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An inspirational illustrator/writer/author's sketch blog and place to talk about making books, creating, babysitting elderly beagles, visiting dog parks for inspiration, and spotting fairies.
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1. April Classes Start Today




Fairy School and Empath School to sign up and reserve your space

(Delving Deeper switched to May start-up date)

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2. Spring Spotlight: Flower Essence Class



The new flowers are coming up early in my backyard. I usually see them in May, but they are sprouting right up.




The roses are peeking their heads up.




The Rosemary has kicked butt growing like crazy. I must need this essence big time.

What is right in your backyard can help you heal. How cool is that? Want to learn more about these plants and others how they can help you and your animals heal?

starting your field guide copy

Join me FRIDAY in the FLOWER ESSENCE ONLINE CLASS for 6 weeks of fun exploring, experimenting and learning how flowers can heal. We may even meet a few fairies or two in the process! Register and sign up HERE right now. Returning students, get $10 off tuition!

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3. Are empaths affected by the moon?



Today’s word is FUSSY. My clothes feel constricting, lights are too bright, and things can’t be fast enough today.

As empaths and sensitives, we know we are very affected by the energies surrounding us. We know when the air is too cold, or someone’s mood has just hit fiery before he realizes it, or when the overall mood theme for the day on Facebook is FRANTIC. Like little caterpillars we feel out the environment with our exposed feelers.

So if we have a full moon happening, and especially a lunar eclipse, do we feel the effects of that energy?

Years and years ago, there was a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse, and my body went haywire. I was releasing a ton and have all kinds of weird symptoms, but was it the planetary action or what I was experiencing in my life at the time?

As women, our bodies are tuned into the moon through our cycles. And many who are not longer experiencing cycles still feel the effect of the moon. If the moon is more feminine then both male and female can relate when it is speaking, right?

I looked to the experts for my answers. The astrologers talk of this upcoming lunar eclipse and the many changes that will affect us.

Magical Recipes Online talks about the Druid Willow Moon.  That name in itself sounds so imaginative and magical!

My friend Julia talks about the astrological overall themes we are feeling right now during this moon phase.

Several metaphysical astrology sites talk of huge emotional impacts this lunar eclipse will have. Hmmmmmm.

  • According to NBC news, full moons can give us restless sleep. Link is over here.
  • And over at this Australian news site, full moons and eclipses can cause mood swings. Feel like howling at the moon?
  • Wikipedia coins the phrase “lunar effect” and says there is even a “lunar lunacy.” Nice! Now we have an excuse to go a little crazy.

As sensitives and empaths, we can swing past the research and go right to how we feel in this moment. I know when there is a full moon I do have a hard time sleeping, partly because the moon is shining so brightly into my window, and being so sensitive, I can feel it. I like a dark room when I sleep.

Perhaps we are picking up all the beliefs about the moon, and that collective unconscious is affecting what we think, influencing our thoughts. Regardless, I am fussy. I am restless. And I have this overwhelming urge to dance under the moonlight, ditch these restrictive clothes, and howl. Please don’t tell my neighbors. Now I have an excuse for my craziness. I have Lunar Lunacy. ;)

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4. Who are you responsible for?

I am learning…Many sensitive people carry too much. We’re the responsible type and have an inflated sense of what is our responsibility and what is not. Believe it or not, even though we care deeply for others, it is not our responsibility to make sure they are happy or their needs are met, it’s their job. (With the exclusion of the responsibility of taking care of children and animals). When we stand our ground and say what we need, and someone doesn’t like it, it’s not our responsibility. We need take care of ourselves. That’s our jobs. This morning a burst of guidance came through I wanted to share. I need to say this several times a day and let it sink in. :)


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5. April’s Card

IisforIndiangardensIf you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  When you are planted in wrong soil and you are not thriving, you feel there is something wrong with you, rather than the soil. This happens when we are in places or situations that are not good matches for us. I love the Indian Gardens message. Indian Gardens is a lovely forest area near Sedona, Arizona, not far from my home. It’s filled with fairy energy and well, I love fairies, being part fairy.

This is a message about honoring yourself. Do not compare yourself to others or feel that there is something wrong with you. There are lots of forests, but this one has it’s own voice. It is special and enough to who it belongs to. When you honor and accept yourself and your uniqueness, the world will reflect that back to you.”

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6. Take the Part Fairy Quiz

One of my most popular quizzes. Must be a lot of us out there. :) Do share.

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7. New April Class Starts in April; Sign ups now


I am craving Nature right now. I want to grab a tree, smell a wildflower and dance with the Fairies. Scouting through my old journals, the Forgotten Journals, I came across a ton of fairy healing notes that wanted to be shared. Let’s travel to different parts of the fairy world…and have fun, of course. Class starts in April and there’s an early bird rate to boot! For more info, head on over to HERE. 

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8. In the Yard and Non-Negotiables


I wrote this post way back in 2012, but having your Non-Negotiables is super important.

Originally posted on the Designing Fairy:

This week I explore my non-negotiables.

What’s a non-negotiable? I’ve been learning from my backyard. When I rented my Fairy Castle, it was the yard that I fell in love with. I dig roses and there’s quite a few, including the kind that smell really good. This backyard is like a little park I can sit in with my Emma Lou and swing back and forth as we admire the beauty.

When I water the plants, I watch their little leaves reach upwards in a smile. When I forget, in the inhospitable Arizona heat, I will find leaden leaves and a definite frown. It’s simple, but I am those plants. When I nurture and feed me, I pump up with color. I’m a shiny, happy thing. When I forget to water me, well…

But here’s the thing. I’ve taken in through my adult life some seriously faulty beliefs–that messed-up…

View original 321 more words

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9. Tell Your Stories class starts on FRIDAY

I’ve been busy compiling the first lessons for the new storytelling and intuition class. We’re going to have a nice group. I’m very excited. It’s been awhile since I have been able to create a new class for the curriculum of Fairy and Empath Online School.  For that little peek, lessons will include these fun sections:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.33.16 PM


a movie lesson of the week

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.33.00 PM

Options to choose from for your homework

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.33.24 PM

Written lesson and fun exercises


lots more. Want to join us for this intriguing class so you can reach your intuition/soul by letting it tell its story?

SIGN UP OVER HERE. Class starts on Friday.

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10. Honoring all parts



It’s Fairy and Empath Online School Friday! Woot!

Today’s excerpt is from the Fairy Healing the Feminine class (offered in April). Our bodies are like the trees. All parts are sacred.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.54.10 AM

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11. Re-injuries and Broken Leg Theory


There’s some seriously powerful energies been brewing up lately. Can you feel them? On one hand, I feel my intuitive abilities have just leaped up a notch. I’m feeling much like young Superman who burned holes in the wall from not knowing how to control his superpower vision. On the flip side of all this psychic mojo is a lot of STUFF is releasing that I’m guessing really need to be released. A step up must move a ton of crud out of the way.

Back when I was in high school, I was pretty dedicated to my dancing. And in the process of dancing in lessons after school and in high school dance classes, I was overusing my dominate leg tendon too much. When I was forced to run several miles around a track in a gym class I hated (still have nightmares about gym classes) I seriously pulled that tendon to its breaking point. For the first time in my life, I was on crutches trying to navigate my life until it healed.

I’m thinking that when we get hurt emotionally in life, whether from someone else’s actions, or from loss, or just from life circumstances, we are injured and have a wound, much like my hurt tendon.

The other day I got triggered. My emotions were set to high and you would think I was injured that day, but it was that old wound just getting re-injured. You know that saying, salt in a wound? That’s just what happens after big wounds. Some wounds don’t heal properly the first time around. Or, maybe, we just couldn’t feel at the time. It wasn’t safe and now that we are, it can truly heal. And just like any injury, the best thing is to stay off the leg for awhile so it can bring itself back into balance, and that means looking at the trigger and deciding what needs to be expressed, or felt, or even avoided what can trigger for healing’s sake until we are off the crutches. (Interesting how my dance injury did keep me out of gym class for several months, but forced me to miss dancing).

Years later, I am still dancing whenever I get the chance to, even spontaneous bursting into steps when the radio plays, but that leg still carries a small throb as a reminder to take it easy, and be extra careful with my soft spots.


You may enjoy my post on Broken Leg Theory, which is also included in my book, Help! I’m Sensitive

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12. Working on new storytelling & intuition class


Our souls whisper to us through stories. (Class starts March 21st)

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13. The Ditzy Fairy and Labeling


In Arizona right now, there is a law sitting on the Governor’s desk that will allow businesses to discriminate and not serve those that are gay based on religious beliefs. This legislation got me thinking about labels and how we perceive people when we only look at the surface.

Years back, I had an experience when I overheard an acquaintance tell her friend I was “flighty.” I had a legitimate reaction: I almost whacked her with my wand. Being a sensitive person I have two forms of reactions in my arsenal: I either want to smack people over the head and get bitchy, or I feel hurt. (I usually feel both). And yes I have wings that I only show my dearest and closest friends, so I can take flight sometimes when I need to, but being called flighty pissed me off. This woman knew me at a time when my whole life was crumbling, my beloved dog, Foxy, was in the process of leaving this world, my family was crumbling, and what this woman saw was my world’s ungrounded-ness. She, not knowing me well or knowing any of this, only saw the surface and made an assessment.

The definition of “flighty” found online: “not serious or dependable” “irresponsible” “flakey”

I equate flighty with being ditzy, which would be really nice, as you are never weighed down with thoughts.  (Finally, a good night’s sleep!) Ditzy equals lightheaded, not all there, a not super bright kind of formula. I wouldn’t want to be labeled that, ever. The truth of the matter is there isn’t a moment that I’m not thinking three thousand thoughts, including analyzing the meaning of the life while trying to figure out the formula for the back of Post-it paper. And like most sensitive empaths, I’m overly responsible feeling like it’s up to me to make sure most of the world’s population is happy and fully taken care of.

If we believe in magical things like fairies and the light, imaginative, happy part of this crazy world, are we then seen as ditzy and not down to earth? Are we prejudiced against? What if Arizona businesses had signs that said “No folks that believe in anything magical allowed here.” How would these businesses even know we thought this unless we carried a sign saying so?

Now, I can understand why she might have felt that way about me. I can look very ungrounded, flying around the room with a ton of hummingbird energy. That is my natural energy reserve because I am just plain excited and passionate about what this planet seems to offer. But I guarantee my head is not in the clouds but is in a planning/organizing stage. And give me sugar or caffeine and my sensitive, little body will be hanging from the ceiling lamp making giggling noises and I’ll be talking a mile a minute. I can also get overwhelmed with too much information coming in all at once which can give me that glossed-over look.

Over at my Facebook page I have my featured cupcake of the day and I like to share pictures of fairies and sweet dogs smiling.  Does that mean I am flighty and not seriously dealing with the big life issues of the day? Nope, the opposite. It’s because I have felt and lived the depth of this world — deep pain, deep love, deep hurt, deep everything —  that I know how crucial it is to share the good so we don’t get loss in that pain.

So before we label anyone inaccurately, we need to remember we are only judging the surface, and by labeling, much like those signs that might go up in Arizona restaurants, all we are doing is keeping so many others out, and missing out on the beautiful experience of seeing their greater depth.


*And many of us have experienced prejudice and labeling about just being sensitive or highly intuitive

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14. Classes Start Tomorrow and a Big Thank You



A Big Thank You

I am thrilled, tickled and happy of the growing success of Fairy & Empath Online School since I’ve moved my classes to this website. There’s a steady stream of new and returning students who I can spoil with tools and information, and hopefully, at the same time, inspire their creativity and expression. Let’s have fun while we learn!

Tomorrow Starts New Classes

A little reminder, tomorrow starts new sessions of the EMPATH SKILLS, TALKING TO ANGELS, GUIDES AND DEAD PEOPLE, FAIRY HEALING BEGINNER and FAIRY HEALING THE ANIMALS classes. Have you reserved your seat yet? Sign-ups all weekend long. Head on over to the catalogs: EMPATH SCHOOL, FAIRY ONLINE SCHOOL.

Hope to see you in class!




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15. A Call Out to Fairy People

fairywithoutorange with name

Call out to Fellow Fairies, Half Fairies, and Fairy Lovers:

I’ve been compiling fairy-related resources to share each time I give my Fairy Beginner Healing and Fairy Healing the Feminine classes (offered on a revolving basis). Every lesson I share a few links, whether a fairy artist, fairy reader, or a fairy place so students can emerge themselves into the world of fairy.

If you’d love a mention and some free publicity I’d love to share your services. Give me an email, leave a comment below, or message me on Facebook.

With appreciation,


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16. New Classes Start Friday


Just a reminder…new class sessions start on FRIDAY in both EMPATH & FAIRY ONLINE SCHOOL.

To check out the classes, for EMPATH SCHOOL, go HERE. For FAIRY ONLINE SCHOOL, go HERE.

Important Class Change

I need more time! The Storytelling and Intuition class will be moved to MARCH. For those of you who wanted to take this class but didn’t have time now for it, you are in luck. Registrations will be still taken until then.

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17. Today’s Ronni Tip


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18. Sketchbook Saturday/Weekend: Story class

Haven’t done a Sketchbook Saturday in awhile! Here’s images from the upcoming Storytelling and Intuition class (which conveniently is now taking registrations.)


We pick out your  STORY THEME of the week


I think classes and learning should always be REWARD-BASED, so we look at yours.


We make our “travel journals” collecting breadcrumbs from our stories


We look at our pictures for intuitive stories

Fun! Join me?

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19. Sketchbook Saturday:

sketchbook saturday


In process


Creating new online Visual Storytelling class.

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20. Ask the Empath 1/20


Here at The Designing Fairy, I often receive questions concerning being intuitive that folks are scared or puzzled about. This is the beginning of a series where you can ask questions about your psychic abilities, and I will attempt to help and answer. I’ll be answering from my own experiences, and if I don’t have the information or answers, I’ll do a little research and find out.

The question

“Sarah” shares that she is beginning to pick up what feels like spirits in the room. She’s scared and confused and wants to know what is “wrong” with her.

The answer

Dear Sarah,

Sounds like you are an empath who has abilities in being aware of the energies around you. It’s like your “Spidey” sense. I liken psychic ability to playing the piano. Everyone can push a few random keys and make music. Not everyone becomes a concert pianist. Everyone has intuitive abilities. It’s to what degree and how much, and how turned on it is.

With feeling or noticing spirits, you have some mediumship abilities. You are just seeing what is there, but not noticeable to everyone. You can “tune in” to spirits by striking up some conversation or simply tune in and see what images or information receive. But always do so with boundaries. Just like you would be cautious letting anyone into your home, you would do the same with your personal, psychic space.

The more you talk to people who have similar abilities, and the more control you feel over them, the less fearful you will be.

Hope that helps!

Fairy blessings,


If you have a question, feel free to fill out my Contact Form


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21. January classes start tomorrow

A little reminder…

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 2.34.38 PM


Section 2 of January classes start tomorrow. Did you reserve your space?

I’ve loved hosting my classes here instead of Schoology! Schoology is great and organized, but it’s nicer to have the classes here and be able to have the hands-on personal touch that allows me to have.

Ready to have some fun? Empath School here, Fairy Online School here.

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22. Excited…excited…New Storytelling and Intuition class starts Feb. 21st


So, I’m super excited. I had this idea for this class months ago and I can’t wait to share with you my deep passion for story-making.

What if we could deeper understand and have clarity in our lives by expressing our stories? It was a simple idea that came into my head while reading Christopher Vogler’s book The Writer’s Journey. If we dive down into our stories and relate it to the hero’s journey, everything makes sense. And what if our intuition and our souls were trying to talk to us every day through our different stories that we encounter?


Being a creative person, like most of you readers, my story comes out everyday I make some form of art. There’s gold there just for me–communication from my soul.

Join me on this storytelling 5-week online journey as we explore this avenue of communication. We’ll play and have fun, of course, and have some valuable “aha moments.”

For details and to register, head on over to HERE.

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23. Working on class launch

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.15.33 PM

So excited and psyched! All the details coming tomorrow….you will love it!

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24. Field of Dreams quotes

I quoted my fav movie, Field of Dreams, in today’s post. Reading about the movie’s trivia over at IMdB, I learned an interesting fact (among others):

“According to supplementary material on the DVD edition of this film, shortly before shooting began, the actor who played Ray Kinsella’s father, Dwier Brown, was notified that his father unfortunately pass away. Immediately after the funeral, he traveled directly from the funeral to filming in Iowa for the scene. He stated that although the emotion was too fresh and painful, it had an effect on how he eventually played his scene with Kevin Costner.”

–quoted from the IMdB website. 

Check out the quotes here.

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25. Understanding Empathy and Letting Go

bun bun

From FIELD OF DREAMS: “Ease his pain.”

Like many of you, I wake up in the morning, fresh from dreaming, bringing back some kind of message or understanding. The lesson downloaded into my brain this morning was about empathy.

What is empathy anyway? Most of us would define it as feeling what another person is feeling, relating, and being able to step into their shoes. You feel the sadness and relate when someone posts on Facebook about saying goodbye the last time to their beloved dog. Your heart hurts for them. You feel when your friend is sick and want to make her better. You watch the devastation on television of those who have lost their homes in a tornado and your gut aches for what they are going through.

There is different levels of empathy–how much it is turned on. When I was in high school, I remember feeling so much pain in middle school that I learned feeling was a not a safe thing. I shut that part of me off. I stayed on the surface. It wasn’t gone; it came out in stomach aches.

There are folks who are very extroverted who only feel their own space and don’t always feel the space of others. They have empathy, it’s in there, they are just more focused inward.

There are folks who read this blog who are Empaths. We feel everything. The empathy button is on so strong it can be overwhelming and debilitating. We feel times a hundred. That’s why sometimes it shuts off and we numb over or we couldn’t function.

There are many closet sensitives out there who appear un-feeling who are really our fellow brethren who felt way too much at some time and were seriously hurt, and so they can’t feel anymore. It isn’t safe to.

Then there are folks out there who have no empathy. They came in for special purposes, some of them, and perhaps, feelings would get in the way of that mission. They don’t feel when you are hurt. They don’t see how their actions affect others. They don’t hurt when others hurt because they don’t know how. The parts of the brain that feels that is broken. They live a different life. Do we have empathy for them? Maybe we can just understand what’s missing and see them differently.

I watch empathy in my dogs. If I am crying, they can feel my sadness, and will rush over and try to comfort me. It goes beyond instinct.

In my life right now, I am being asked to live at a deeper level of empathy, to put my feelings aside, for what is best for another. My little family lost a member the other day. Bun-Bun, my parakeet of almost nine years died suddenly. Before she died she had communicated very strongly that she missed Prosperity who had crossed over in September. She loved us but her body was starting to slow down and her heart ached for her companion. I’m being asked to look beyond my selfishness of wanting her to be here–to hear her beautiful little song-y chit chat throughout my day and having her companionship–and to honor her wishes. In this situation, I need to step into her spirit feet, feel her happiness and joy now of being reunited, and honor what she wanted and what is best for her first. It’s here where my empathy is a gift I can give her.

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