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An inspirational illustrator/writer/author's sketch blog and place to talk about making books, creating, babysitting elderly beagles, visiting dog parks for inspiration, and spotting fairies.
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1. Last Week on Pre-order Price on Decks!


The decks are slated to arrive the end of this week from the printer. This is so darn exciting. They are being born! That means this is the last week to buy the deck at the PREORDER price of $29.95, then the price goes up. You can order them HERE by Paypal, or if you prefer by credit card head on over to HERE on my art site. Email me if you prefer to send a check (be sure to include the $6 shipping and handling charge).

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2. Clear Expectations and Rubrics


I have a guilty pleasure.

I watch reality television. My favorite kind of show are design or cooking challenges. I am a Project Runway addictee and I’ve pretty much watched every season up to date. This past weekend I finished watching the finale for the past season and HULU suggested another show, Australia’s Top Model. I do admit to watching the last guys and girls season of America’s Top Model, and I was entertained by the drama and the fashion photography. That show falls into the same category as the cooking shows I watch. I am a horrible cook so watching good cooking is a bit of a fascination for me. There’s no stress because I know I will never aspire to be even a bit better than I am as I have no talent in this area. The model shows are much the same. I will never be 5’10, twig-like, flat-chested, or eighteen again, so it’s safe to witness another world I will never be a part of. I have realistic expectations.

Surprisingly, the Australian show was much more brutal with criticism then the American show. From watching a two season marathon (yes, I watched two seasons while drawing most the day),  it seemed the judges made up the rules as they went along. Girls were judged by their runway walk, but once they got that down, they SHOULD have worked on their photos instead. And the judges picked out their final photos from a large pile they took of them usually choosing the best or the odd one of the bunch to their preference. Sometimes, criticism made perfect sense and we, the audience, learned a great deal about how to model, although, I have to say, I really don’t have that interest. Other times, criticism was random and odd. Particularly brainless was giving the girl criticism about the size of her butt who clearly showed signs of early eating disorder and was model thin.

All this model show watching had me thinking about clear expectations. I am realizing something rather important as a sensitive. I need clear expectations. What is often hard having my own business is that there is a part of me that thinks, I will do all this work and offer all this, and in return, I will be rewarded with what I need. The problem is often when that doesn’t happen and I am left with an uneven exchange.

Most sensitive folk are very responsible and we like to please. Whether that pleasing is for approval, and approval can mean acceptance, or it is simply to keep the peace because we hate conflict. In order to please we need the rules, and the rules, like in that tv show, aren’t always very clear. We want to know that if we do A/ then B/ we get a reward. Many situations we think we do A and B, we may even get chastised for not doing C and D, when we hadn’t even known there was a C and D, which is what often happens with unclear expectations or hard to please people.

In Grad School classes we were told about Rubrics. We had set expectations for each course we took describing what was expected of us. If we did a certain amount of work we received a grade. If we did things well or did more than expected, we received good grades. None of this was subjective, it was super clear. If I wanted that A, I had to do a certain amount of work and I was rewarded. WE NEED THAT!

I think we’ve all lived through situations growing up that we may have been expected to be more extroverted and do things like extroverted people do, and to be less sensitive or emotional.  This is much like being asked to be eighteen again and model thin. Impossible expectations are just that…crazy and unrealistic. We will fail but not because of what we are attempting. Trying to please and fulfill those expectations might be even crazier. (It’s what I call the Treadmill). Maybe it’s time to walk away from situations that ask that of us and be pulled to the ones that have a very clear, upfront formula for success. And if isn’t clear, we can ask that it is.

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3. Thoughts from a sensitive #6: Self


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4. Close-out Shop Sale All this Week

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.33.58 AM

SHOP here

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5. Essences Store Closing: Big Sale this week!!


As I streamline my biz, I realize I don’t have time for making the flower essences, so I am having a BIG SALE all this week. All essences are $5.00 each only this week. Tell your friends, grab a bunch before they are gone for good. All essences are formulated for the sensitive made with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of alcohol.

An introduction to Flower Essences: 


What are flower essences teaching video from Designing Fairy Cinema on Vimeo.

Head on over to the the SHOP and BUY. Go here.

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6. Fairy & Empath Online School Friday

Lessons going out this morning on this lovely, but a little cloudy October Fairy Friday. Energetically, that’s been one hell of a week, hasn’t it? We need a vacation! Some place warm and happy. For today, I give you a little excerpt from the Fairy Healing the Feminine class, which was one of my favorites to create. (By the way, another session starts this weekend and sign-ups open here).



This one is so timely for me, as I found myself giving too much out and not getting even the basics of what I needed. When that happened, I came to the conclusion that I would have to give out much less AND that when I don’t have what I need, I am at such a disadvantage to be able to give out at all. Time to scale back.

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7. October Classes Start Tomorrow!



Classes start tomorrow in both Empath and Fairy Online School. To go to catalog and sign up go HERE.

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8. Are you picking up thoughts? New class

The other day I went to Walmart and got my usual Walmart headache. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the prices and the fact that if I need a Vacuum bag that fits only a Kenmore C, I can get that alongside my favorite cookies. As an empath, I usually pick up a ton of feelings that aren’t mine in that store, probably because of the Dome Affect. There are no windows in Walmart. There is no energy circulation, so to speak, so it all gets nicely trapped inside. And the thoughts are rampant bouncing around the walls hitting you, henceforth, the Walmart buildup headache. All these bouncing thoughts had me wondering about psychic ability of Telepathy.


You can pick up thoughts from someone ruminating on you from far away, and walk away with them thinking they are own, much like the latest virus. Next thing you know, you are feeling hyper, angry or crazy (that’s their energy you are picking up from those thoughts.)  It’s the ability where you know who is ringing your cell before you even say hello. It’s even the knowing you have when you use animal communication on your dog companion.

In this new mini class, we will explore our telepathic ability and how to unload and balance it out, and then develop it to be able to read more energy and not feel so overloaded in our brains. It’s a superpower ability you already have! Check out the class HERE, which starts in only a few weeks. Sign up in October to get the shiny Early Bird rate over here.

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9. Weird Ass Energy Alert


Have you noticed the last few weeks energy has been kinda wacky? For the empathic person, this has been a crazy time.  Perhaps it’s the dreaded Mercury Retrograde, which has been talked about often in local new agey circles. It could be the overall malaise from the country battling things like weird ass fears (Ebola), unexpected losses (Robin Williams), and news of terrorists cutting off heads and being brutal, magnified by the wild moon action (red eclipse). Energy-wise to the sensitive, the energy feels choppy, bumpy and well, weird. Manifesting seems like a struggle and uphill battle, and our usual guidance might even be quiet (I hate those times of feeling disconnected). How do you get through it? I have noticed many colleagues and friends avoiding Facebook and the News, which, especially has been a big downer. Taking plenty of time out to touch base with Nature or be alone to regroup is also helpful. And telling yourself, this too will pass, is a good reminder. Hang on Sensitive! With any energy build-up, there needs to be a release.

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10. New Session of Classes Start Friday and Excerpt

Friday starts the new session of October classes. There’s fun fairy classes and especially the new one, Fairy and Nature Communication class. There’s also the popular TALKING TO ANGELS, GUIDES and DEPARTED (DEAD PEOPLE). Let’s have fun and include an excerpt right here.

As a sensitive, have you had experiences communicating with Ghosts or those who have crossed over? Ever wonder how to do so safely? Or how to determine if you are communicating with a Guide (like a Guardian Angel), or an Earthbound Spirit (someone stuck between here and there), or a departed loved one?

guidance checklist

Cool, huh? For more tips and how-to, sign up for the Talking to Angels, Guides… class that starts on Friday HERE.


One pass student says:

“Ronni’s Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People Class is a class
that everyone would benefit from. It contains lots of valuable, easy
to assimilate information, practices and homework assignments.
Each weekly lesson takes you easily into the next, thoroughly covering
all aspects. Ronni is always available to answer any questions and
offer guidance. The course is fun, laced with stories, humor and
beautiful artwork. I would highly recommend this class to everyone.
Thanks Ronni, you’re the Best!    Sandy K., Cottonwood, AZ.

Classes that Start on Friday (click on links to register)

Care of the Sensitive Workshop 1 and 2

Fairy and Nature Communication

Fairy Healing the Feminine 

Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People

Flower Essence Therapy

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11. Fairy Deck Update

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.12.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.11.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.11.43 AM

The Healing Fairy Alphabet deck is going to the printer next week. Ahhhhh! Just finishing up on the Description Cards and the last fussing on each card. I am a bit of a perfectionist, after all. Once to the printer, it should be a few weeks sent to all the Preorder customers! This is exciting! (With all this fairy energy, the deck is great for giving readings too. It is especially great for Christmas gifts.) Did you preorder your deck? Once they are printed, the price goes up. I will even throw in a little extra arty thing for you. Reserve yours HERE and join the excitement.

I’ve been sharing my process making the deck over on my new Instagram. Instagram is a little like Crack for Visual, Creative People. I am totally addicted. Almost as much as to Rice Thins. Okay, maybe not as much.

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12. I’d like to hear from you

My favorite thing to do here at The Designing Fairy is make things. And I like to make things that teach and help people, whether it’s my deck, or a book, or an online class! I’d love your feedback on what I should create and offer next for the November session! This is for Sensitive readers.

Take Our Poll

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13. Scheduling Mentorships


Have you ever wanted to use your sensitive abilities to talk to animals? How about having help with being a sensitive and an empath? Maybe you love healing and Fairies. Announcing mentorships and current openings now being scheduled. I would love to teach you tools and share and guide you on your path. PLUS, for my newsletter/blog subscribers I am offering a BIG DISCOUNT right now on the new Empath Mentorship. Three paths to greatness:

Check out the links here. Time to support and expand!

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14. 10 Things to Do if Moon Madness Hits You


It’s Moon Madness. Lunar Eclipse wildness and Planetary fun. What to do when the crazy energies hit you? How about this…

  1. Dance around naked in the moonlight! (Only recommended if you have a closed-in backyard from the neighbors).
  2. Dance around in the moonlight in the forest. (There’s a naked theme going here).
  3. Ground. This is an important one. When there’s lots of crazy energies about, it’s easy to float up and out. This manifests as forgetfulness, spaciness and fuzzy brain. Do what you can to get deep into that body of yours. (I know, I know, it’s more fun to float around the cosmos). Think dirt, your feet, or exercise.
  4. Make a moon madness goal collage. Cut out pics of the moon and what you want to accomplish.
  5. Take photos of the moon and express yourself.
  6. Watch a video of the eclipse on the internet. Cool, huh?
  7. Check out this Lunar Crafts projects on Pinterest. Personally, I like the Moon Crater Art Project.
  8. Stay away from other people until it passes. I recommend a cave somewhere warm. With art supplies and junk food. Maybe with your animals.
  9. Dive down deep and do some real soul searching. The moon can amplify feelings. Why not go in there and learn?
  10. And number ten, write a story about what life on the moon is like. Is the moon really made of cheese? Or are there moon people living deep inside underground? Design a whole way of moon life on paper.

Happy Mooning! Okay, that doesn’t sound right. You get the idea.

Fairy blessings,




Or sign up for an animal communication mentorship? That’s a moon goal. Also, really cool, really new empath mentorships. I am setting up October and November mentorships right now.

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15. Are empaths affected by the moon?


It’s Lunar Eclipse time! Has me wondering again, how does all this moon madness affects us empaths? A reblog from April, but a good one. Interesting how this time around, the moon energies out there feel like they are pushing a ton of stuff up to heal and deal. What is your experience?

Originally posted on the Designing Fairy:



Today’s word is FUSSY. My clothes feel constricting, lights are too bright, and things can’t be fast enough today.

As empaths and sensitives, we know we are very affected by the energies surrounding us. We know when the air is too cold, or someone’s mood has just hit fiery before he realizes it, or when the overall mood theme for the day on Facebook is FRANTIC. Like little caterpillars we feel out the environment with our exposed feelers.

So if we have a full moon happening, and especially a lunar eclipse, do we feel the effects of that energy?

Years and years ago, there was a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse, and my body went haywire. I was releasing a ton and have all kinds of weird symptoms, but was it the planetary action or what I was experiencing in my life at the time?

As women, our…

View original 305 more words

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16. October is for Fairies





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17. A Trip to the Forest Tele-class


For your ticket and more info, go HERE.

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18. Thoughts from a sensitive #4


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19. Fairy dresses for Fairy Magic Monday

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 4.47.48 PM

fairymagicmondayMy new deck includes several fairy dresses cards, so it got me thinking about proper attire for fairies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.39.59 AM

photo copyright Fairy Nana Land from her Etsy Shop

I found this fabulous dress created by fellow fairy, Fairy Nana. This one is insanely cool. Did you see that tutu! I need to save up for my Halloween costume and everyday wear. There’s lots of sizes – children to adults – and there isn’t a shortage of wings. Check out her Etsy shop here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.53.38 AM

photo from Stuff You Can't Have blog copyright Catherine Mcever

My fairy research led me to this great blog of creations by Catherine Mcever. Catherine, you’re mind is crazy fun and I love it! Check out her fairy frocks and Wings Shop brochure on the section marked Evidence of Fairies on her blog.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.02.06 PM

screenshot: Faery Tailor website

And finally, I found a Faery Tailor making Faery Haute Couture. English artist Emily Bazeley also makes dwellings and fairy furniture. She definitely is part fairy. Her website to browse is over here.

Part fairies that are artists are definitely creative and gifted with imagination, and of course, a heavy dose of Fairy Magic. I am so glad my search led me to these talented fellow artists so I have something to wear!

Fairy blessings,



fairyFairy people! Check out my deck available for pre-orders now, and Fairy Beginner Healing class and Fairy Healing the Feminine class, both start September 26th, this Friday!


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20. This Week’s Fairy Card

N is for Nest in High Places.

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  This card is the Graduation card. Congratulations! You have burst through old beliefs and limitations recently. It’s a new way of being. You can now fly to exotic places where you can dance with snakes!

REVERSE: You might be looking at your limitations this week and areas where you are using “in the box” vs. “out of the box” thinking.

Healing Fairy Alphabet deck available for pre-order here

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21. 10 Reasons Empath Skills Class Can Help


Empath Skills online class starts tomorrow and sign-ups are all weekend long. Here are 10 Reasons if you are a Sensitive, this class will be beneficial. Drum roll please…

  1. You will learn how to recognize what is your energy and what is not, being able to detach and notice so you don’t walk around feeling like crapola for days when it wasn’t yours in the first place.
  2. You will learn how to read energy — taking advantage of the empathic skill you already have. (Yes, it’s a skill, not a curse.)
  3. There’s the cool NEW exercise called FIND THE FEAR.
  4. You will walk away feeling more empowered and that’s seriously cool.
  5. There’s something to look forward to each week — a new lesson on the course page.
  6. You will find others like you.
  7. You will learn how to claim your space back.
  8. The instructor will give you personal support and virtual hand-holding. :)
  9. There’s a cool audio meditation to listen to, to guide you through your own reading, saving hundreds of dollars.
  10. This class could be game-changing for you living as a sensitive person.

That sounds cool. Go sign up over here.

There is also the Care of the Sensitive Workshop 1 that is fun too.

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22. Cool! September classes start tomorrow!

It’s an older video I made. The school is now 9 years old and courses are hosted here, not Schoology. But still super fun. September session classes start tomorrow.

Sign up all weekend long and check out catalog over HERE.

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23. Classes Start Today! Woot!



Sign-ups all weekend long! Yay! Catalog HERE.

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24. Fairy Magic Monday: New Class


For Fairy Magic Monday, I offer a new class for October. When polled, students hands down wanted this class plus more fairy healing. A must for all part fairies.

Heal with Nature and reconnect!

As I was putting together the Fairy Beginner Class, the notes I gathered were extensive. Only some pieces were included and the rest was put away for further classes, with much of the pieces forgotten, until now. Let’s jump back in to the Fairy World and learn more healing tools and lessons from the Fairies, the Gnomes, Water Spirits, and the Cactus People. These aren’t the creatures of fairy tales, but are the energies of THIS world, right now, in Nature. Learn about Balancing with Water energies, Healing & Boundaries with Cactus People, Grounding with Gnomes and Filling in Holes, while communicating with different types of Nature beings. We end with a trip deep into the Forest to retrieve special gifts for each of us for our journeys. To read more and sign up go here.

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25. Sensitive, Empathic or Celery?


Not everyone that is sensitive is empathic. Not all folks that are sensitive are highly sensitive. And some, are celery. I realized this a few months back when I met a bunch of folks all at once who were sensitive (I tend to draw in lots of sensitive people, I’m guessing because like attracts like, or perhaps, because I wrote a book on it), but not all were empathic, or even highly sensitive. You can be one that is very feeling-sensitive, meaning, your feelings are easily hurt, but you don’t have a clue what someone else is feeling. Some folks don’t even care, and then fall into the Insensitive category.

Sensitive Empathic.

A sensitive empathic person, who I like to write about it here on the blog, is one that is not only sensitive to the environment, energy or feelings, but who is also empathetic to others’ feelings. This type of person can feel what others are feeling as if those feelings are their own. They are great at reading others, and tuning into a room and knowing what “radio dial” of emotion that room is set at, and have the habit of picking up lots of stuff that isn’t their own.


A sensitive person is one that can have their feelings easily hurt, may feel some things deeply and others things not so deeply, can understand other people sometimes, but may not be empathic in anyway, or tuned in to intuition, or that spiritual connection or energy. Some sensitive people can be very un-empathic with others’ feelings because they fall more in the celery category, and it can be very confusing to other sensitive people, who assume because someone is sensitive, they are also tuned into the feelings of others.

Highly Sensitive.

I just love Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person. She talks of the special class of folks that are Sensitive Empaths who are, you guessed it, also highly sensitive. Not a freak of Nature, but I think, more of an evolution, these sensitive have bodies that are wired to pick up all kinds of energies and frequencies, that many can not. They process and take in a great deal at one time.


Celery are not bad or good, and no judgement by the way, I just chose the word Celery because it came to mind, and I think I’m hungry. (Yeah, now that I think of it, I’m craving a big salad). Celery folks are not sensitive or empathic. They are the thick-skinned which most the time stuff, just bounces off their backs. They are the opposite of the empathic and are here for balance,  and the empaths are here to balance them. We need the folks that are not empathic at all and can live in a world that pretty much just includes their feelings and that’s it. To the empath, this would be like a vacation! And the Celery need desperately to learn how to be more empathic and consider others’ feelings too. The Celery are often extroverts that are able to have a bubble around them that is just their world.

The Insensitive.

We can all have our moments when we are insensitive, especially times when we are too involved in our own stuff to think of others, or when we are so overloaded that we just shut down and off (common in the highly sensitive or sensitive empathic). No one is immune to this dilemma. But then there are the category of folks that are just insensitive and mean. I tend to believe that deep, deep down, these folks are very sensitive and have big walls up to protect themselves that have harden to clay and now they don’t feel not much at all. It is best to avoid the insensitive and remind yourself, it is not your job to melt their clay, nor can you.

So, which are you? Have you met the different degrees of sensitivity? Do you recognize any of these in yourself or others?


**Hey, I just posted October classes for the Sensitive. Registration is open now. Hop on over to see HERE.

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