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An inspirational illustrator/writer/author's sketch blog and place to talk about making books, creating, babysitting elderly beagles, visiting dog parks for inspiration, and spotting fairies.
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1. Fairy Research

I have been busy creating the Fairy Deck which involves frequent trips to Nature. Oh the horrors! Ha ha. It’s starting to get buggy out there in the aftermath of Arizona monsoon season, but all part fairies are drawn to Nature and need it to survive.


There’s the gentle signs that Fall is just around the corner. Why must Summer go by so quickly?


Often the kind of healing magic of plants that you need surrounds you and is right in your backyard. ROSEMARY is really great for grounding and focus and just happens to be growing like crazy in my yard right now. The bush is almost as big as the tree! I know I need this essence for sure, especially while finishing this deck.


The Snapdragon was very quiet in the middle summer heat but has bounced back with all the rains.  This is another great plant with healing qualities that include helping with headaches and tension. I wonder if it will help me with Hayfever.


One of the new cards has been revealed. Can you guess what letter it is?

Where is your favorite place in Nature to visit? Is it your own backyard? Or a park or forest? 

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2. August’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Card

This month’s card from the Healing Fairy Alphabet:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.26.56 PM


C is for Cocoon.

This the card of waiting, rest, planning ahead, dreaming. It might look like there is nothing happening on the surface, but much is unfolding.

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3. Vacation?


Since August is rather quiet for me, I am taking some time to work on my fairy deck. With my active brain, want to say relax and rest, but I have no idea what those concepts mean. :) I’ve posted a bunch of September classes that now have open registration. Head to EMPATH SCHOOL or FAIRY SCHOOL to see and sign up.

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4. Deck-making magic in the studio

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.33.48 AM







Working diligently on the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for its September launch.

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5. Empath Skills Class



Here’s the LINK.

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6. It’s coming along



I’ve been diligently working away at my FAIRY DECK for its September release. You can see my process on Instagram or Tumblr.

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7. Dude! It’s Forest Camp!


Forest Online Camp starts this Friday! OMG! Since I can’t take all of you to the forest, I can bring the forest to you. Let’s have a campfire and roast marshmallows, and find ladybugs to talk to, while counting the new seeds in the trees. We will discover and play with our different “clairs” while nurturing our bodies with the sensual treasures found in Nature. I made a movie about the class and registration is open, so head on over to see and sign up HERE.

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Explore your senses…


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9. How to overload a sensitive


Sensitive folks overload easily. The cause is not because we are delicate or weak. We are just wired to pick up all the layers of information at once. This means we pick up the subtle nuances most miss, like the sound of the doves singing outside the window, or that a friend is cranky even though she hasn’t said or showed any indication. On the flip side of this is we can take in all that information and fry our brains and emotions when it gets way too much (picture the heads exploding like in that old horror movie, Scanners. Yup, not a pretty picture and of course, not literal.) You can be pretty sure a sensitive has gone into overload when they show signs of shutdown which include a blank look, anxiety/nervousness, spaced-out feeling, or signs of insecurity. Symptoms look different in each sensitive. And what every sensitive wants is to be understood and known. So non-sensitives, LEARN THESE. And sensitives, share this list with your non-sensitives.

The Top 10 Ways to Overload a Sensitive

(and to be loving and kind to your sensitive AVOID these):

1. Push.

This warning label (“do not push”) should come with every sensitive born into this world. Pushing does not motivate a sensitive. It forces the automatic shut down valve to go off. Pushing only speeds up the “take in-sort through-digest” process making overwhelm happen faster because there’s no time to digest. It also just really pisses us off.

2. Load a ton of responsibility on our shoulders, be sure to not acknowledge or appreciate what we are already doing, and then add more. 

That one speaks for itself, but I must say, as a tribe, sensitive folk are usually over-responsible and will take on a great deal as it is.

3. Increase sensory input.

Add very loud music we can’t control, or let in a swarm of flies in the room that can’t be caught. I am a tolerant person but when my neighbor plays country music on full throttle until 2 a.m., I’m going to get a little out of balance.

4. Expect a day of constant stimulation out of us.

Start the day early by taking us out for the day shopping, then stop at a crowded restaurant, go sight-seeing, and then dancing all night with a ton of noise and people. Just see what happens. Observe. Be sure to not include any breaks or alone time.

5. Add any illness to the day and then introduce either 1/, 2/, or 3/. Heck, even 4/.

Add llness or even a woman’s “time of the month,” and we are down for the count. Then all the sensory input and noise just swoops right in because our thin walls are way down. It’s a little like having the radio on several channels at once.

6. Add a crowd. 

I still write about the Willie Nelson concert I went to that had a line wrapped around the casino to get into, then I was surrounded by a huge stadium-filled crowd screaming. Thank goodness it was outside because a crowd packed into a room with no walls? Oh fun.

7. Increase time pressure.

This one goes along with the “pushing” category. Sensitive folk like to flow in the zone moving to their own rhythms. We are great with deadlines but we need to control how we get there. I watch Project Runway and each episode when the designers get closer to presenting their creations, we can feel their tension through the screen. Let us control our rhythm.

8. Layer on the emotional sad stories. 

We can sometimes overload from reading the Facebook feed of sad stories everyone is feeling. We feel compassion when our friends are going through rough times. Our hearts can jump out of our chests and MERGE. Our empathy is our superpower and it can be unbalanced at times when it’s multiplied.

9. Give us too much change at once. 

We like our change in smaller steps; a little like slowly entering the pool rather then diving right in. We get in there, it just takes a little longer.

10. Add too many little technical things that don’t work.

I am sure this one matches everyone not just sensitive folk. Have a day where the bank screws up your account, or your computer doesn’t respond, or there’s a glitch in Photoshop and you lost all your data, and we will get rather testy. THEN add any two from the above list and we frazzle up quite good.

So, be kind to a sensitive today. Understand what creates overload and what makes life work swimmingly well for your sensitive friend. And for goodness sake, never ever say, “You need to toughen up instead!” That’s like being short and being told to be tall! Say that and you will see a different kind of overload.

Fairy blessings,


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10. HUGE Flower Essence Sale Plus New Ones!

July Sale July 10th to the July 13th: All Essences $7.00

Spotlight Essences include:



SQUASH for courage, CALENDULA for empathic boundaries (ahhh, finally), NEW! ECHINACEA for balancing all over and putting the pieces back together and more! All gentle and made with apple cider vinegar (really healing in itself). Great for Sensitive folks. Sale ends on Sunday when I order a ton of bottles! Head on over NOW to order and have nature support. Go HERE.

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11. This week’s poll: fairy camp?

Take Our Poll

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12. A Sensitive Goes to the Movies: Two Scary Ones



Have you recently gone to the movies (or rented on Netflix) and thought, “Dear Lord, why didn’t you warn me!” Yes, me too. So I thought, why not start a bi-monthly report here at The Designing Fairy, to warn my fellow sensitives and save them a ton of therapy.

This week’s selections: Bates Motel and The Awakening

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.28.12 AM


photo credit: Netflix
  • Netflix description: “Everyone knows what happened in Psycho, but this chilling series takes viewers inside Norman Bates‘ world before Marion Crane checked in.”
  • Warnings posted: The show is listed under “scary and dark.” My gut should have alerted me since it’s not a happy bunny kind of subject.
  • My warning: Don’t watch the Pilot. If you are a sensitive, you will need years of therapy to process the senseless violence you just witnessed for the sake of entertainment. *Spoiler alert* there’s a rape scene halfway through that can’t be stomached, and I do understand the writer’s motive including it to show the breakdown of the psychological state of Norman’s mom, but c’mon! The character committing the act was cartoonish, one-sided aggression/craziness and the act portrayed and showed in the movie, just out and out horrible. I can’t tell you if the rest of the Pilot was worse or better as I pretty much stop watching at that point and had to fill my mind up with happy things like dancing bunnies and happy wagging tails. (Several episodes of Adventureland seemed to help)
  • Sensitive consensus: I talked to my friends on FB who all agreed that they also stopped watching after the senseless violence.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.36.05 AM

photo credit: Netflix
  • Netflix description: “A haunted boarding school calls on Florence Cathcart, who disproves hoaxes for a living. But the strange place leads Cathcart to question rationality.”
  • Warnings posted: It is listed as a horror movie and categorized as “chilling and suspenseful.”
  • My warning: This was a really interesting plot for a ghost story and very clever. Many, in the reviews I read, compared it to The Others, which haunted you psychologically way after watching it.  The scary element isn’t too bad more like lots of “boo” moments. No visions that will stick in your mind until more toward the climax of the movie is a scene of sexual violence that matched Bates Motel. The character culprit was useless to the plot, the moment contradicted the story as the main character was rather powerful and strong, and viewers did not enjoy watching her helpless, at least I sure didn’t. I did enjoy the movie up until that point, and it was so distasteful it was like hearing someone write on a chalkboard with their nails.

What’s with it, Hollywood? A movie nowadays isn’t complete without violence to women? Rethink your writing. Then we all wonder why politics takes our rights away out from under us. As for you my fellow sensitives, stay away from these two and for scary, stick to old episodes of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Until next time, Fairy blessings,


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13. Sketchbook Saturday on a Monday

sketchbook saturdayI know. I used to have Sketchbook Saturday, but I switched the dates. A gal can change her mind. I’ve been drawing on Saturday, but posting on Monday now. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

heal copy


weekend frame of mind



for the Healing Fairy Alphabet deck. Can you guess which letter?


playing with new color pencil set from Target

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14. This week I am learning…

fairywithoutorange (2)“I resist the urge to give MORE when I am not getting what I need.”

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15. What the heck is a flower essence?

Glad you asked. Often students and readers ask me this. Rather then go into a long diatribe that makes their eyes glass over, I share this video I made.

Cool, huh? Flower essences are so great for working with sensitive people because they are non-toxic and we are so darn sensitive that the essence goes straight to what needs healing in a loving, gentle way, giving tons of us insights.

What are flower essences teaching video from Designing Fairy Cinema on Vimeo.

I’m offering FLOWER ESSENCES HEALING in July. You can take advantage of the HUGE sale by signing up now over here.

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16. Fairy Fabulous Sale on June Classes



THIS WEEK ONLY. Online classes start this Friday, June 27th. Classes offered:

Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing 

Empath Skills Class

Tell Your Stories: Where Intuition Meets Story

Fairy Healing the Feminine class

Healing with Roses

Animal Mediumship

Flower essence healing (starts in July)

Well, what you waiting for? Go sign up to begin having fun this Friday!

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17. In the studio drawing dogs

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.34.48 AM

mini movie in progress

do you follow my YouTube channel?

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18. Coming soon…camp


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19. Are you on Pinterest? THE visual addiction

Are you on PINTEREST? Come follow me HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.01.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.00.54 PM

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20. Prayers for the Forest

Prayers for one of my favorite places, Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona which is being attacked by fires right now.


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21. Online Classes Start Friday

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.16.35 PM


Fun and Creative Online Classes in EMPATH SCHOOL and FAIRY ONLINE SCHOOL start Friday. Reserve your space!

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22. When I stopped making things


I stopped making little films.

It hit me the other day when I felt the urge to make a little film for my social media client. The hunger to make one made itself known with familiar pangs and growls. It had been over a year since I gathered images and wrote a story and this confused me. Why did I stop?

Why do we stop doing what we love? “We lose permission” is the thought that came into my head when I asked this. When I was going to Grad School, I had permission and a structure which included definite expectations and assignments for the reward of a certificate. Most of these assignments involved making little videos to teach our message. I dove into the task with such lust that I knew this was my passion. I experimented with light animation, silly web shows, and personal stories in color pencil. I was always a storyteller, but now I had a vehicle that really matched me.


When school ended, I was left without permission. I needed to dive back into the work world and make money, and the films now seemed impractical. They needed to make a lot of money right away for them to be “worthwhile” and I didn’t know how. So I shut down that part of me.

A few months ago, I told a new friend what I did for a living. I hesitantly included creating little movies. “Oh, that’s a hobby then?” she said. I cringed down into the deep hollow of my stomach. “No,” I replied. “That’s my passion.” The words bursted out on their own before I could stuff them back in.

We stop painting, woodworking, writing songs. We stop crafting, jewelry-making, ceramics painting, doodling and drawing for fun. We become the “grown-ups” who are responsible, accountable, and serious, and if we have a teeny bit of time leftover, we let ourselves indulge. Many folks wait until they retire to have permission. All this withholding creates bitter, depressed, dried up people that take away the joy from the world.

Part of the creative process, whether by career or choice, is the PLAY stage. When scientists discover cures, they are first experimenting, which is their idea of playing. We experiment with tools, play, try out materials and techniques, and what comes out of that process can be very fruitful and helpful to others. When I made my FAIRY GUIDE I was playing in the garden. I wanted to learn about nature and healing. And what came out of those notes was a school that is over eight years old and international, and hopefully, helping many. Engaging in your creative passion is necessary. Nurturing your loves and where your creative impulses are taking you is following your intuition/gut, which is leading you to your greatest success (financially and/or emotionally) and where you need to be. It’s responsible. 

I’m self-nurturing now by diving back into movie making. It feeds me like nothing else does. I feel filled up, joyful and 100% me. And it could lead to huge financial success in ways I haven’t even discovered yet,  and/or it could just make me happy, and I deserve to be happy.

I give you permission to play, experiment, and dive down into your creative passion.



You might enjoy my upcoming Fairy Healing the Feminine (which talks about self nurturing) or Telling Your Story creative class which both start June 27th.

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23. I want to hear from you!


I am diligently working on book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series. I’ve been pretty much involved in its writing most the year as I collect stories and experiences in my mountain of journals. And here’s the thing, I’d love to hear from you. What problem as a sensitive, do you want to see me cover? Dealing with issues of focus, or maybe, panic attacks? Dealing with insensitive people is your biggest hassle? Use the CONTACT FORM below and speak up. What do you need tools to deal with?


Thank you my dear readers! I appreciate your feedback. Fairy blessings,



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24. June Classes!

A new session of Empath and Fairy Online School starts June 27th, including new class, Tell Your Story. Have you reserved your seat yet? A great way to spend your summer. (And look for special CAMP starting in July. Details coming here).

 Check out the course descriptions and to sign up now, go here.

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25. If you need a good cry…

I am one that will hold on tight to my emotions in order to stay in strength, but sometimes, I need some releasing of the dam to maintain balance or mine erupts. Because I’m not a crier easily, I need to jump-start the process. Perhaps, you are the same. Here are my top Crying Resources to allow me to have a good cry, release, and be back in balance. Drum roll please.

Top 5 Crying-starting Resources:

  1. Watch the finales of any competition reality show. I just watched Robert win Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge (spoiler alert) and the tears flowed in happiness for the guy. It’s wonderful watching someone’s hard work pay off and dream come true. This is a good cathartic cry that is unchallenging and doesn’t push too many buttons. 
  2. Watch more television. Last night I watched a marathon of Pretty Little Liars and witnessed the usually perfectly-attired and made-up actresses fall apart by wearing mis-matched clothing and minimal makeup while their sanity and lives fell apart. I cried along with them in unison but this cry brought up pass pain to release, and should be monitored to avoid going down roads that are unhelpful and unnecessary to the therapeutic process.
  3. I read an article today in the Facebook Feed about a local puppy that is in the hospital after being thrown from a car window. This was an ugly, torturous cry. I felt so deeply for this baby and anger for those who hurt it, and a deep sadness for the state of humanity. This is a tough cry that should only be tackled on courageous days you can handle it, otherwise, to be avoided. 
  4. Sappy feel-good movies such as Field of Dreams are perfect for feeling better about life in general and experiencing a really healthy cry. Best antidote after reading Facebook feed puppy stories. Look for movies that you know will end happy. We don’t want surprise twist endings here. AVOID movies like the current one in the theaters where everyone is dying. The Titantic is about a sinking ship. You know that one won’t fare well. Use your common sense here.
  5. There are good spontaneous cries when someone gives you a hug when you need it, or says something so perfect that you feel seen and validated. These cries can’t be arranged, but fall under really good release cries. Increase these any time you can.

Well, there’s my recommendations. What’s yours? Or, are you the type of crier who needs no help?

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