bring a friend to meet Jacques.  He would talk to the friend for a while, listening to their voice, would shake their hand, and see the light about them.  And by this he could gauge if they were trustworthy and fit for the resistance.

It's a good book so far.

One last picture:

I did this entire post on my new Windows Surface Pro.  It's like a mini cintiq and I'm not just saying that.  Two thumbs WAY up.

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10. Mounds of Mounties

When I'm ruler of Can-mer'ca
(And Florida's sunk into the sea)

When my tyranny's established
Then I'll make just one decree:

Every Mountie in Ca-nah-dah
With their gorgie little hats 

With their gorgie little bootsies
And their tunics, breeches, spats


I'll gather them like tribbles
in my Mountie-catcher truck

Take them to my Mountie Mansion

(Oh those lucky duck Canucks) 

I'll have Mounties in the kitchens

I've have Mounties in the halls

If there's Mounties at the fences 

I'll have Mounties on my walls 

They'll feed me grapes by poolside
They'll feed me Lean Cuisine

They'll love, adore, and fear me
As their reigning Mountie Queen.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Soon, my friends.  Soon.  All I need to do is wait for the government to become completely corrupt, then I take over.  So, obviously, not long.

On a completely related note...Did you hear Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Dancing With The Stars this season??

You cannot make these things up.  I'm totally pumped.  I'm gonna watch every episode.  Even if I'm scared out of my mind about seeing him do moves like THIS

I'll be strong.  My innocence might crawl into a corner and die, but I will be strong.

Why is my innocence so small??

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11. Violet Winner!

The time has come!  The Randomizer has spoken:

Jim my friend, email me at storyboarder@gmail.com with your address!

I like giveaways but I like coloring contests even more, so soon here we may have a coloring contest.   In the meantime, this song I discovered yesterday is AWESOME:

Ya, I think I've found my new favorite ABC's song.

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12. Disney Infinity (& giveaway!)

You may have heard!

Disney Infinity, a game I worked on, just came out on Sunday.  You can probably find it at your neighborhood friendly Target or Walmart, or even your neighborhood unfriendly ones.  It was funner to work on than feeding a stork sugar.  

I'm actually pretty terrible at playing video games.  In fact I'm so bad I couldn't even finish a race on the Cars game.  No no...not place...finish.  I'd always end up going the wrong way and then careening off the cliff like a maligned PrognoviachMy coworkers and I would all have a jolly good laugh and then they would tie me up and throw me in the dumpster behind the building and then they would lock all the doors and not let me back in!  Hahaha!  What scamps they are!

I was lucky enough to help with the Cars & Monsters U cinematics, & some of the Lone Ranger & Pirates boards as well.  AND if you want an insider secret...the Violet Parr action figure is by far the most powerful character in the game.  She has force field and invisibility.  This girl packs a punch.

SO!  In honor of Infinity, YOU can get the most powerful player in the game!  Cos I'm giving away Violet Parr!

 All you need to do is comment below and say "want!" and at the end of 1 week...midnight, August 27th...a winner is drawn!  The giveaway is open to anyone from anywhere, and I'll be sure to get your address after the drawing.

So you know how cool the Violet figure is...here's a top view:

 I took these pictures in my car, late at night.  I felt like a drug dealer.  Tee hee.

Great fun to work on!  I am a lucky kid ^_^

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13. Golden Afternoon Rose

One of my favorite songs.

That flower was a BABE.

5 Comments on Golden Afternoon Rose, last added: 9/6/2013
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14. Ball Pit Anatomy

It really is a shame I'm too old for the McPlayplace.

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15. Pool Noodle Furniture

Lots of times I have dreams that are lame.  But sometimes I have dreams that are awesome.

Last night's was awesome.

It went something like this:


And my mom was like:

 And I was like:

 And my mom was like:

I'm not one to let anyone tell me what to do so obviously I had some work ahead of me.

I thought it turned out really cute!!  Even better than I thought it would!

Sadly, however, it turned out to be really saggy and I couldn't sit on it without squashing it flat. 

So either I needed to lose some weight...or mom was right after all.  I hate that!

I was pretty upset about it, and I really didn't want to lose weight, so I promptly...

 ...dug a pool in my living room/kitchen area.

(Gotta be me)

When it was finished, I hosted an awesome indoor pool party for my family and friends, just to prove that pool noodles won't make a fool outta me.

 ^^awesome pool party, pictured above.

My mom had disappeared from the dream at this point, so I don't know if she was impressed with the indoor pool or not.  I'm pretty sure she would be, though.  (She's probably offscreen in this picture, freaking out over the bulldozer-sized hole in the wall.)

The BEST part of the dream, however, was that from now on I'd never have to get out of the pool to get stuff from the fridge!!!

Gosh I have great dreams!  (It took me about 30 minutes of looking at pool digging websites before I fully woke up...)  Do dreams get any better than that?

I know what you're thinking folks.  The real question you want to ask is, "Does her mom actually wear pearls and a fancy apron every day?"  The answer is YES.  She DOES.  I bet you wish you she was your mom.

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16. Some speedpaints (you lucky, lucky thing)

I used to be pretty good at doing speedpaints, but I've kind of slacked off since I started at Disney Interactive.  Notwithstanding, here are a few to ogle.

I'll get in the groove again soon.  Keep checking in...planning to update more often!

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17. Just half a post

I wasn't happy with the last header, so I changed it.  (I'm fickle like that.)



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18. Penguin Dance

I could pretty much draw these penguins all day <3

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19. New header

...because it's about time!


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20. Grapefruit Juice

Last week my sister invited me over to her apt for dinner and since I love food I said yes and came over and sat on her sofa and watched her youtube.

Anyway while I was sitting there secretly eating her chocolate orange and she was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables I heard her say: 

Sure enough they did look kind of fuzzy.

I told her to just cut off the fuzzy bits.  (That's what I do.)

And it tasted great!

...until 2 am that morning...

 dun dun duuuuun!

I took a 2 am bubble bath where I could sit in a confined space and think about nothing except how bad my tummy hurts.  Sometimes that helps.

I also poured myself some grapefruit juice to drink because a cupful of acid is great thing to drink when you feel nauseated.

For some reason I didn't drink it, and went back to bed and forgot about it.

And so it stayed.

Thru'  rain and shine

It didn't move

That cup of mine.

...3 days later...


And here is what I drank, from my pov:


New Years Resolution:  Don't leave food out for days on end, and then try to eat it.  This should be easy for me, since I'm never going to eat anything ever again.

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21. Peach Tree Parable

My buddy Chad told me a story the other day, which I thought was pretty good & wanted to share.  

Chad's neighbor is an older fella, and he has a giant peach tree on the side of his yard.  One of the branches hangs over the fence into Chad's yard.

Mostly the peaches from the overhanging branch fell into Chad's yard or his kids would sometimes eat them.

The old neighbor didn't really like this and so one day when Chad was getting home from work, the old guy was like, "Where are my peaches?"

And Chad was like:

And the old neighbor was like, "You've been here nearly three years and you've never brought me a basket of peaches from my tree.  So what have you been doing with the peaches that hang over your yard?"

An Chad was like, "Oh.  I didn't realize we were supposed to be picking them.  They just fall onto the lawn or my kids eat them
or whatever."

And the old guy was like,

"That's called STEALING!"

And Chad was like,


So he promised to let his kids know and they wouldn't be taking the peaches anymore.

Unfortunately one day when Chad was away, the kids decided to eat the peaches. The old neighbor saw them and kind of had a fit.

 In fact he was so mad, he had the branch hanging over Chad's yard cut down.

So it looked like this:

 And when the peaches grew, the tree kind of overbalanced, since the other branch wasn't there

And it broke

 And it died

 And to this day, the old neighbor still blames Chad for killing his tree.

Bad luck old boy.

I feel I ought to apologize for letting this blog get dust on it.  I've sort of overbooked myself by working two jobs and rewriting a book(s?) and I miss the old thing.  But never fear, I'll soon be back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans!

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12 Comments on , last added: 4/15/2013
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23. A Mother's Hope

Last month I had the opportunity to direct an animated short.  It's the story of a mother who loses her children while fleeing the eastern front during WWII, and how she finds them.  Yes this did actually happen.

The station had moved the train to a different track.  I can't imagine how scary it would be, to lose your children in a place like that...I'm not even a mom and it freaks me out...

Here's a bit of the making-of:

Dern proud of the team.  It was a tight budget and an even tighter turnaround, and they did it with illustrious grace.

Backgrounds - Ben Simonsen
Animators & painters - Adrian Ropp, Aaron Mann, Chad Erekson
Additional painting - Sid Sexton
"3D" train & effects - Travis Deming
Audio & sound mixing - Jeff Meacham
Producer - Joe Fowler
Music - Stephen J. Anderson

Isn't the music beautiful?  Gorgie music is gorgie, and you can download it now (for free!)

Great project to work on.  I have learned a lot.

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24. Uncle Richie

We all know that growing up, there were a billion toys our parents didn't want us to play with.

The car window was one of these.

Gosh it was hard to say no to that voice.

Whenever I unrolled the window, my mother gave me these wise words:

So Uncle Richie was a great uncle I had...or...maybe it was a great great uncle...or...cousin...or something...who...liked to roll down the windows.

One day he was playing out the window, and--



So you can bet I spent my growing-up years in the car like this:

(My arms survived childhood.)

Wouldn't you know it, I was at a work meeting and told everybody this story, and do you know what they said??

Uncle Richie:  Common Name?  Or VAST PARENTAL CONSPIRACY?  

You decide.

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25. I Can't Do the Sum (Or; A compelling case of why Mary should marry Barnaby)

I was feeling kind of melancholy this past week and spent a lot of time watching Disney's 1961 "Babes in Toyland" to kind of cheer me up.

Here's one my favorite songs, "I Can't Do The Sum":

I love this song.  I sing it whenever I pay bills.  My gosh I wish I had her dress.

Anyways, listening to it for the umpteenth time got me thinking.  You know, Mary really is terrible with money.  I mean, really bad.  I feel I can say this with confidence because I'm a monster tightwad.*
*I haven't bought a pair of socks in 3 years! #brag

Oh, you don't believe me?  Here's some solid proof Mary really can't do the sum:  (You don't actually have to've seen the movie to understand this blog post.  It's still pertinent.)

Proof #1:  Barnaby knows more about Mary's finances than Mary does.

He knows about an inheritance Mary has coming to her, that Mary has no idea about.  I mean, this guy.  He's sharp.  What's Mary been doing with her finances this whole time?

I'll tell you what she's been doing.  She's been ignoring them.

#2 proof:  "The stove and rugs and furniture will soon be repossessed."

                               ....What??  You financed your rugs??  Good gravy, woman!

#3 proof:  Her ideas for solving her financial troubles are totally stupid.

Walking on your hands to save shoe repair money...yeah that'll work.

So I was thinking about it a lot, and I was thinking, you know what Mary should do?  Here's what Mary should do:

- Sell the house.  She can't make the mortgage so it's gotta go.  Living in a tent actually wasn't a bad idea.

- Secondly, who are those moochy kids that she's supporting?  Make them work in a glue factory.  All that singing and dancing, it's got to stop.

3) Take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course

Here's what Mary should do (if she were me):

1)  Marry Barnaby.  (Because, why not?)

Mary: do his laundry, I hear it'll take care of that

2)  Barnaby will teach Mary how to properly manage her money

3)  Mary will teach Barnaby to not be such a miser, and fix up that abysmal house of his.

 See?  I mean, this just seems like common sense to me.  They're a good match.  And don't give me this marrying for love stuff.  Marrying for love is possibly the stupidest thing you can do.  No way, dude.  Marry for MONEY.  They would have such a happy marriage.

But, no.  Here's what will actually happen:

Mary marries Tom.

They fritter her inheritance money away on poofy dresses and bongo drums.

And then they can't pay the rent.

So Barnaby kicks them out into the streets.

Then the Mother Goose villagers get really mad and hunt Barnaby down via pitchfork mob.

Why??  Because they don't think.  Because they don't think, hey, Mary was crappy with her money, let's hope this homeless stuff is a good wake-up call.  No, they blame it all on Barnaby, who's only crime was that he was good with his money.  AAARGH!!  I hate it when villains who aren't actually villains are villainized!!  Barnaby was actually the good guy in this movie!!

No one thinks about this stuff.  But I do.  I think about this stuff all the time.  Call it a gift.

And yes, I still think they should've gotten married.

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