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An inspirational illustrator/writer/author's sketch blog and place to talk about making books, creating, babysitting elderly beagles, visiting dog parks for inspiration, and spotting fairies.
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1. Last Sale of the Year

I didn’t want to join the Spammy crowd of emails we get this time of year of prolonged Cyber Sales, but I did want to cut a break for my readers and students. So, I give you the

Last Sale of the Year

Sale on my Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck, which is receiving rave reviews. Get your deck for yourself or a fab-u-lous gift for a friend HERE, who will totally dig it. Thank you for those rave reviews, by the way. (I’ve also been developing curriculum to go with the deck for Nature Education purposes.) If you have a deck, consider signing up for the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck course over here to learn tips and the dress cards’ secrets.


Early Bird Rates especially for new class, Wild Worlds Within, that start in January. Reserve your space now with cool lower rates. Head over to the catalog to peruse. Sale is only until end of Thursday, the 17th!


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2. A Gnome House Arrives


Thank you to my Aunt Ellen, who gifted me with an early birthday present, a gnome house. The gnomes that live in my kitchen will love it. Perhaps, they will do the dishes for me now.


Uh oh, the Dental Twins, Frank and Justine are eyeing the home. They aren’t too keen living on the cold windowsill.


Frank investigates.

Could be a war between the Dental Twins and the Kitchen Gnomes. Stay tuned…

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3. Help for the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.21.13 AM

Ebook support when you need it. BUY HERE.

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4. Seeing the Value

dancing flower


I learned an important lesson this week on feeling valued.

Usually while you are in the midst of living, you curse, complain and suffer through when bad things happen or you are uncomfortable. You don’t see the message or what you are learning until AFTER the fact.

I am teaching kids design and storytelling. My design class is eager and they carry their sketchbooks around to every class designing pants outfits and dresses during break times. They burst through the doors with enthusiasm ready to sketch. Teaching this group is invigorating and fun. I want to come up with a ton of ideas to inspire them and nurture their budding talents. They value the class and the subject.

My story class has been…a challenge. Part of the issue is we aren’t set up with the computer programs or cameras yet and so there is a lag on what I can cover vs. what I want to cover. The group of kids are all over the place in attention. They are rude, talk over me when I am trying to teach, and have little enthusiasm for the projects. I have one child that tends to finish all assignments in two minutes, handing over her notebook crying out “Done!” as if it is a race. I plan my curriculum the day before with such love, and spice it up with inspiration and fun, hoping it will catch on with this group of students. After the second try with this group, I took one look at them and set it straight. I told them we were thinking of canceling the course because this was not rewarding for anyone. I wasn’t going to be a babysitter, or jump up and down and entertain. I was physically and emotionally drained and defeated when I left that class and I never want to feel that way teaching. After my big speech the kids focused on the exercise before them, but I had already made my decision.

This was a turning point for me and I am surprised there wasn’t a big lightbulb that burst over my head in the middle of the speech. I don’t usually just give up. I have a long-standing habit of giving so much where it isn’t valued. I just keep giving and giving, and if that doesn’t work, I try harder. I was able to FEEL the devaluing while teaching in that classroom. Perhaps the feeling was shame and insecurity first because I internalized their devaluing as rejection. Then I just felt hopeless and depressed and later, the drain.

If they don’t see the value of what you are giving, you are going to feel a huge energy loss.

It’s time to look back over everything I give and decide, where is it valued? Keep those. And instead of keep trying and trying and putting it out there (in all aspects of life) only offer where its worth is reflected back.


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5. Fairy Deck Course Available this Friday

Only $25.00. Sign up here.

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6. December’s Classes

December classes for information, tools and fun. Check out:



Have a deck? Want to learn how to use it? Fun videos and info. Starts Friday. Sign up here for Healing Fairy Alphabet deck course


Need support for your sensitive self this month? Sign up for the CS102 workshop classes here. Lots of Nature tools in this class.



LOTS OF EARLY BIRD SPECIALS for January Classes. Take advantage in December. Sign up HERE by going to the catalog.

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7. This Week’s Card is N is for Nest in High Places


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.07.31 PM

Christmas Cards.

Christmas Shopping.

Crazy Cooking.

Visits. Errands. Parties. Parades.

Work-related duties. Home-related duties.

Christmas music blaring.

This is the time of year of OVERLOAD of activity and information. The N is for Nest in High Places card can represent limitations and recognizing your limits, which is the word of the week.

It’s okay to have limits. Being a Capricorn and a bit of a workaholic, I have never been good at recognizing limits. I found this out the other day when I was very irritable and weepy, and headachy. It didn’t even occur to me that I was just plain tired and needed to rest. How awful to not even recognize what being tired felt like.

Being sensitive I need to be able to recognize my limits. You can push and push me, but the only result will be meltdown or overload and then I will freeze up and get nothing done.

I read a great article years ago, I think in Oprah magazine, about a woman dealing with overload asking for help from the resident coach. She was definitely wired sensitive and she came from a very successful, extroverted family. The coach suggested she choose three things that day to focus and accomplish. That’s it. Doable. The woman tried it and actually felt a sense of achievement and flow. She felt competent rather then always falling behind. How cool is that?

How can you this week focus on a few things a day to accomplish and recognize and honor your limits. For goodness sake, you aren’t Superman or Woman! (Unless there is a cape somewhere stashed away.)


Grab your deck before they sell out over here. Deck class starts Friday.

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8. Thoughts from a sensitive: ENOUGH

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.50.54 AM

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9. Are Sensitive People Part Border Collie?

chaos calmI don’t like chaos. I used to think it was wanting control but I am realizing it’s my sensitive brain needing order. It all makes sense. As a highly sensitive person, I have a ton of information coming in at once. I notice the big things, the tiny things, and the things on an intuitive level also. That’s a ton of neurons firing and sorting at once. So it makes sense if I walked into a room that was, for example, a crazy party, my brain would take in the flashing lights, the music, the people, the people and their thoughts and feelings, ALL AT ONCE and I could easily overheat my main drive.

Walking into a crazy classroom, I feel like a border collie wanting to get some order with these disorganized sheep that are wandering here and there. I look to create immediate order, and the best way to do that is create some kind of focus in the messiness in front of me. Being sensitive is all about the path of self-acceptance. If I had physical limitations, like one leg, or couldn’t see, I would have to adapt and create a way of being. And I don’t think being sensitive is a limitation, but being not the norm in society, we sure are treated as such. We need to know ourselves and know what we need. (And the positive flip side of this is I am great at editing, pulling together a product or project, and can pull out intuitive information that isn’t available to everyone, and a host of other gifts.)

I like the gas in the car analogy. If I know my car needs special gas to function well, I don’t shame and frown at the car. If I know my body can’t do milk, I don’t shame my body (although I do get frustrated when pizza is around), I listen to my body. This is what this body needs or doesn’t need. Pushing my system to just “adapt” to wild chaos and the party in front of me, is just funny. It’s ignoring how you are wired. With the party situation, I know that I need to create some focus. I can focus on my friends, or the dessert table :), or dance and just go into my own little world. Focusing can help block out the extra noise so I create order in my brain. I accept I have a border collie in me that is protecting my sensitive system. And when the little guy can’t round up the sheep, I know I will have some difficulties and will need to work through it and with it, not ignore this fact. Otherwise, I know the consequence, and it looks the same as if I had eaten that slice of pizza.

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10. Cyber Monday SALE

Lots of Goodies to Choose TODAY ONLY:


Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck $28.00 SALE TODAY ONLY BUY HERE


Help! I’m Sensitive paperback straight from the author $8.00 Today BUY HERE

Cover for Holidays help copy

How to Survive the Holidays, If You Are Sensitive eBook $3.00 Today BUY HERE


Fairy Beginner Healing class January class Only $69.00 Today Only BUY HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 7.43.59 PM

For The Love of Dog book Only $5.00 Today BUY HERE


Empath Skills class in January $69.00 Buy Here


15% Off Everything in my Etsy Shop Today GO HERE.

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11. Until Cyber Monday



And November Classes Start this Weekend! Catalog is HERE to reserve your seats!

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12. In the Sandbox

Belonging to yourself…

I used to have a post that was Sketchbook Saturday, because I draw like crazy on Saturdays. That’s probably why I love Saturdays so much. I’ve been feeling lately like my blog has lost its way a bit and has had less of me in it. And it dawned on my when I woke up this morning, “Hello! It’s YOUR blog!” So I am reclaiming it. And I want to play. And share. And invite you into my giant sandbox. Most of my stuff in my sketchbook has a purpose because I collect little pieces here and there for fun ways to teach. They make their way into books or classes, most the time. And hopefully, I will inspire you to make your own drawings.


the plight of the sensitive tummy


magical forest: what kind of seeds would each tree make?


fairy cupcakes made from magic

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13. Makes Great Gifts, Hint Hint


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14. Thoughts of a Sensitive

A good reminder still on the theme of belonging…thoughtssensitivegiveaway

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15. Fairy Card for this Week: I is for Indian Gardens

This week’s theme is BELONGING.Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.27.51 AM

Holidays can be tough.

We aren’t with loved ones who are far away, and we are with loved ones that may be emotionally far away or don’t understand us. I picked the I is for Indian Gardens card, which is all about belonging for this week.

How do we know where we are supposed to be? Here’s a fun exercise to do. Here’s two lists. One, is the feelings you have when you are where you belong, and the other where you probably don’t fit. Recall a time when you felt a great sense of belonging. I always think back to Drama Club in high school. Those were a fun bunch of kids. Then think of situations or scenarios which felt the opposite. This is your “template” you can go to when you are feeling out of sorts or rejected, and don’t know why.

Here’s my lists.

Bliss and Belonging List

They just see you and think you are kinda cool.

You are in flow.

You feel creative.

You feel expansive and hopeful.

You feel supported.

You feel like you can just be you and it’s enough. You can let go and relax.

All that you offer is more than enough.

They compliment you and you compliment them.


Where You Might Not Belong List

You feel like you need to jump up and down to be seen.*

You keep trying.

You feel like you have to give to get what you need.

You want to change yourself to belong.

You might feel shame.

You contract and feel less hopeful.

You don’t feel understood. You have to explain yourself.

This applies to your social circle, your work, your job and even using social media. If you are feeling you are invisible in certain social media, go where you are seen! It’s an awful, awful feeling when you hear the crickets sounding and nothing else in the room when you are offering a lot. That’s a sure sign you aren’t supposed to be there; that isn’t your audience. But you might find that certain things match one medium better than another. For instance, my posts for classes works great on my blog, but not always on Facebook, but I found a welcome home on Pinterest for them. My art digs being on Instagram and there’s lots of love there, but when I post on Facebook sometimes I feel ignored and then I slowly experience the second list.

Have fun making your lists today. This is a great tool to get you out of funk and back to where you belong.

*BIG indicator


Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck available here, by the way

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16. Last Day for Early Bird Discount

goodybagIt’s the Last Day for Early Bird Discount on The Help! I’m Sensitive Support Course. Have you reserved your space? It starts next Friday. Here’s a freebie from the Class! For sensitive folks, we can often become very drained and empty from living at a high intensity, because we process everything at once and at a deep level. It’s important to take time out and fill back up with nurturance, especially making sure you have space to breathe all around you. Here’s a writing prompt to get you started:


Subscribers, take advantage of the Early Bird Rate HERE.

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17. This Week’s Featured Card: P is for Fairy Path


P is for Fairy Path.

This card can have many meanings for you when you see it, so always trust your guidance. There is one lesson associated with this card I’d like to share that demonstrates the negative and positive aspects of this card.

Everyone has a path unique to themselves. If something isn’t on your path, or you try to walk in the footsteps of someone else’s path, it won’t work. I saw this lesson recently in my own life.

I’m thick. Sometimes I need a cosmic two-by-four to bop me in the head to pay attention to what I need to know. I often experience the lesson over and over until I “get it.”

When I lost my part time gig marketing because of the economy, I really muddled around. I went the logical route and followed family advice to go after what was most lucrative. I learned quickly what doesn’t work for me. I had one nightmare situation after another as I desperately chased after the money I needed vs. where my heart wanted to go. On hindsight, I was probably using or offering skills that aren’t my best. I can honestly say that I even went into a fog where I forgot completely what my path was. I had to ask my friends what was it I loved to do, as if a giant cloud took over my focus and my memories.

I had one job offer that was such a bad fit that I felt ill even thinking about it. But here I was, in a time period when my school wasn’t running yet (it was late summer), my deck wasn’t released, and I had lost my pt job. I was desperate. I had to make a decision and fast, but every time I thought about this job, I either had a back ache, stomach ache or rashes. Many friends around me insisted this was my one choice, but then several looked at me, and knew, this was not a job that was on my path. It didn’t fit my sensitive personality, even a little bit. I’d probably last through a few days of training before messing up or needing to be on migraine medicine.

Things did improve but it was one dark period trusting myself to get back on path. I knew I loved teaching, writing and creating products that teach. It was my heart path. I joined an online Facebook group with the fabulous Fabeku, who teaches you to find your Superpower. I knew mine, I just had to believe in it again, and believe I had a right to pursue it.

I had another interview that makes me chuckle right now. It was for a retail clothing store job. The interviewer barely looked at my resume and forgot my name (never a good sign). She didn’t care about my special skills or superpowers, she wanted to know if I could run a cash register and climb a ladder. There’s this inventory closet that is loaded with clothes and boxes and each day you would climb this ladder and check the boxes on a far shelf. Now I hate climbing ladders and heights, but I told her not a problem. But the issue was my height. Even with the ladder, I probably couldn’t reach those boxes, and she managed to point that out. I am pretty sure I didn’t get that job because of that one fact. I walked out feeling ashamed and not happy who I was, which is a sure sign you are not on your path.

On my next interview, I listened to the job described and felt tingles all through my body. I felt emotional, in a very good way–the kind of spontaneous cry that bursts through that you know you are hitting pay dirt to your soul. After we discussed the details, the interviewer told me I was an Ideal Candidate and she wanted to offer me the job. This was the complete opposite of being shamed for a ladder. The whole process was effortless and flowed. I felt like I was with a kindred spirit. I walked out feeling expansive and hopeful again wondering what other dreams I could pursue and add to that new job that followed this unique path that was made just for me.

You are supposed to feel good. You are supposed to feel honored for your special gifts. You are supposed to be appreciated. And when you don’t feel any of that, you are probably just off your unique path.


To buy your deck and be part of the fun, go HERE.

If you already bought your deck, there’s a Info Class with lessons like this in December HERE.

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18. Help! I’m Sensitive Support Course more details


More details have been posted for the new course starting November 28th. Register now for Early Bird Rate. Go here to check it out, reserve your space, and get more support for your sensitive self, especially during the crazy holiday season.

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19. The deck is here.

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20. Don’t give up on Heart Projects and Virtual Popcorn

Time for some virtual popcorn loaded with fairy dust. A little bit of advice, be sure not to drive after eating this.

Popcorn animation

2005 I started the deck. This was the first card.

sunflowersidewayswithS 900

I sat down with my Bestie at the time and she looked at the first sketches of the first cards and said, “This should be a deck,” because, well, she’s smart and highly intuitive.

Life got in the way. Lots of life, and lots of big stuff.

Once in my fairy castle I felt inspiration all around me, and as I healed, each card was a lesson learned.


The cards needed form so it became a calendar.

indiangardenscalendar copy

I loved the calendar although they were HUGE and I thought they would be much smaller. They were crazy hard to send out in the mail, especially to Italy and Russia. You should have saw the packages that went out. They were also HUGE. And well, I am the size of a fairy.

But I still felt an unrest. My original intention for the cards haunted me. I felt unfinished.

I received more card ideas. I took notes. Nature’s messages popped up all around and talked to me. It was fun watching each card emerge when I needed an idea. There were unexpected sunflowers and inchworm visits. Faces in trees popped out. I was regrounding on the earth. I dived down into the drawing, the color, and the passion and love I felt creating, and doing what I love to do the most.


This summer I got close to the finish line for the first time. I was determined. They needed to be born, and like all ideas that are destiny, they PERSIST. I just had to sit down and create and face all my fears and hop in.


I will let you in on a little secret. When the cards arrived I experienced an emotional roller coaster–up and down feelings. I felt such pride. I knick picked the printing. I played with them. I stared at them. I had finished this huge thing and I was in awe. I also felt such fear. I think it was vulnerability I was feeling. I was in every part of that deck. I was exposed. Would they like it? Was it enough?! Would it be helpful to others? If you ever want to go through and sift through major shit and finally clear it out and stare it in the face, finish a major project.

And now I feel that “detached” feeling you get when the project becomes part of the world and is no longer your own.

That took awhile to go through all those birthing stages in the past few weeks. And now I feel that “detached” feeling you get when the project becomes part of the world and is no longer your own. You are pushed into the next project, gently and lovingly.

The big picture lesson here? It’s worth it. It’s worth every birth pain and push. It’s worth it to have your voice and words out in the world. And they are calling to you in your day and in your sleep. Grab the courage to do it. Birth like crazy. And then do it again. Because you leave behind a legacy, you help others, and there are so many in this world that don’t take that chance. Do it for them too.

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21. Free Fairy Dust


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22. It’s the Celebration Finale


Let me cut a piece for you. Yummy!

Thank you so much for celebrating the deck with me today. There’s been flying fairies and fairy dust. We’ve giggled and had fun. I hope I have inspired you to work on your own heart projects.

And be sure to check out the classes catalog starting Friday and sign up!

Thanks again,


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23. Two Kinds of Smog


First off, big thank you for everyone that attended the celebration for my deck. We had a ton of fun on Facebook and many of the posts are still here on the website for you to read.

I had one hell of a week last week and from what I heard from others it was a doozy energy-wise. Perhaps it was that FULL MOON that knocked out the sky. Maybe it was the eclipses and astrological influences (if I hear one more time about Mercury Retrograde I will scream LOUD. Good thing that is over.) But one thing I know for sure, I didn’t feel right. I experienced:

  • Sudden mood change
  • A heavy feeling
  • A dark cloud around my head that made my head fuzzy and confused
  • My usual upbeat personality felt depressed, sad and hopeless and I couldn’t get rid of it

Did you ever have a big change in mood like that? Comes on like gangbusters and hard to clear out? I call it Smog.

We are talking about Smog over on this month’s newsletter. Did you sign up yet? Subscribers will receive $10 to $20 Off on classes that start this Friday, AND $20 off this week on the new class, Help! I’m Sensitive Support class.

Sign up for the newsletter right over HERE.

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24. Classes Start This Weekend! Registration All Weekend


Classes Starting this Weekend; Registration Open All Weekend:

Fairy Beginner Healing online class

Empath Skills



Fairy Healing the Feminine class

Special Subscriber Rate for Class Starting November 28th:

Help! I’m Sensitive Support Course

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25. Thoughts from a Sensitive: Lack of Support

We often blame ourselves when we are “failing.” But what is really happening is we don’t have enough support or knowledge to succeed in that situation. We simply need more help. shame

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