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1. I'm a Jerk {Episode 594}

 There are some swanky apartments in Orem that were being built when the housing market crashed a few years ago, and so for years they've been standing like this:

One day I was driving past them with my cousin, Angela.

That's why I never leave my house!

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2. Childhood Dreams

The one where there are giant pancakes in the living room.

{I thought about this one the most.}

The one where I've been shrunk down and am trapped in a fridge.

A magical fridge with donuts.

A similar one...where I'm trapped in the freezer.

And...the one where I'm the size of a bug and living in the garden's raspberry patch!

I'm sensing a theme here...

{I still daydream about the pancake one.}

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3. Revenge of the Nice People!!

{Pre-note:  I was messing around with the order of blog pages and accidentally deleted the header at the top.  Whoops.  I am so smrt and can't figure out how to get it back--so for now there's a blank space, baby.  Back to your unregularly scheduled blog post.}

I've had a lot of people ask how the fundraiser went!

I'll tell you how it went.

It went


The forecast for the 16th was rain.  We still had high hopes, and when everyone arrived at the park at 6 AM, it was already a gorgeous day.

At 6:15 AM, as we were setting up, it began to sprinkle.

At 6:30 AM, the temperature had dropped into the 40's and the clouds began to let loose.

My youngest sister--who is someone you don't mess with--was lousy with umbrage.

Completely unrelated note:  this younger sister also looks exactly like Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift: 

Little sister:

Crazy, right?  I keep telling her she should go on a crime spree while pretending to be Taylor Swift.

Anyway, back to the fundraiser.

I think if I could have one word to describe the weather, it'd be soggy.  We had the pavilions and set up a billion canopies, but it was still so, so wet.  Every step we took squished.  We were scared that no one would come.

But people came.

Soooo many people came!!

Even though it was miserable and soggy, people still came to donate and to buy and to see my sister and to help out.  It was amazing.

{But it really was the rain!}

I was in the furthest pavilion out, drawing caricatures with my buddy Lauren.  She's only 17 but did an amazing job!  I'm glad I got to work with her.

Poor Lauren, though.  She was freezing.  It was soooooo cold.

The moment you realize 
you're turning into your mother.

We still had a great time with the kids!

Soooo...the girl had just been at the nail painting station.


I missed the live auction, which was too bad, because one of my sisters had designed and sewn dresses for it.

I would've bought ALL OF THEM.

My Taylor-Swift sister won the middle one.  And my director, Bryan {who came all the way from Bountiful!}, won the dress on the left.

It wasn't for him, though {though he'd look great in it!}  It's for his 3 daughters--in a few years.  They're not teenagers yet and don't fit into it.  But he told me that he was so touched a sister would sacrifice and make dresses to save her sister that he bought it and gave it to his girls, and told them that whenever they wore it, they would remember how sisters bore each others' burdens.


Anyway :)

But I know what you're all really wondering.  You're wondering:  Did she get those chocolates she wanted??


And the Disney Artist Jumpstart Kit--it sold!!!  It sold with flying colors!!  In fact, it sold for so much, I think I might actually fly the kid to Disneyland and teach them there, just to make it worth it.  Hahaha. :)

Here are some pictures from the event:

My nieces and nephews singing with the band that came.

My sister Katie, and her husband Robert.  
Their wedding pictures were also taken in the rain 
with a red-and-white striped umbrella.  
So I think this is pretty sweet :)

Here's me :)

 Katie's family, ready to launch their balloons.

They sang: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" before they launched the balloons.  I heard it was so touching--I wish I'd been there. {I was...still drawing at the pavilion hahaha}  {But it was great!}

 Love it :) :)

It was all a smashing success.  We sold all the bake sale items, we sold all the live auction items, we sold all the baskets!  With everyone's help and kindness, we raised over 100,000 dollars!!!

That will buy a big part of a bone marrow transplant!!!

So now I'm getting all weepy again {it's the rain :)} but I just want to say thank you.  Thank you so much for all your help, your donations, you prayers.  It means the world to all of us.

Thank you. :) :) :)

Addendum.  Remember the biker dude?  It turns out he actually looks more like this:

{He may or may not wear a bow tie.}

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4. People are SO NICE!!

My oldest sister, Katie, is the bravest person I know.

My mom once dared her to wear a giant bow in her bangs all day, including to her violin lesson.  And she totally did.

The teacher kept staring at her hair, but didn't say anything.  haha.

Here's a picture of Katie now:

Here's a picture of her beautiful family.  {She has 6 kids!!}

{The road was abandoned, so nothing to worry about.  Still, funny :D}

You might notice in that first picture that she's wearing a headscarf.  That's because she has an aggressive, fast-growing soft tissue cancer, leiomyosarcoma.  The chemo she's been doing for the past few years makes her hair fall out.  {I told you she was brave, right?}

Sometimes she gets so sick from the chemo, her kids dress up and entertain her to keep her mind off of it.

Sometimes she's so worn out, she can only crawl up the stairs.

I only know this because my other sister knew it, and she told me.  I have never, never heard Katie complain about anything.  She is incredible.

Cancer is the worst.  I don't know of anyone who hasn't had their heart broken because of cancer.  It has been so hard to see it hurt my sister.   The chemo hasn't been easy on Katie, and now she's developed leukemia as well.  So she needs a bone marrow transplant.



Now all we need to do is raise the money, get the transplant, and she'll be cured!  Nothing to worry about!

We're in the process of raising the money.  {Insurance won't cover the transplant.}  So we decided to organize a fundraiser.

It's been an incredible project to help out with.  I've been so touched and floored by all the sweet, kind people who have offered to help.  {Geez...I'm tearing up now just typing it!}  I was a wreck the first meeting...so many people had shown up to help!

You'll never guess where I'm sitting.

A couple of guys at work heard that I needed help, and by George, they came to my sister's house with cameras and microphones and recorded her kids so they could cut an internet video together.

A sweet lady at church heard we would be having a bake sale, and even though it's a lot of work, she offered to make some of her amazing chocolates.

{Side note: I've had these chocolates before.  She gives them out at Christmas.  So help me, if you buy them before I do I will KILL YOU.}

My friend Aubrey is a manager over several Cherry Berry stores, and they've offered to donate a percentage of their sales on the day of the fundraiser.

I'm never getting ice cream anywhere else again.

Someone at work left an anonymous donation on my desk.

Ugly cry/happy tears for the rest of the day :')  :')

These are only just a few of the many, many people who have offered to help, donate, organize...people who've been sacrificing and giving their time and talents for this fundraiser.  I'm so touched, I just start to cry when I think about how kind these people have been.  It makes me think of how many times I've been not as generous as I could have been, and how I want to be like them.  People are amazing.

Here's the basket I'm donating to the silent auction:

It's a "Disney Artist Jumpstart Kit".  {I had to draw it because I forgot to take a picture before I entered it in.}  It has a brand new wacom splash tablet, an {older, used--but still great!} version of Photoshop, and 6 1-hour art lessons from a Disney artist!  {That would be me!}  

I'm a little nervous it won't sell.  West Point, where the fundraiser is being held, is a kind of small town, and this is pretty niche.  But, I grew up in West Point and I would've sold my soul for something like this!  So hopefully I won't get it back after the fundraiser...

Yeah.  Don't let this happen.  Come to the fundraiser.

Here's the flyer :)

Here's the link to register/donate/etc: http://www.anythingforafriend.com/index.php?cID=285

That's right!  It's this Saturday!  And it's gonna be a kick.  I'll be doing the kissing booth.  

Just kidding.  There's no kissing booth.  We're trying to raise money, not scare people away.

I'll be doing caricatures with my assistant, Lauren Williams, who is a super talented artist :)  {Assistant!  That sounds fancy!}

If you live in Utah, you'll definitely want to come.  If you live in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, California, etc, you'll definitely want to come, too.  Everybody just come :)

Here's the video.  You'll want to watch it.  Have tissues handy :)

Addendum:  A biker dude saw this video on facebook...

...and now he's organizing a motorcycle rally.  That'll be June 13th.  I'm totally buying a Harley :)

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5. Popcorn Habits

You do this.  Don't lie.

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6. Illusionarium Book Trailer

A book I wrote, "Illusionarium", will be coming out soon.  {May 19th!}  My favorite part about this is that I got to make the book trailer!

{A book trailer is, like, a teaser to get people excited about the book.  I made the trailer for Entwined, so it was a lot of fun to do it for Illusionarium too.}  And, like the trailer for Entwined, the first version was totally the wrong direction.

I wasn't real happy with it.  The silhouettes I made felt too cartoony, the gears too heavy, etc.  And I felt like the there wasn't a unifying element in the style.

So, I scrapped it and went forward with a different look.  I made the vignette a lot more delicate, simplified the color scheme, and used images that were from the time period of the book.

I liked this much better!

It was a blast to make.  This is totally  my dream--to have a small-productions animation studio where I get to make, like, commercials and music videos and a bunch of different styles and I can get all artsy and stuff and there are dancing ballerinas everywhere

My other dream is to secretly live in Disneyland for the rest of my life.

A girl's gotta dream.

Anyway, here's the trailer.

A great big thank-you to Matt Gates {who did the music}, Jeff Meacham {sound mixing}, Joe Fowler {producer}, and After Effects, which is my favorite animating program EVAH!  Thanks, guys!

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7. Mary Pretty Profile

Another Mary Poppins picture <3

Some people might say this blog has too much Mary Poppins.


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8. I can't waaaaaaaaait!!!!! {Cinderella fangirling}

So Cinderella comes out this weekend, and I can't even say how excited I am to see it oiulwengh;aoewgjkn/.lk'adsboihfdba;io

Everyone in this movie is absolutely beautiful.

Cinderella is beautiful.

She's even gorgeous in her rags.

Her fairy godmother is absolutely stunning.

Her stepmother is drop-dead gorgeous.

Even her stepsisters are beautiful.

I want their dresses*

*And I'm totally not just saying that, I think those dresses are adorable and I'd wear them in a shot.  A shot, I say!

The prince is so beautiful I think he's a girl

And don't even get me started on the mice!

I am soooooo excited.

But I'm also nervous.  Because I bawl every time I watch the trailer.

I'm kinda a cryer.  I cry through a lot of movies.


So with a track record like that, I know when I watch Cinderella, it's going to be reaaaally bad for the other people in the theater.

I've figured out a solution, though:

I'm totally filling the theater with every girl in my whole family.

{We're totally a family of cryers.}


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9. My Epic Mom

 This is my mom.  {You've met her before.}  She's pretty epic.

She doesn't like being called epic, though.

One time we went river rafting.  The raft guide was like:

And mom was like:

And he was like:

And what do you know.

How does she do that??

When my fiance broke off the wedding, my mom felt really bad for me.

So we went to Disneyland!

This is a picture of me in front of the Jolly Holiday Bakery.  This is my favorite place in the park, because it's themed Mary Poppins.  <3 <3 <3 <3

Let's zoom in and take a look at that gorgeous stained glass penguin.

 I'm watching you.

Adorable, right?  

But wait...zoom in even closer--

...And you can see my friend Renee, taking the picture!

And if you zoom in even closer--

Can you see it?  No?

Okay, let's zoom in a little more.

THERE it is!

It's Mickey Mouse, beating a kid with a baseball bat.  And who says Disneyland isn't the happiest place on Earth??

Anyway, back to the stained glass penguin.

My mom couldn't help notice how much I loved that stained glass penguin {I might've been licking the glass} and she decided to make it for me.  My mom is pretty marvelous with stained glass.

She started by having me make a pattern of it.

I changed it a little from the original window to make it a little closer to the cartoon penguins in the movie.

Mom took the pattern and did her magic.

It turned out beautiful.

Thanks, mom :) :)

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10. As Seen at my Aunt's House

David loves dem roll up pancakes.

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11. My Totally I̶r̶r̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶a̶l̶ Rational Fears

Is it weird that I want bus drivers to like me?

I was thinking about this the other day.  Like, why does it matter if I'm on their good side?

I've never seen the same driver twice.  It's kind of an irrational fear.

But then I thought

Is it really that irrational?

I mean, nothing's really stopping THIS

from happening.



Another Totally Rational Fear I have:

Why waiters scare the tar outta me.

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12. Speedpaints, Speedpaints, Speedpaints!

I haven't kept on speedpainting like I should, but that's one of the joys of setting New Years goals.  You get another chance to flub it up!  Hahaha.

Anyway, here are some 30-minute speedpaints from last year ^_^

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13. Haunted Mansion Mary

"Is this haunted room actually...stretching?  Or is it your imagination, hmm?"  Actually, I think this room is getting cuter, it makes me kinda wish the Haunted Mansion was themed Mary Poppins.  They could call it "Mary's Mansion" and they could turn on all the lights and there would be flowers everywhere and people would ride umbrellas over rooftops.  Why is this not a thing?  Someone make this happen.

I spent my Christmas vacation drawing this, which means it was the best vacation ever :) :)  Hope you all had a jolly holiday!

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14. Yes to the Dress {Again}

Hi.  My name is Heather Dixon, and I'm an addict.

I like to watch "Say Yes to the Dress."

It's a terrible addiction.  There are so many other good, wonderful things I could be addicted to.

Like mathematics.  Or oatmeal.  Or cocaine.

I don't know why I keep watching it.  It's a terrible show.

All the dresses look the same.

A lot of the brides are absolute monsters.

So why do I keep watching it?  Why???*

*probably because it's free on Youtube.

Here's what's really dumb about the whole thing:  I already have a wedding dress.

No, I really do.

I was going to be married earlier this year.

I'd wanted a wedding dress like Grace Kelly's:

Isn't she so pretty??

Unfortunately, wedding dresses that looked like they stepped out of a 50's musical haven't been in style since...well...the 50's.

So when I went shopping, there were a whoooole lot of sleeveless dresses....

But not a lot of Grace Kelly dresses :(

I found one that almost came close.

It cost $5500.

{I didn't buy it.}

I'd pretty much given up on my 50's wedding dress fantasies, when on the fly I decided to visit a tiny little dress shop tucked away behind a storage facility.

It was so tiny they didn't have enough dressing rooms {and to be fair...I did show up without an appointment.}  But they fit me in anyway...and they fit me in a broom closet!

That's where I found It.

Not the mop bucket...The Grace Kelly dress!  

It was sooooooooo pretty.  

{And way cheaper than $5500.  Which made it even prettier!}

 The lady who runs the shop told me her secret--she orders plus-size dresses in smaller sizes {she says a lot of dress shops don't know you can do that} and so that's how she finds dresses with sleeves.

Here's a picture of It:

I know right!  It's even prettier when it's not a badly-drawn grayscale cartoon!

That was then.

This is now.

A month before the wedding, my fiance broke up with me.

But enough about him.  {Though I really enjoyed drawing that last frame.}

All this to say, I still have a wedding dress.  And even worse, it still had to finish being altered.  Which meant I had to re-live everything every time I put it back on...

Thankfully, the lady who fitted me gave me the best advice I'd ever gotten:

And so, with the money I'd saved from returning his wedding band and other wedding expenses, I bought a 22" inch cintiq...which I am using right now.

Some people would say that's definitely a trade up.  {Oh, but not me!}

The dress currently hangs in my closet.  It's too perty to sell :)

I bring this all up because the other day, I was {yet again} watching the show.

A bride came in with her grandma and her entourage.

The grandma had very definite ideas of what she wanted.

The bride had very definite ideas of what she didn't want.

To make her grandma happy though, {because grandma was paying for the dress}, she decided to try on a dress with sleeves.

She hated it.

I had to stop drawing at this point, because I was like:

And it did.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

But the bride didn't just hate it.  She really hated it.

What made this all totally worse is that this was "Yes to the Dress: Atlanta", which meant that all these terrible things were spoken in a Southern accent!  Something as adorable as a Southern accent should never be used to say such horrible things.  There oughtta be a law!*

*I really mean that, too.  My plans for Can-merica are moving along and when I'm dictator, the second law* I'll put into motion is that people with Southern accents can only say food-y things.  Like, "Honey," "Sweetie-Pie," "Possum with a sweet potatah," etc.  I have Plans.

**The first law is that every Mountie has to learn how to tango.

The bride comes out to the dressing room floor...

And her entourage is like:

Oh yes, that dress with sleeves surrrre is funny.

Grandma just sits there.

It IS pretty!!

It was. :(

The bride goes back to the dressing room and tries on a dress that looks like every other dress in the store. :( :(

They love it.

Long pause.


I haven't stopped drawing since the episode ended.

This blog isn't very famous.

There are about 4 people who visit it a day.

One is my mom.  {Thanks, mom!}

But there are 3 others.  One of them could be that Southern grandma.

This blog post is for her.

Southern Grandma, you were RIGHT.  That dress with sleeves was beautiful.  Don't you listen to them.  You gotta go with your GUT and your gut was RIGHT.

The End.

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15. Thanksgiving Movie

I'm a really fun person to watch movies with.

Addendum:  Thank you so much for the kind words on the new blog design!  It was a long time coming.  We should do something to celebrate...like maybe seeing a movie or something...?*

*But only if you've read the book

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16. Cinderella Umbrage

They obviously found their target demographic:  Me.

Anyway, here's the trailer.

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17. Cinderella and the Prince

Recently, I read that in the early developments of "Cinderella," after she tries on the glass slipper, the Grand Duke brings her back to the Palace, and when they arrive, the Prince comes running out to greet her.  He doesn't care at all that she's in rags.

I thought that was the sweetest thing I've ever read.  So of course I had to draw it :) :)

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18. The Lamest Cool Dream

 The other night I had the coolest dream ever.

Or at least...it could've been.

The dream began when I found myself at the secret wizarding headquarters of the Harry Potter rebellion group!  {Dumbledore's Army..or the Order of the Phoenix.  One of those!}  And they wanted me to join their resistance!

Me!  A muggle!  Me!!

Brace yourselves...the dream is about to get COOLER.

Our entire strategy and battle plans were laid out in a giant field...

...of LEGOS.

That's right.

We weren't fighting Voldemort.  We were fighting...


Ok, so now you are thinking, "Wow, Heather!  This really is the coolest dream ever!!"  And you'd be right!  It was!  It was the coolest dream ever!

...Until this point.

Because at this point, Dumbledore be like:

And I'll be darned

I spent the entire rest of the night dreaming about taking legos apart.

No battles.  No epic magic force fights.

Just hours of looking for where the stupid legos were supposed to go.

{And that's when I woke up.}

It was the lamest cool dream ever.

{I never did find that bin.}

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19. Temple Square Morning

The mornings have been remarkable lately.

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20. Classy Wonder Woman

I wanted to get this posted by the Fourth of July; but it ended up taking a little longer.  On the other hand, it's never too late to post a Wonder Woman fanart, amiright?

I could've drawn her in that sissy swimsuit thingy...but that sissy cardigan thingy is much cuter.

I spent hours on her invisible jet there in the background.  HOURS

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21. Card Shark

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22. Food Opera (Part 1)

Chapter 1

Heather slams the door behind her.

"From now on, I'm eating healthy!" she says.

The sofa says nothing.

The coffee table says nothing.

The bookcase says nothing.

 The lamp says, 

Chapter 2

Heather buys healthy food.

It costs more than a car.

Heather says, 

The furniture looks ominously on.

The lamp says nothing.

Chapter 3

 Heather spends hours preparing healthy food.

It tastes like deer barf.

Heather drinks it all.

She celebrates with a quart of Chuggaluggalicious™ Ice Cream.


Oh man!  What a cliffhanger!

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23. Food Opera (Part 2)

Chapter 4

Heather opens the fridge.

Heather closes the fridge.

Heather opens the fridge.

Heather closes the fridge.

Heather opens the fridge.

Heather closes the fridge.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

The Chuggaluggalicious™ Ice Cream is gone.

Heather starts arguing with her "mom".

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The sofa eats Heather.


On a completely unrelated note, does anyone need a Costco-sized bag of chia seeds?

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24. More Mary Poppins

Too soon for a Mary Poppins fanart?

A:  It is NEVER too soon for a Mary Poppins fanart.

I met Mary Poppins in Disneyland last week!!

...sort of.

I was there with my family...like, my whole family, nieces, nephews, all (which means we filled up the park!) and there she was, standing next to the band at the entrance.

Well, of course my little nieces got way excited and thought I ought to take a picture with her!

(Ok...I was pretty excited too :)



 And I'll be darned, she turned her back on us!

And I was like:


I think that was when we decided Star Tours probably didn't have a line.

If this doesn't satiate your thirst for Mary Poppins* goodness, you can follow me on Instagram, where I'm doing a bit of Inktober and a lot of Mary Poppins  ^_^

*the real one

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25. Onion Truck Adventures

 This is my mom.

She wears pearl earrings and an apron every day.

{Yeah...she's pretty cool :D}

 She also lives in an area where they're harvesting lots of onions.

Sometimes, she drives behind the onion trucks loaded with onions.  This is because if an onion falls out on the side of the road, she can pull over and grab it and make tasty things!  {The rumor is, these fresh-grown onions taste waaaaay better than store-bought onions.}


Yesterday my mom was driving behind an onion truck that took a turn a little too fast...



It just makes you wanna cry... :D
{Mom said it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen.}

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